Julybuyer com Reviews (Nov) Is Julybuyer Genuine Or Scam?

Julybuyer com Reviews (Nov) Is Julybuyer Genuine Or Scam?

Julybuyer com Reviews (Nov) Is Julybuyer Genuine Or Scam? >> This post will help you in understanding the authenticity of the website that offers festival products.

As we know, the festive season is going on, Christmas and winters are coming. It’s a time for shopping, but due to this Covid-19, we cannot go shopping smoothly. Here we have a Julybuyer com Reviews for the website that offers festive products, for your comfortness, where we have Christmas gifts, winter clothes, Fitbit bands, and so on. 

So this is the best time for shopping because the festive season is just at the peak. The best part of this website is a discount for new customers. People from the United States are very active, and they have already purchased so many products. 

So let us understand more. What is it? Why should we go through julybuyer.com for online shopping? Let us begin with our reviews.

A Few Words about Julybuyer com

Nowadays, we all have a busy schedule, so shopping becomes difficult for all of us. To avoid tiredness and shopping hassles, we should go through on shopping from this site.

Here, products are of unique quality and offer an exclusive look. Those are very eye-catching. In the winter season, we have Christmas and even New Year, so without paying extra shipping charges, we should buy the products for all these reasons and season.

The various products available are, snowman wreath, crystal earrings, Christmas ornaments, Christmas Bags, and many more.

Some Details about the Julybuyer com

  • We can purchase the products using this URL https://julybuyer.com/.
  • For any help, we can send an email to this address service@julybuyer.com.
  • As per the Julybuyer com Reviews, the office address is 6-9 the square Stockley park Uxbridge England ub11 1fw.
  • This site is fully protected through HTTPS protocol, as well as SSL integration.
  • There are no shipping charges above $35.
  • You can pay for products in different currencies such as USD, CAD, GBP, EUR, AUD, and NZD.
  • The products can be returned under refund policy that is available under 14 days after delivering the product.
  • There are so many coupon codes that we can not apply to the previous purchasing.
  • There is no contact number for call and fax.
  • There are social links available on the website, but they seem to be the dummy. 
  • It will take 10-20 business days to arrive at. 

Let us move ahead and understand more about the Julybuyer com Reviews.

Positive Aspects of Julybuyer.com

  • The quality and design of the products are excellent.
  • Christmas related products are available here.
  • A comprehensive range of products for winter.
  • This website is fully protected with https and SSL integration.
  • Availability of payment method in different currencies.
  • Physical address is present on the website.

Negative Aspects of Julybuyer.com

  • The contact address is a dummy. We could not find any information regarding this on the internet.
  • All social media pages are fake and misleading.
  • No contact number and fax number shared.
  • Shipping of products is taking too many days.
  • It is only four months old site.

How can we say Julybuyer.com is Legit or a Scam?

  • We can confirm its legitimacy after exploring many links. We checked its domain age that is only four months old.
  • Customer feedback is a prime factor for the website. There is no Julybuyer com Reviews available on any page.
  • Many important details are not available here, like fake physical address is given and fax details, and contact number are absent.
  • The prices of products are meagre. That is the part of dubious websites. 

So, the inputs of the website are inexplicit and seems like it is a highly suspicious website and possible scam. Therefore, it is offered you all that if you are buying any product from this website, please visit carefully.

Customer’s Thoughts for Julybuyer.com

After exploring online, there is no feedback or comments found. As Julybuyer com Reviews is not active on the social media platform, it’s challenging to find anything. 

From the buyer’s mindset, we cannot say anything about this site. In the absence of the customer reviews, we can only say that it is a highly suspicious website and possibly a scam. 


After visiting this website, we must say festive season products are available here, which is perfect look products. There are so many coupons available with huge discount offers as we noticed and it is good for the United States customers. This site is only four months old

But the site has some significant issues like no social media presence, the physical address is fake and misleading, and no product review is found. So this site is suspicious and possibly a scam.

So it is suggested that before moving forward, always visit well and explore the website and its reviews carefully. 

You can mention all your queries in the comments section below. We want to help you to clear them. We are thrilled to help you.

0 thoughts on “Julybuyer com Reviews (Nov) Is Julybuyer Genuine Or Scam?

  1. I just received a package in which was SUPPOSED to be a snowman wreath but, in fact, all I reviewed was a drawing, I am SO angry and disappointed that I have been scammed out of $24.78 for a piece of paper! I expect some sort of retribution for this scam! My telephone number is 217-710-0098

    1. I had the same experience. SCAM! I want to know how to get my money back. I’ve written to them twice with no response. Please advise if you know of any recourse

    2. Barbara I too ordered the snowman wreath and got nothing but a window sticker. The sad part was I paid for express shipping and it didn’t come any quicker that way. I’m not entitled to a refund of the express shipping since they have used Covid-19 as their excuse

  2. July buyer is an absolute scam!!!!!!
    I believed I had recently ordered an Illuminated Rotating Train Tree from the July buyer.com website.
    I have received my parcel today, it contains a STICKER of the item I believed I had ordered.
    I have had a second look at the ad on Facebook that prompted my purchase, the description says “Wonderland Expressike 3D painting Tabletop Animated Christmas Tree”. Painting apparently substitutes for the word stocker.
    However NOT ONE other word on the page
    mentions a painting or a sticker, it even describes the animated tree in detail; talking about the lights, the carols it plays, the animation of the train and has photos of different sections of the tree showing everything it does – completely advertising the actual tree NOT a sticker!!
    Including postage I have paid $35 for a sticker I have NO use for and NO interest in having.
    The page COMPLETELY misrepresented the product and is a complete scam in my opinion !!

