Love Mychoice Review {Sep} Is It A Scam Or Legit Site?

Love Mychoice Review {Sep} Is It A Scam Or Legit Site?

Love Mychoice Review {Sep} Is It A Scam Or Legit Site? >> Need an ethnic wear & fusion style that can make you stylish, read reviews here on Love Mychoice.

The Indian apparel, especially sarees for women, is something that intrigues the attention, and everyone would like to know where did you get the particular saree from. In INDIA, wearing traditional attire is one of the most beautiful clothing styles in the world.

Classical Indian saris, salwar, and kameez also need the best fitting lingerie to complete the overall outfit. It can be achieved with the support of Love Mychoice Review, where customers can find the most elegant and gorgeous attires for every need.

But can a person just trust the website with the blindfold on their eyes? No! This review will help the buyers know whether any clothing through this site is legitimate or selling spin-offs.

What is Love Mychoice?

Love Mychoice com is an online INDIA-based clothing site with the latest Indian clothing, nigh suits, and later that help women feel confident and comfortable. The site only sells to its one women buyer and makes sure they get to choose from the range of Indian clothes available in vivid colors and fresh designs. The different section on which customers can see the products are:

  • Bras
  • Sarees
  • Panties
  • Salwar kameez
  • Night suit
  • T-shirt & Tees
  • Ready-Made blouse

Let’s search more on Love Mychoice Review.

Specifications of Love Mychoice:

  • Website Type: Indian shopping site for women
  • Website site address: 
  • Return time: Not given
  • Refund time: Not given
  • Shipping time: 10-12 day
  • Shipping Addresses: Not given
  • Company Address: Not given
  • Contact number: 91+ 912 529 8588
  • Mail Id:
  • Payments Options: Airtel pay, Amex, credit and debit cards

What are the benefits of Love Mychoice?

  • The range of products is vast.
  • The site has trendy and stylish stocks.
  • The SSL certificates protect this site.

What are the demerits of the Love Mychoice?

  • Social media accounts are not working.
  • No Love Mychoice Review are available
  • The payment options are not accessible.
  • The site return, refund, and cancellation are not given.
  • This website has a massive discount on a new site.
  • It is only 14 days old site.
  • The website has no buyers’ reviews.
  • The descriptions of the product are not listed.
  • The owner details and addresses are not given.

Do the site is trusted, or Love Mychoice is a scam?

Many want to look stylish and need a dazzling outfit that can add value to their wardrobe. 

The site is selling the stylish urban Indian attire and meeting the standard of global fashion. The site is only 14 days old, and if any website is made less than three months, then its cants are trusted, and most of the time, these are a scam. 

The site also has no description of the return and refund policy, and they have copied the content for the sake of scamming people. Love Mychoice Review checks the clothing needs and buying behavior from all over the world.

One more drawback is the absence of the “About Us” page and no details about the owner. The product is sold on a huge discount, which is questionable for a new site when they are trying to get the profits. The payment systems are also not safe, and there’s is a high chance that the customer’s money will be stolen. The site has not made any effort to make it genuine this online store in INDIA is not legit.

What are customers saying about the Love Mychoice?

Love Mychoice Review when clicked on the WhatsApp chat section, it was not accessible. The social media links will redirect the customers back to the site. The site has no credible content and policy to assure the customer that they are buying from the legit sites. 

The site has no safe payments type and are not clickable. The customer reviews are also not present to know if these Indian clothes interest the customers or not.

Final Verdict:

The site has no external link and presence on the internet. The site is promoted anywhere, and no customers rating or reviews are found on the products. This Love Mychoice Review is about one Indian site that is created to scam people’s money. The site description was found to be plagiarized, and also the site’s owner is not found. The site has many red flags to warn the customers about fake products.

This recently established site also has no return label, or customer service is available. The customers should be beware of the fraudulent site and do mention your views in the comment section on our efforts on Love Mychoice Review checks the clothing needs and buying behavior from all over the world.

0 thoughts on “Love Mychoice Review {Sep} Is It A Scam Or Legit Site?

    1. Its a fake site… Don’t buy anything from this site.. Its been more than a month i haven’t received my order yet… Never had a response back even…total wastage of money

      1. You Are Absolutely Right I have Same Scenario , we People need to check first Reviews before buying in any site but here in Make my they are not providing any buyers review neither they reply to our Questions ,it is totally Fake ,its a Scam so please don’t purchase anything

  1. It’s a fake site. People are ordering and then it’s lost. You just receive an email stating your order number. Further no information or no other email about any progress or dispatch. Even if you write them back, no response is ever received. Money wasted and even after weeks, no delivery is initiated. Don’t buy and complain to local cyber security authority.

  2. I booked an order on dated 29aug2020. 15days passed but still order not receive. No one is responding from your side. Many time I leave msg in your site but reply. Customer is thinking that it’s fake site. So I suggest to you that pls improve your fault.

  3. yeah they did the same to me as well!!! It is really cheap cheating people specially during such time when so many have lost their job. I pray you ave a gruesome dath and rot in hell.

  4. My order date is 29th August.. But still I’m not receive any order from this site.. I tried many times msg or email for asking dispatch time or date but they are not responding to me… I think this site is fake they are fraud..

  5. Kindly don’t buy anything from this fake site. I have lost my money. I tried everything to contact them. I mailed to its costumer care id, I whatsapp on the number they have given, I tried calling the same number. But no response from their side. So this is fake website and i request everyone not to buy anything from this website.

  6. This is totally a fack website. No delivery of any item purchased from this website. Be aware of this. One should file complaint against this.

  7. Mera order BHI nai Aaya.. aur Kahi pe ye page BHI nai dikh Raha hai.. na ye log koi reponce Dr rahe hai.. Facebook me bhi ye page gayab ho Gaya.. payment pehle le liya.. aur ab tak order nai Aya.. aur ek what’s app NUM Diya tha vo BHI reponce nai karte aur vaha pe bhi bad me Mera num block Kar diya. Ye log ne fruad hi Kiya hai

  8. It’s fake site..order process done payment also done no response from the site.pls do not place any product in this site.this is only money capturing site.

  9. No response till now ordered on 28th sep.. site also not visible now . They stole our money it is a scam and fraud . Someone please take any actions on them ..

  10. This is totally fake site I already order but at least 1 month is going on I did not get any information regarding me order,
    why you are doing this guys go to hell for this
    bloody cheaters, I personally recommended you don’t buy from them …

  11. This is a fake website , it only mails you your order no. But then it is vanished.. no response no trace.. ABSOLUTELY FAKE… DO NOT TRUST THIS.

  12. My order Number is 1670 ordered on 26/08/2020
    where the fuck is my order its been two months now ??
    Kindly pay my money back

  13. It’s a fake site. Ordered product amount also deducted but didn’t get any confirmation n i didn’t receive my order yet it’s been 4 months now.

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