Lemonnmoda.com Reviews [Apr] Is Lemonnmoda.com Scam?

Lemonnmoda.com Reviews [Apr] Is Lemonnmoda.com Scam?

Lemonnmoda.com Reviews [Apr] Is Lemonnmoda.com Scam? >> Please check this post to read all the necessary information about the online fashion store that offers clothing and apparel.

Have you checked the lemonnmoda.com Reviews before proceeding with the order? If not, please stay on the page for the next five minutes. Because we bring this article, which contains all the information, usually buyers never consider it during online shopping. And, they have to face a lot of issues due to their minor mistake.

Lemonnmoda is a global retailer that deals in dresses, footwear, and accessories. Along with the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, the store delivers items at a more comprehensive level.

Let’s check out how this store is catering to people’s needs in terms of products and services. 

What’s Lemonnmoda Online Shop?

It’s women-based fashion website deals in outfits, shoes, and accessories. The apparel section brings stylish tops, dresses, jumpsuits, swimsuits, coat, and much more. On the other hand, it sells trendy bags and jewelry also.

It also has all kinds of boots, such as pumps, flats, sandals, or wedges. 

As per the lemonnmoda.com Reviews, the store brings Christmas wears for the consumers. Get matching Christmas family outfits, dresses, shoes, and accessories. Amazing? Isn’t it? 

So, these are just product-based things. Now, let’s discover more about some offers, price, and company service below different sections.

Important Specifications

  • Website- www.lemonnmoda.com
  • Product- Women wear, shoes and accessories. 
  • Current discount offers:
  • Buy 2 Get 3-25% off; Code-hi25
  • Buy 3 Get 4-55% off; Code-hi55
  • Buy 4 Get 5-70% off; Code-hi70
  • Delivery time-7-15 Business days
  • Returns and exchange will be accepted only within 14 days of the item arrival to customers.
  • Shipping charges will not be refunded on returns.
  • Gets full refund, including shipping cost on defective and wrong orders.
  • No refunds or exchange on items like swimwear, lingerie, or jewelry due to hygiene purposes unless the items are visibly defective. 
  • Payment methods- Dotpay, Credit/debit cards, PayPal, and Bank transfer.
  •  Please find below the pros and cons of the Lemonnmoda store stated by lemonnmoda.com Reviews:

Pros for Consumers

  • Discover fashionable clothes and stylish accessories at massive discount offers. 
  • You can put a return or exchange request if not satisfied with the ordered item.
  • All online payment modes are available. 
  • Get full money back if the order has some damaged or not up-to-the-mark.
  • An SSL website certificate ensures safe transaction dealings.

Cons of the Lemonnmoda store

We have found a few doubtful things associated with the website, which are written below:

  • Address of the store- The location of the store is missing on the website. ‘Contact us’ section appears only sign in and registration page, whereas the ‘site map’ menu displays the products on a category basis. 
  • Domain age– The website domain registration date is 08-06-2020. On the other hand, details contained in the FAQ section, the company was founded in 2018. As a result, it creates a bit of confusion in our minds too. 
  • Customer reviews– There are no lemonnmoda.com Reviews, comments, or feedback on the web-store and the internet. 
  • Social media pages– The store is absent from numerous social media platforms. 
  • Missing owner detail– The name of the CEO or employees is not given on the site, whereas such information much needed to declare if the site is legit or not?
  • No customer service number– The Company does not provide a contact number or email ID to handle the client’s queries. Even the contact us form has not been given.

What about client feedback?

Although Lemonnmoda claims to deals in the United Kingdom and other countries, there was feedback or comments from consumers. Our review team has tried to search for reviews on the internet and social media as well. Despite that, they did not get any data. 

Final Verdict

At last, as per the report of lemonnmoda.com Reviews, the website is not falling under the criteria of legitimacy. Unprofessional site optimization, missing relevant details, short domain age, doubtful data about the website, and no client feedback are the major things buyers should not ignore while ordering a product. 

The zompany also demands online payment. So, whom to contact if a customer stuck with any issues or has some doubts? 

