Latest Hurricane Zeta Track (Oct) Find Out More Here!

Latest Hurricane Zeta Track (Oct) Find Out More Here!

Latest Hurricane Zeta Track (Oct) Find Out More Here! >> This article will tell you about the latest news about hurricane Zeta and the resources that can help you keep track of it.

Doesn’t 2020 seem like a year of natural calamities? It’s just one thing after another. The latest is hurricane ZetaLatest Hurricane Zeta Track can be kept on the Internet, local news channels, and the radio. The winds will be damaging as per the predictions, and so it is essential to keep yourself prepared as warnings have been issued on time.

Many areas in the United States are expected to be affected by the hurricane. It started as a tropical storm, but with the winds gaining speed, it is expected to be a life-threatening hurricane by the time it reaches the Gulf of Mexico. Please read on as we tell you all about hurricane Zeta and where it is expected to cause havoc. 

All About Hurricane Zeta

Tropical Storm Zeta is being tracked by the National Hurricane Center. The strength of the winds has gone from 65 to 70 mph, making it is almost in the Category 1 storm. This is the 11th hurricane in 2020 in the Atlantic. 

A warning has been issued in parts of the Louisiana coast. The storm is likely to pass over the Gulf of Mexico overnight on Wednesday, where it is forecasted to be a hurricane that will make landfall. The hurricane is then expected to move to Eastern and South-Eastern United States

The water level is also expected to rise along the coast, which is a dangerous sign. Residents in Yucatan Peninsula have been asked to keep a tab on the progress of the Latest Hurricane Zeta Track. 

There is also a warning of a tropical storm from the Mississippi/ Alabama border to the Walton County Line. 

How to stay protected

People have been alerted in areas where a hurricane or tropical storm is expected in the next few days. News channels are making available the Latest Hurricane Zeta TrackThe weather coverage is available on local news channels throughout, with some online channels offering map tracking as well.

The coast guard has also issued safety messages. People have been asked to stay away from water, not to take shelter on boats, and those who own large boats have been asked to move it inland as it is comparatively safer. 

As the large waves can be very damaging, those who stay near the coast have been asked to evacuate and move to safer areas. Make sure you know and follow the safety precautions.

Final Views

There are resources available online with which you can keep track of the storm. It is essential that you updated so that you and your family can stay safe. There is already a state of emergency declared in Louisiana. People can expect flooded roads, no power, and also displaced wildlife. Keep Latest Hurricane Zeta Track. 

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