Lovefamily.Store Reviews (Nov 2020) Is it Legit or Scam?

Lovefamily.Store Reviews (Nov 2020) Is it Legit or Scam?

Lovefamily.Store Reviews (Nov 2020) Is it Legit or Scam? >> If you also want to buy clothing and useful accessories at low prices, you should read this until the end.

If you also want to buy many useful accessories and good-quality clothes at a low price, you should read this article. is an online store that sells many valuable accessories and clothing wears at great discounts. In this article, you will be reading about Reviews.

Love family is a store of the United Statesthe other details of this store like the shipping, return, delivery, refund, and the additional terms and conditions are available on the official site of

But since this store is not very famous and trusted, you should be assured whether this website is safe and secure or not. Because there are many fraud websites available which are dealing with the same products

So after Reviewsyou will get all the necessary information on this site and whether you can trust this website or not.

What is is an online shopping store that deals with many products like clothing items and accessories. 

The store claims that it will provide you whatever you want at great price and quality. No matter who you are, how you are, will always give their best to offer you the best quality products and the best service. If you have a suggestion or problems, you can contact them through the mail.

Also, if you are not satisfied with the product, you can offer a return request. The company will provide you the refund amount deducting the shipping charges. But you should show them proof of your purchase by which they place a refund.

The Love family specifications are given below in this article about Reviews.

Specifications of

  • Website type: e-commerce online shopping website.
  • Dealing with: Clothing items, accessories.
  • Email ID: 
  • Contact information: no contact number is given.
  • Shipping policy: the product is shipped the next day of placing it.
  • Delivery information: 12-20 days after the shipping.
  • Shipping costs: two delivery methods available, free delivery, and Standard Delivery.
  • Return policy: 14 days.
  • Refund time: the refund will be given within a certain amount of days.
  • Cancellation: the cancel request is accepted before the product is shipped.
  • Payment type: Pay pal, Visa, Master Card, American express.

Pros of

  • The site offers a great discount on the products.
  • Two shipping methods are available.
  • The order is shipped the next day of placing it.

Cons of

  • The contact number of the site is not available.
  • The store collection is not much.
  • The delivery time is too long (20 days).

Is Legit?

As this site is new and not famous, there is not much information available on the internet by which we can trust this platform for purchasing products.

The first thing we found is that the site has claimed that they have been selling products from their website since 2009, but the site domain and registration year is 2020. This is the most common negative view of an e-commerce website. This creates a negative of the store in front of their customers.

The site is not famous. Also, the store does not have any social media popularity. Only one page found, which is also not well organized; an only fewer number of posts and followers are located.

If you want to ask some questions or any problem with your order, you can’t directly contact them through any contact number. You have to mail them your situation, and they will answer in a few days. This creates a delay in getting your problem solved by the store officials.

Also, no Reviews are available; this shows that the site is not much used and loved by the United StatesAnd customer reviews are the most the essential way that gives us the correct information.

We can say that we have not found any positive reviews or information regarding this store by reading these points. So there are chances of this website being a scam.

Customer Reviews of

We have found any Reviews on the store website, which is also a bad sign for a website.

Some reviews were found, which were also not good. This also shows that it’s hard to trust this website.

Final Verdict:

In this article, we have provided you all the essential details of this website, which will help you a lot while using this site.

We would say that you should not use this website because there are chances of being an online scam store. 

0 thoughts on “Lovefamily.Store Reviews (Nov 2020) Is it Legit or Scam?

  1. I ordered from here and received some but not all of my order every time I email them I get a generated email back saying that my order is processed and will ship July 27th 2020 as we all know it is already September……

  2. WARNING! what they advertise is NOT what you will receive – I ordered they child and pet safety screen and got a piece of mesh with 4 self stick hooks versus whet they show in their video as a retractable screen. Reporting TO BBB and putting on YELP

  3. Ordered an item that looked good on the site. But the product was of poor quality

    When contacted for a refund, they are trying to negotiate for half the price. But the product is not worth your money, even at half price. Dont waste your time and money on that site.

  4. I ordered a pet gate that arrived unusable (one end was sewn shut). When I contacted their customer service about a return, we went back and forth for several emails–they don’t speak English well and didn’t understand that I was telling them that the product was defective (they kept saying that it “ships in pieces”). Then, instead of answering the question about the refund, they kept trying to get me to spend another $80 to ‘upgrade’. to a different model. Was a very frustrating experience and I still haven’t gotten a refund.

  5. This is a typical bait and switch site. They showed an online ad for a pet gate that is retractable and fits on a door. They sent a complete piece of garbage that was not retractable and actually had one end sewn shut and was unusable. Instead of refunding it, they tried to upsell me to something else and spend another $80. I told them I didn’t want it and they told me I would have to pay for shipping back to China to send the item back a. It was a complete waste of almost $40

  6. Stay away! I ordered a retractable pet gate. It was a piece of mesh and nothing to actually retract. I reached out right away and asked them for the missing pieces and they told me I could pay more for that. Why would I pay more for missing parts in my original order? I asked multiple times for a refund or a return label and neither are happening. They said I had to ship it back, on my dime, to China if I wanted a refund. So I have to pay for their mistake, I don’t think so. They say they have a money back guarantee, no questions asked. It’s bogus. All I wanted was a working item. I will report back if they honor their policy, but don’t waste your time!

  7. I to ordered a retractable gate .They sent something that wasn’t even the one advertised .Its a net with 4 stickie things. I gone back and forth to get a refund. They want me to spend more and keep what I have. There’s no phone or address to receive a refund. Don’t buy from this company…

  8. This site is a scam! They sent me the wrong item and when I asked to give me my right order they replied back and offered me another item but had to pay 30.00 for shipping. I asked for my right order or give me a full refund because I refuse to pay more money than I have to. They kept arguing with me back and forth and told me to return my item but that it was going to be very costly and then they’ll think about giving me a refund.

  9. Stay away from this site. Very unprofessional and cheap products. I copied and paste the return policy where it says refund with no questions ask and yet they kept asking me reasons and offered me an upgraded product for more $. Shipment takes long and all returns, we have to pay for shipping. Refund shipment will cost more than the product and now I’m stuck with a cheap product that easy breaks.

    STAY AWAY!!!

  10. This website is definitely a scam. They make promises, take your money and you will hardly ever receive what you bought. It’s been 2 months and so far nothing. They refuse to refund my money. Do not buy from them. It’s a scam

  11. I ordered 2 mother/daughter quitsl on Oct 13. I was charged $155.80. Never received as end of Nov. They are on Amazon for $28 something. I am disputing on my credit card. Impossible to reach them. Beware\

  12. I ordered my mother/daughter quilt on Oct 28/20. Received today, after reading that this was probably a scam. Happy that it arrived before my daughter’s birthday in December. For my order, definitely not a scam

  13. I ordered a Daughter Throw for $77.90 in Oct.- went thru on my CC 10/4, but have received nothing. No way to contact them.! Plus I WAY overpaid!

  14. I ordered the blanket for my daughter. It took 2.5 months to get here!! I thought I had lost my $$. It did arrive , late, but it did get here. The quality is not good. I could have made it better. It was a disappointment. I also didn’t like that after I received it , it shows it was made in Wuhan China. NOT in the USA!!

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