List of Private Prisons by State {Jan 2021} Read & Know!


List of Private Prisons by State {Jan 2021} Read & Know! >> This article is for acknowledging people about Private Prison & further details. Read to know.

List of Private Prisons by State: Private prison is one of the controversial topics in the United States. The private prison concept had been established to lower down the budget. However, among the people, there are many questions about their services and trained guards.

It has a few pros and cons; it is the most controversial matter as of now. To enlighten few factors of Private prison, including its overview, we are writing this article today.

For our audience who has less knowledge about the private prison, this article will help them figure it out.

Private Prison:

It is a place where people are imprisoned through a third party company. Third party companies enter into a contractual agreement with this state’s Government for people imprisonment purposes. 

Following List of Private Prisons by State, the concept had been brought to cut off budget and save money; however, various controversies are available regarding its cost-cutting ways. In 2012, the population in private prisons took its peak and reached around 137210 people. The United States shows a significant difference in the use of their private-correctional facilities.

According to ‘New Mexico Department of Corrections report, around 53% of prison individuals are housed in private amenities; whereas, the other 22 states did not hire further for profit-prisons. Texas is the first state which enlisted them for the Private Prison concept in the year 1985.

In the list following states are included- Alabama, Arizona, Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Maryland, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Illinois, Lowa, California, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Idaho, Michigan, Montana, Mississippi, Federal, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Ohio, Texas, Louisiana, Virginia, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Utah, North Dakota, North Carolina. 

Following List of Private Prisons by State, Advantages of Private Prison:

  • It may directly affect taxes; it shrinks government size as the private institutions take the whole operational responsibility since it cuts off taxpayer’s charges.       
  • It has a positive economic effect on residents. They may get new jobs and enhances the economy in that locality.
  • Private prisons can maintain the proper level of population. We usually observed that public prisons are serving beyond their capacity. However, in private prisons, the population is strictly held.
  • Private prison facilities may be used for different purposes.
  • The report reveals that it can lower down the rate of re-offending rate up to 50%.

Disadvantages of Private Prison as in List of Private Prisons by State:

  • According to studies, people in private prisons may serve their sentences around 7% longer than a person in the public jail.
  • There are violence rate is much higher than public prisoners due to low-stuffing levels.
  • In ‘Prisoner Exchange Program’ a person can be a far mile away from their home. It leads to the need to depend on internal support for meeting individual requirements.
  • Employee’s salary is much lower if we compare it with Public Prison officials. Along with that, they get minimal benefits.


There are 121,718 total Private Prison as of 2017 data available on the sources. So evaluating List of Private Prisons by State, we noticed recently, President Joe Biden has ordered to Department Of The Justice cut off reliance upon private prisons.

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