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Jurasil Face Mask (Sep 2020) Is This An Online Scam?

Jurasil Face Mask

Jurasil Face Mask (Sep 2020) Is This An Online Scam? >>  If you are looking to buy a face mask, you should first read this article before purchasing it.

A face mask is now an essential part of our daily life because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Everyone is now seen wearing face masks whenever we step out. But now also some people are searching for good quality of face covers.  In this article, we will be reviewing Jurasil Face Maskwhich is a face mask available all over the United State.

Since the sale of Face, masks have increased very frequently in the last few months. Many new brands have started selling face masks. So, it’s hard to decide which brand provides good quality masks and which brand is a scam, which can also be harmful to your health.

So, after reading this article, you will be able to decide whether this Jurasil Face Mask is a right quality product or a scam face mask which are of no use.

What is Jurasil Face Mask?

Jurasil Face Mask is a product of the United State which was launched. This face mask claims that for every face mask sold from their site, they will donate $3 to an organization that works to supply these products to every healthcare worker fighting from Covid-19.

The product brand also claims that this mask comes with a good quality of material for the covid-19 virus, and this mask will protect from many harmful viruses, which can make you sick and may lead up to the death of the person suffering from it.

This mask is made from Jurasil Fibres. Jurasil is a mixture of vegetable oils and polyester from plants that retain the property of excellent micro bacteria. 

The other properties of this face mask are as follows:

  1. Moisture-resistant.
  2. Anti-microbial thread.
  3. Very soft fiber is used.
  4. This mask can be washed and used again.
  5. You can adjust the size of the face cover according to your face size.

Other specifications of the same are as follows:

Specifications of Jurasil Face Mask:

  • Product type: The face mask.
  • Brand: Chomp Brand.
  • Available: all over the United State.
  • The fibre used: Jurasil.
  • Product Price: Starting from $5.
  • Role: Protect you against many viruses and bacteria.
  • Contact Number: not given.
  • Email address: not provided.

Pros of Jurasil Face Mask:

  • Jurasil Face Maskis washable and can be reused.
  • The price is not very high.
  • The face masks are durable.

Cons of Jurasil Face Mask:

  • The site of the face mask is not well updated.
  • No Facebook Instagram pages are available.
  • The product, once purchased, cannot be returned.

Is Jurasil Face Mask Legit?

When we started investigating other information for this face mask, we found that:

Jurasil Face Mask was bought in a minimal number, and the brand is also not famous. We have not found any social media pages of this brand. The traffic on the website is too meagre. The face mask cannot be spotted on any social media platform.

After visiting the contact section, no contact number or email address of the customer care was given by the face mask brand to contact them. It also states that this face mask is not safe.

If you once purchased this product and made the transaction, you cannot return it, and no amount will be refunded. Hence, No return policy available on this face mask.

Not much information about this mask was provided on the internet; this also acts as a gloomy look. The face masks look to be fancy; they can be used for beauty and not for safety.

Also, this face mask was manufactured recently, and no positive information was found. Thus, this face mask came out to be a scam product.

Customer Reviews of Jurasil Face Mask:

Jurasil Face Mask reviews were not available on the official site of the product. But on further searching, we found some reviews on chrome, which were not good. Customers were dissatisfied entirely with this face mask. Most of the reviews were against this product. It also shows that this product is not legit.

The customers also stated that the face mask they received was terrible, and the cloth material used was also terrible.

Final Verdict:

After going through this face mask reviews, you will have received all the information you’ve been searching for a long time. 

Also, the customers were not satisfied with this product. These facts show that this face mask is a scam.

So, it would be best if you stayed away from this product. This mask can be harmful to your health.

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  1. This face mask is not a scam. It is a fabric mask which is not provided for retail to the general public. I work for a large automotive manufacturer who have obtained these masks for certain areas but it is NOT available to the general public.

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