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Level 3 Astm Mask Canada Reviews {Jan 2021} Read & Buy!

Level 3 Astm Mask Canada Reviews 2021

Level 3 Astm Mask Canada Reviews {Jan 2021} Read & Buy! >> Do read these vital facts about a face mask that can protect against the deadly virus. Stay Safe.

Amid the corona strain, are you still using a mask that doesn’t even qualify as a protective shield? Is it tested and approved? We are going to introduce a mask in Level 3 Astm Mask Canada Reviews so that you pay for your safety and not for formality. 

After the Covid-19 crisis, governments of every nation started spreading awareness of face masks’ importance. Disposable Face Mask by United Canada is a medical grade shield that comes under ASTM Test as a Level 3 mask. 

They deliver these masks all over Canada. So, let’s see if they are worth using or not in the further article. 

What is the product? 

The Face Mask by United Canada is a disposable medical grade ASTM Level 3 mask. This single-use face mask has 98% particulate filtration efficiency and 99% bacterial filtration efficiency. 

Level 3 Astm Mask Canada Reviews says, United Canada Inc. has an MDEL license. 

That means their products are selected according to the guidelines from the Government of Canada. Therefore, this face mask is safe to use for medical purposes as well. 


  • The ASTM Level 3 face mask material is a non-woven and melt-down fabric with an ear-loop and metallic strip. 
  • It is fluid repellent and has three layers of protection. 
  • The size of the face cover is 175mm×95mm.
  • The value of differential pressure is more than 6. 
  • The Fluid Resistance ASTM 1862 (mmHg) is 160. 
  • The flammability under Flame Spread-16 CER part 1610 (a) is Class 1. 
  • The Bacterial Filtration Efficiency and Particulate Filtration Efficiency is 99% and 98%, respectively. 
  • It is available in two colors: Blue and Purity White in a box containing 50 masks. 

Let us read further Level 3 Astm Mask Canada Reviews for Pros and Cons.

Pros of Level 3 Astm Mask Canada 

  • It is a certified medical face mask that can be used in hospitals and clinics. 
  • It is free of latex and fiberglass. 
  • The bacterial and particulate efficiency is very high.
  • This product has received many positive recommendations from its customers. 

Cons of Level 3 Astm Mask Canada 

  • It is a single-use mask, and therefore, it cannot be washed and reused. So, it would be best if you kept them in bulk. 
  • You cannot purchase a single box at a time and have to order a minimum of two packages from the website. 

Is the product Legit or a Scam? 

Looking at the Level 3 Astm Mask Canada Reviews, the product doesn’t seem to be a scam and is manufactured by a licensed company. It’s available on the official website of United Canada. 

The bacterial filtration efficiency is very high, and the size is perfect for covering the nose and mouth. Because it can be used in hospitals, it would be safe for the general public. 

Also, many customers have reviewed it in a positive light and are quite glad to have them. They can breathe while using these masks. Hence, this medical-grade face mask is good to go and can be used for protection against the dangerous virus infection. 

Level 3 Astm Mask Canada Reviews by Customers 

Unbiased customer reviews are highly important to judge a product’s legitimacy, and therefore we have done lots of research to reveal some honest reviews. 

Talking about comments on their website, every customer seems happy with the product. Tam from Canada says that they fit perfectly on her mom’s face, and these are light-weighted compared to previous masks she bought.

On their Facebook page, a consumer shares her experience that she liked the ASTM Level 3 mask. She felt no irritation and foul smell while using the product. She is also satisfied with the company’s service.

So, all in all, Level 3 Astm Mask Canada Reviews are showing good signs and can be considered safe. 

Final Verdict 

In this critical situation of Covid-19, we must be careful with our face masks as they are protecting us against the deadly virus. Therefore, spending money on an approved and medical-grade mask is a wise decision. 

Level 3 Face Mask by United Canada has 99% bacterial filtration efficiency and 98% particulate filtration efficiency, which is taken as a safety measure. They are single-use mask; therefore, the only drawback you may feel is that you will have to buy them in bulk. 

But the company is giving the mask in the sale, which lessens the budget load too. All the positive Level 3 Astm Mask Canada Reviews says that it can be trusted. 

What’s your opinion about this product? Please share with us in the comment box. 

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