Ligos Jewelry Com Reviews (Dec 2020) Legit or Scam?

Ligos Jewelry Com Reviews (Dec 2020) Legit or Scam?

Ligos Jewelry Com Reviews (Dec 2020) Legit or Scam? >> Do you want to know about a jewelry website claiming to give expensive products with a money-back guarantee? Please read it and know its claim.

Aren’t many people looking for online websites to shop for their jewelry products at this pandemic time to save themselves from any Coronavirus trace? Today we will talk about a website through this Ligos Jewelry com Review. We will give you the understanding of jewelry that people worldwide, including the United States, want to find out according to their preferences. 

Jewelry products are in huge demand, but the website we will discuss in this article has many different jewelry products that customers can find useful and unique for themselves. Let’s begin and learn the details of Ligos Jewelry com.We will know the answer to this question of ‘Is Ligos Jewelry com Legit’ in this particular article.

What is Ligos Jewelry com?

It is a website that sells jewelry products, and jewelry products are in different styles and features. There are watches of gold and diamond. The prices of the watches are different according to the features.For example, there are some watches with 799.99 US dollars, and we also found a watch worth 399.99 US dollars on the website. Some witches are also worth 999.99 US dollars. Ligos Jewelry com Reviews found that diamond necklaces are available on the website with beautiful colors like yellow, white, green, black, blue, etc. The website provides a 100% money-back guarantee on jewelry products with free shipping on orders over 99 US dollars. This jewelry website has 24 by seven online support for the customers.

Specifications of Ligos Jewelry com 

  • Website products: jewelry products of necklaces and watches are available.
  • Email:
  • Contact number: +1877-LIGOS-JEWELRY (544) (6753)
  • Address: 41655 Reagan Way, Murrieta CA 92562
  • Return policy: This jewelry website mentions the system of return on the products.
  • Refund policy: The page of the refund policy could not be opened on the website.
  • Payment method: Customers can purchase jewelry products using their major credit and debit cards.

Pros of Ligos Jewelry com 

  •     Ligos Jewelry com Reviewsfound a mention of contact number and email ID on the website of jewelry.
  • This jewelry website guarantees 100 percent money back if customers don’t feel satisfied.
  • There is an online 24 by seven support for the customers from this jewelry website.

Cons of Ligos Jewelry com 

  • There is no social media handle for the website of Ligos Jewelry com. 
  • The price of all the jewelry items, including the watches and diamonds and necklaces, is high for the customers.
  • The refund policy page doesn’t get opened as the message reads that the page could not be found on the website of jewelry. 

Is Ligos Jewelry com legit?

We can say that this jewelry website is not authentic through all the information and this Ligos Jewelry com Reviews. This is also a fact that no social media handle is available related to this Ligos Jewelry com. This again proves that this Ligos Jewelry com website is also part of the scam. 

As there is a complete silence of the customers’ reviews on this jewelry website, we did not find any website ratings. As far as this jewelry web site’s domain age is concerned, its domain age is just 18 days, which means this website got created very recently. 

Customers’ Reviews

Ligos Jewelry com Reviews did not find the customers’ reviews or any ratings we can that some customers have bought. This website also doesn’t show any ratings even on its pages because no customer has tried to buy any of the items from this jewelry website. We did not find much information on the Internet about all the jewelry of Ligos Jewelry com.

Final Verdict

There are scams in the name of jewelry products that have been on the rise, and many cases keep cropping up in the newspapers and the television news channels. Jewelry scams in the name of unique products are so widespread that its scamsters loot the customers anyhow by tantalizing them into giving the jewelry at a lower cost. 

There seems to be a conspiracy from the jewelry website because no presence is available about Ligos Jewelry com; hence it is always a better idea to avoid such websites and not give them any importance. This is what we can say through Ligos Jewelry com Reviews.Please read and understand this article and give your comments about it.

2 thoughts on “Ligos Jewelry Com Reviews (Dec 2020) Legit or Scam?

  1. This site is a scam. The do not answer the phone nor emails, Website is not user friendly and only four staff members. They will steal your money and tell you it takes 60 days or more to see on your report. That is after two more payments, no one has them on there report. You will not even see a credit inquiry. Stay away unless you want to waste money.

  2. I started with Get that back in November and NOTHING WAS EVER REPORTED TO CREDIT BUREAUS!! I talked to someone few times who kept telling me that they were working on the issue and the bureaus will be reporting as soon as issues were resolved……that was in January!! They told me that they were changing the name to Ligos Jewelry and that AG Jewelers will be the ones to report to the credit bureaus on their behalf. This was a huge lie. AG jewelers, Ligos Jewelry, Get that Jewelry are ALL the same people. I finally asked for a full refund via email . The person who responded back couldnt spell and didnt sound business minded at all! They gave me the run around at first about my refund but eventually gave me my downpayment back. I still havent recieved my first 39.99 payment that I made so I guess thats a loss. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!! ITS A SCAM

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