Kobot Vacuum Reviews (Nov) Must Read Before You Order!

Kobot Vacuum Reviews 2020

Kobot Vacuum Reviews (Nov) Must Read Before You Order! >> This post will help you find out the legitimacy of the brand that sells the robot vacuum cleaner.

Are you looking for a Robot Vacuum for the hard surface? If you are, then this Kobot Vacuum Reviews session will help you learn about the Slim Series Robot Vacuum in detail. We will also discuss the product’s features and technology.

According to the United States, Canada, and other countries are cleaning institutions. You spend six-eight hours a week cleaning your house, and still, people think they are doing it correctly or not. We all know cleaning is the primary task among all the cores because a clean and organized house leads to a fair and healthy lifestyle. But not everyone has time to do it regularly.

 For this reason, an expert has developed Kobot Slim Series Robot Vacuum to ease out your cleaning task. 

The Kobot Slim Series Vacuum is the popular robot vacuum among all the latest technology cleaning devices. It comes with highly advanced features that we will discuss below. 

What is the Kobot Vacuum?

Kobot Vacuum is the prominent brand and is currently the most trending company in the United States and Canada due to its latest feature robot vacuum cleaner.

It is not an ordinary cleaning device that is already present in the market. It includes many advanced features like an auto charging dock, so now you don’t have to worry about charging the device before cleaning. It comes with an attachable mop pad for wet and dry sweeping so that the surface remains dust-free for a more extended time. 

The most outstanding feature of the Kobot Vacuum is that it climbs up to five to eight inches. Moreover, it has a double cleaning feature to provide you the cleanest surface, and you can also schedule the cleaning at your convenience. 

Furthermore, Kobot Vacuum’s slim design feature helps you clean even the hard to reach areas like under the bed, table, and couch with just a click of a button. It also has a roller brush and vacuum technology to pick out the large and fine particles from the surface. 

Kobot Slim Series Vacuum’s gentle touch won’t stretch-out your furniture or surface. The most exciting feature of this cleaner is its fall prevention sensors.

We have a lot to tell you about this innovative product but first, check out its specifications and pros of buying it in these Kobot Vacuum Reviews.

What are the Features of the Kobot Vacuum? 

  • It has an auto charging dock.
  • It includes an attachable mop pad for wet and dry sweeping.
  • It climbs up to an eight-inch surface.
  • It comes with a dual cleaning feature. 
  • You can schedule it as per your requirement. 
  •  It is equipped with a fall prevention sensor.
  • You can buy it for $119.99. 


  • First available on the Ecommerce portals – 15th April, 2019.
  • Overall dimensions – 11.6 inches (H) X 11.6 inches (W) X 2.81 inches (D).
  • Weight – 8 Pounds
  • Capacity – 35 liters
  • Run time – 60 minutes 

Please stay tuned to know more about Kobot Vacuum Reviews.

What are the advantages of buying Kobot Vacuum?

  • It is an affordable and advanced technology vacuum.
  • You can schedule the cleaning as per your convince. 
  • Its slim design can help it clean the hard to reach areas like a coffee table, bed, couch, etc.  
  • It also cleans the stairs and ledges as it is equipped with fall prevention sensors.
  • Kobot Vacuum’s gentle touch won’t harm your furniture or baseboard. 
  • Its dual cleaning feature provides you cleanest surface.  
  • Its roller brush and vacuum technology help pick up the big and fine particles from the surface.

What are the disadvantages of buying Kobot Vacuum?

  • We have seen mixed Kobot Vacuum Reviews from the internet and its official site. 
  • The users have lots of complaints about its durability.

Is Kobot Vacuum Legit?

Kobot Vacuum is the robot vacuum cleaner that is designed in a manner to help you in your cleaning task. It is equipped with many features like fall prevention sensors, dual cleaning mode, automatic charging dock, mop pad for wet and dry cleaning, etc. 

Moreover, the Kobot Slim Series Robot Vacuum is legit as it is available on the various ecommerce portals. 

What are the customer’s reactions regarding the Kobot Vacuum?

Kobot Vacuum has gained 2.5 starts of ratings from its customers. Similarly, the customers claimed that it is not a durable product and stop working within 2-3 weeks of frequent use. While on the positive side, users said it is so good so far as it cleans very well.

Thus we have obtained mixed reviews for the Kobot Vacuum. Bottom Line 

If you are looking for a robot vacuum cleaner, then the Kobot Vacuum is not the best choice as it has gained many negative reviews from its users. We are also not very much satisfied with the product and suggest that the interested audience go and check everything from their end, though the product is legit.

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