All legit e-commerce portals work professionally and give priority to their customers in terms of services. Unfortunately, this online web store focuses only on products. It displays a fantastic collection of unrealistic rebates and prices. Therefore, Lemonnmoda can be a trick of an internet ‎fraudster. Please beware of it.

Do you have something to say related to the article or Lemonnmoda.com? Please post your remarks in the comments box. 

28 thoughts on “Lemonnmoda.com Reviews [Apr] Is Lemonnmoda.com Scam?

    1. I have used these type of sites before the goods normally come from Asia look nothing like the picture. No phone contact details or address. Rubbish cheap stuff these sites should be banned. They even apparently steal the pictures from genuine sites.

    2. I ordered 2 top’s 5 weeks ago, I have paid for them but they have not arrived. I can’t get in touch with the company to get my money back.

      1. I ordered £70 worth of goods in October 2020, nothing arrived! finally got a refund 03/01/2021 – i asked for complaints dept and an address, this took 15 emails and several ‘tickets’.. good luck! x

      2. Uhagnes I’m so sorry to hear about your trouble with your order if you paid by your card phone your bank tell them the situation and your bank will refund your money in to your account and then they chase the app you ordered your items off for the money I have done it with numerous sites and been refunded good luck girl

    3. You are a scam!!! You should be shut down for good!! I if you had a conscience I’d say you should be ashamed of yourselves!! I’m sure you don’t so I’ll save my breath!! Karma is most certainly a bitch!!!

  1. There are so many of these company’s now that scam customers and the clothes you order and receive are of very poor quality. When is something going to be done to stop and ban companys like this.

  2. I am still waiting for my order. There is no contact details at all. I am fearful I have lost my money. If there is anyone that knows how I can contact these people it would be much appreciated.

    1. I have paid for my item they said it has been delivered. It hasn’t…. Where is it… I will be getting professional advice if I don’t get it. This is dishonest. I have paid for it too.! Mrs. Y. BRADDON

  3. My stepdaughter placed an order for £149.00 with them on 1 November 2020. Clothes haven’t arrived and they took the payment twice. She has emailed them but no response.

    1. I’ve ordered 3 tops on 17/11/20 checking the status of my order on my account is still sitting at order received. Thankfully have paid through paypal so I’ve raised a dispute.

  4. I ordered 3 items on 6th November. Haven’t received them. Customer service not helpful and track shipping says it’s still to be shipped?

  5. I ordered 12 days ago and paid for expedited shipping and there is no update for my order or tracking information. Also, I submitted a ticket and the response I received said the normal 7-15 days shipping when I clearly paid for expedited shipping. I submitted another ticket and have yet to receive a response. Feeling like I have been scammed.

  6. So disappointed i ordered and still waiting for the stuff, they said he sent long time ago but i didn’t receive anything, so I don’t trust and I don’t recommend, shy to you guys stole money from poor people

  7. Ordered from this place on October 26th. Never got my stuff. My mo ey was taken very fast. They charged me 81 dollars for fast expedite. Never got a message back to my inquiries. I am sure now this place is a scam. Lost money:((

  8. I placed an order on 11/12 paid for expedited shipping have not received anything, they took my payment, guessing going to dispute on my credit card very very disappointed

  9. Placed an order yesterday, received an email today saying they can’t proceed with my payment therefore they asking to take a picture of my bank card and my ID, my statement shows transaction is pending. Not sending my details, don’t trust them

  10. I ordered 6 items for a total of $70.74 in the middle of Nov. 20/20 and have not received it as of Dec. 18th, 2020. Why does Facebook allow scam websites to advertise on their website.?

  11. I ordered from them and received my items. Problem is their sizing chart is way off and the items are way too big for me. You have to email them to get permission to return and get a return address and they are not replying to me. I am trying to dispute with Paypal and am not having luck at the moment as I have no phone number for paypal and the reasons for dispute with paypal on their form do not fall under this category. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SCANDELOUS COMPANY! I will be disputing the charges with my bank next.

  12. I placed an order and have not recieved it has been at least six weeks very dis appointed how do we get our money back into our account sent a message saying it was shipped but still nopackage ! Not very happy ! Deborah Wade in Alabama

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