Lostpackagetracker.com Scam (Jan) Is The Platform Safe?

Lostpackagetracker.com Scam (Jan) Is The Platform Safe?

Lostpackagetracker.com Scam (Jan) Is The Platform Safe? -> Do you also receive Phish mails? Read our article and get aware of such emails and the platform where you can report these issues.

Do you have the details of the Lostpackagetracker.com Scam? The article of today will share the information about Lostpackagetracker.com. In the United States, people come across many spam mails in their inbox. We would share spear-phishing details and tell you how this site will help you avoid spam mails. The site will protect us from all phishing attacks.

In the digital world, attackers take advantage of the technology to grab out the customers’ confidential information. So, let’s see how this site will create awareness among all.

What is spear phishing?

We all are socially available and have been using various apps in our daily life. To access all these, the main requirement is your email address. With your email address’s help, attackers start sending fraudulent emails from trusted centers and demands your confidential information. This is called spear phishing. Such types of scams are created against a specific business or an organization. So, to save you from these emails, the portal has shared particular measures that can be taken. 

But people are also questioning, Is Lostpackagetracker.com Scam? We would answer it soon in our article so keep reading.

What is Lostpackagetracker.com?

This portal creates awareness among people by giving details about spear phishing and how we can avoid it. They have shared the details to detect a phishing mail. The site wants that no people of the United States is attacked by the Phish mails. So, they are working for their customers for the past seven years by creating awareness among people. The various details about the phish emails shared by the site are as follows – 

  • Phishers use emotions like happiness and greed so that people get attracted towards it and read their emails.
  • By using words like quick, caution, alert, phishers compel people to act fast.
  • By modifying the names of trusted domains, they sent you fraudulent emails.

In case you are aware of the sender, then clarify by making a phone call; otherwise, report it as suspicious mail.

Is Lostpackagetracker.com Scam?

Let’s now answer this question by checking its trustworthiness. The domain was registered on 20 June 2013. So, being an old portal, we can rely on it for getting updates about phishing emails.

This site is managed and controlled by Phishme. It is owned by confess.com who is famous for detecting phishing emails. It helps people by sharing details about phishing emails to know how attackers attack their mailbox. The site is owned by a trusted operator who uses authorized phishing simulation. It makes people aware and encourages them to take a step to stop phish emails.

Is Lostpackagetracker.com Scam – It is not a scam portal, and we can trust it for reporting phish mails.


So, friends, it’s a time to stop phish emails and take strict action against them. We cannot allow anyone to know our confidential information. This platform will help you in reporting the mails. It is an old portal and is helping people all around the world.

It would be best if you explore this portal for more details. Put an end to all phish mails. Phishme has won the top 45 organizations’ trust, so we cannot say that Lostpackagetracker.com Scam.

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