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Manage Instagram Brand Account: Managing the social media platform account is a real art to balance on the Internet marketing techniques and content with photos and videos. Plus you should spice this mix with great communication skills. 

Are you ready for the launch? If yes, start your Instagram brand account growth. For the initial stage here is  Instagram user statistics you should know and adjust your marketing purposes to.  For the moment it is the 2nd most popular social network after Facebook. The last has bought it on the 9th of April 2012, for $1 billion.

The popularity of Instagram attracted 1.08bn active users, which are all over the world and top three countries India (201m), the United States (157m), and Brazil (114.9m). The top ten list statistics changes from year to year of course. You will find out that 90% of the social network users are younger than 35 for the moment. 

More interesting Instagram data is about online purchases via mobile phones that formed over a third of users. It equals 70% of those who are more likely to do so. These and many other more deep investigations you should take into account to define your future clients and understand their needs. It is the first step to your successful workflow.

You may start with the strategy development and announcing posts with qualitative photos and videos to attract the visitors to your new account. The plan of posts is a great idea to do for a week or two. This way you will see the account look beforehand. One of the big pitfalls in the development of a new account is gaining popularity and traffic. 

This step can take months and be a time-consuming process or you may buy real instagram followers from reliable companies like Viplikes. They should be really clear and work only with people but not bot programs. Over just a few days you may dive into the ongoing juggle of posting the photos, videos, stories and reels. Find out the most suitable time for it and schedule.

Be engaging with your visitors and followers, add new people from your area of interests. Use your own and working for your purposes hashtags to attract more people and target some territories or topics.  Try to use inspiration and generate new ideas to beat the algorithm. 

Find the tactics which are working for you and don’t break your Instagram brand account approach. Be collaborative and open to new types of Instagram posts and stories. Use different types of content plus Live and IGTV. Follow the main purpose to grow your  brand awareness and reliability.

Welcome the discussions, comments and questions to engage the visitors. Create sales and giveaways which can boost your account activities.  Entertain, promote and introduce new types of content to manage your audience’s active engagement.

If necessary buy instagram followers for the growth of audience and account activity to get more real actions on the page, account and your company online sites. Analyze the statistics to adjust your online workflow for better return of investments.

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