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Kelleruss com Reviews {April 2020} Read Before Order!

Kelleruss com Reviews 2020

Kelleruss com Reviews {April 2020} Read Before Order! -> If you have been searching for face masks online, then you must read this post.

This Kelleruss com Reviews will give you details regarding a new online store. Telling you whether it is legit or scamming you with enticing prices. 

The pandemic has given everybody a scare, and numerous online stores seem to be taking advantage of it. Everything from masks and other personal care items that local stores are running out of are up for grabs on these. 

The Kelleruss online store is based out of the United States and sells worldwide. You will find out more such facts regarding the site as read further into the post. 

What is Kelleruss com? What products is it selling? 

It is an online store and focuses on selling Anti-epidemic items. The site mentions that they wish to provide comfort and breathability along with an effective seal from the contamination in the air. The products that are currently available on the site are face masks and a digital pulse oximeter. 

The facemasks are available both for adults and children. Below are detailed the site provides regarding the products on Kelleruss com

Facemask- both the adult as well as the kid’s masks come with N95 certifications. 

  • They are made up of 5 layers of PM 2.5 activated carbon filters. 
  • The cover is a non-woven cotton fabric to ensure you breathe easy. 
  • Has an adjustable nose clip around the nose to ensure it moulds itself around any nose with ease. It will also help in avoiding any fogging of the spectacles. 
  • It has one valve with no contra-flow.
  • The ear loops are adjustable and can be stretched out and extended. 

Oximeter– this is a wireless and digital finger pulse measurer available on the Kelleruss online store.

  • It will measure oxygen saturation levels and your pulse rate right at home. 
  • It is non-invasive and painless and detects the measurements in seconds. 
  • This device is smart, and an alarm present on it will go off when your pulse rate is higher than 130. 
  • The device runs on batteries, so you can forget the issues associated with charging. 

How to purchase from this site? 

The layout of the site is easy, and you will not face any difficulty in making purchases off it. You will find both the products in its shop section. You can only purchase the products online since Kelleruss an online store. 

They accept PayPal, Visa Cards, maestro and master cards to make online payments. The prices are budget-friendly, each of the masks cost $9. They take 7-10 business days to deliver the ordered products. 

If you have any queries regarding purchases or delivery, then you can reach out to the brand on their email id- You can also leave them a message on the message box provided in the contact us section. 

Advantages of purchasing from Kelleruss com

If you are wondering is Kelleruss com legit then you must read these pointers carefully. 

  • The site has a valid SSL certificate. This certificate will ensure that all your details will be encoded so no third person can access them. 
  • The products will fit in your budget, especially the masks which are priced at $9.
  • Both the products have detailed explanations regarding the materials used into making them, even how to use them to get the best results. 
  • They sell masks for kids. 
  • The layout is clean and crisp. A new customer can make swift purchases on the site. 
  • They use multiple payment modes. 
  • Cyber bunkers talk about finding no suspicious codes in Kelleruss com. There are reviews of each product available on the site. 

Negatives of Kelleruss

It is important to notice certain disadvantages of this site. 

  • They only provide an email id in its contact section. There is no phone number provided. 
  • It has a recent creation date address, which is not a good sign. 
  • The product categories are limited, and there is no mention if there will be any production addition. 
  • The site has provided high ratings and all of the products.  
  • They do not provide a return address. 
  • Kelleruss online store seems to produce low external links. 

Final Verdict- 

This post has tried to provide you with insight into the products the site is selling. It also tells you the positives and as well as the negatives. They will help you to conclude whether you should be making a purchase from the website or not. Do share your experience with other readers and us in the comments below. 

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  1. Thank you. I a so sick of being ripped off. I wish that there was some law about identification of seller and phone number and address. Until then, thank you.

  2. Sooo, pretty much we’re back where we started. We still don’t know if to trust Kelleruss or not. You did not help much with your research.

  3. I just purchased 4 masks from Kellerrus. I’m in desperate need of a mask. Not only for my self, including my family members. I will be sure to comment on the quality if and when I actually receive them. I’m truly hoping I haven’t been scammed. They were affordable and appeared too be properly made. We shall see..??

        1. I Ordered 2 mask April 24 and No mask had arrived and can’t even get in touch with anyone to get credited.SCAM

    1. On April 23, 2020, I Ordered from this
      I paid $39.92 for 4 Masks . It is Now May 16,2020.
      I have never received my makes.
      I repeatedly sent emails to their Customer service email address and it always comes back as Not being accepted by sever.
      I’m trying to reach Pay Pal because I paid it using Pay pal app.

    2. I purchased 4 masks on 4/28 and have not received them. They sent me a bogus tracking number after I emailed them and since then every email I send bounces back as Undeliverable. is a scam!! I have contacted my credit card company.

    3. Ordered March 23, just received today May 22. Serice is slow and took forever for tracking updates. For sure thought was scam too, thats why payed through paypal to be sure. Bought 4 and all are of good quality and very comfortable. Prices are ridiculous out there.and these even have filter pocket with air exchange valve. Very satisfied, now that i have.

  4. Seems to me it’s a scam. Three weeks an no masks, they gave a tracking number from china and said it had gone through customs and was out for delivery three weeks ago. No way to contact them. DO NOT BUY.

  5. They are a scam, I saw them on Facebook and ordered back in March. Never received the masks and they never answered my emails. I had to call my bank and dispute the charge and cancel the card I used. I would advise that you DO NOT CONTACT ANYONE ADVERTISING A PRODUCT ON FACEBOOK. This is the second time I have had this problem on Facebook, no more!

  6. On April 23, 2020, I Ordered from this
    I paid $39.92 for 4 Masks . It is Now May 16,2020.
    I have never received my makes.
    I repeatedly sent emails to their Customer service email address and it always comes back as Not being accepted by sever.
    I’m trying to reach Pay Pal because I paid it using Pay pal app.

  7. Ordered and got email saying shipped 04-24. Got email with tracking number for website Site will not accept tracking# which is exact match to what they sent me. There is no way to contact Keller. There is no delivery date shown and it’s now going into week ☹️😒 4! There is also a long dissertation about them coming from China and all the time they may spend in shipping processes. If not here soon they have ALL the signs of being a scam 😠

  8. We ordered masks about a month ago. We saw a shipping date of 5/15 so I waited. Then the shipping date changed to 5/17. My husband tried to email them and got a email delivery did not go thru. I emailed them and it went thru but no response. I just want a freaking mask.

  9. I ordered 2 masks on 4/28 and the website showed the order was shipped. It is now 5/20 and I have not recived my order. I have emailed them twice from their contact page and have not had a reply. Looks like I’ll be contacting my credit card to have the charges reversed.

  10. Don’t Order From This Company!!!I ordered 2 masks on 4-24-2020 from this company I thought it was a USA company but the tracking started in China and traveled thru several places. Then it arrived in USA customs and supposedly passed customs. Then just disappeared. No more tracking. The tracking number was no good. Emails to their company were never answered.

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