  3. I also feel like I have been scammed. I ordered the snowman wreath only to receive a window cling picture of a wreath. The ad showed it hanging on a door. I have a wood door, this was a bad joke.

    1. Same thing happened to me. What a hoax. It arrived from China two months later. Out $25 for a Sticker. I’ve learned my lesson for sure!

    2. My experience was the same! I did the buy 2 get one free. I (finally) received the folded up pictures instead of what I thought would be Thomas Kincade figurines. My price was $53.98. I contacted who I think is the company and they offered me a $5 refund. They told me it probably wasn’t worth it though. The price to ship these cheesy pictures back would cost more! I am furious…

  4. July Buyer is totally a scam! I, too, ordered the Animated, 3-D Christmas Trees, (Buy 2 – Get 1 Free), and got 2 pictures! I even inquired about batteries, and was told “Check the item description”. They didn’t say.. “It doesn’t use batteries because it’s a cheap picture”!!!! Stay away at all costs!!

  5. Unfortunately the same has happened to me ! Received 3 stickers today instead of the rotating, musical tree which was to be a gift fir my 85 year old mother . So angry and disappointed ??

  6. It is a scam! I bought what was supposed to be an animated musical Christmas tree. It was a sticker! Thank goodness I paid with a credit card so I can most likely get my money back.

  7. I also received 2 stickers of a Christmas tree. I emailed back to them and they claim the website says it is a painting. But as other individuals have said it shows you a ceramic tree, with moving parts , lights and music. Also ordered two Xmas tree ornaments. Ended up being $15 Canadian each and they may be worth one dollar. Offered to refund me $10 rather than sending the stickers back at my cost.

  8. I just got my order of the table top Christmas and I ordered 4 of for $19.99 so I paid $79.96 and all I got was sticker I am so mad ? don’t buy from them they are no good

  9. I too ordered what I thought were animated rotating Christmas trees with 3D painting. I saw some suggestions this was a scam and cancelled an hour later. They replied saying item was already dispatched!
    Their return policy says full refund for change of mind, guaranteed customer satisfaction and operating under UK customer laws.
    They have offered me $10 when I ordered 4 of these for my grandchildren.!
    I shall try UK Trading Standards and PayPal but not holding my breath,

  10. This site is a total SCAM ! They misrepresented totally a snowman wreath that was supposed to light up. It turned out to be a window cling that immediately went into my trash can. I wasted almost $30 on a piece of cling plastic. Nobody waste your money !! I would like my money back but doubt I will get it. Plus, it took forever to get here.

  11. Complete Scam!!! I bought a Christmas Tree that I thought was a Table Top Tree, replica of the Thomas Kinkade Tree. It took two months to arrive from China and it was a 12 inch Decal. Complete rip off for $25. I know better next time.

  12. Total Scam! FALSE ADVERTISEMENTS. Nothing you read can be trusted. Ordered Thomas Kinkade Tabletop Train. Received a picture of the product. Returns are NOT EASY, REFUNDS ARE INSULTING unless you wish to receive pennies on your dollars. STAY CLEAR!!! FRAUD!!!

    1. This company is a SCAM. Like many, I ordered the Thomas Kinkade circulating, table top Christmas Tree. What I got was a picture of the item. When I wrote for my money back, they said I mistakenly ordered a picture. They first offered my 9 dollars to avoid having to return the pics. I said no and they offered me 10 dollars, followed by 12 dollars as a final offer

  13. I too ordered the Train Christmas Tree as a memorial tree for my very recently deceased husband who was a railroad locomotive engineer for 40 years . I ordered this $29.98 item back on 11/15/2020 and had looked forward to displaying it in his memory. It has never come. This Christmas is hard enough to get through without this type of unacceptable mess to deal with. I wanted the actual item as it was described and shown but now I will gladly accept a full refund and just be done with them.

  14. I also ordered the Kincade Christmas tree for $24.99. I had it sent to my aunt and she never received anything. That was Nov 23 2020. I emailed the jerks several times and the first three responses were offers of a $5, $7, and $10 refund. I sent two more emails threatening legal action and they responded with the supposed delivery info which was a line that had “signed, the destination, and the delivery date of 11-23-2020”. No signature was ever shown. It was no official receipt just an email with that one line on it and some Chinese letters down the right side. These people are running a scam. I told them I’m not letting this go and our attorney general is being sent all this info in hopes of prosecuting them for international theft and fraud. We shall see what happens i

  15. I too ordered the train Christmas tree tabletop I ordered 2 and all I got in the mail was two pictures of of this product which was suppose to be a replica of the Thomas Kinkade train tabletop tree.
    The video showed that it had animated trains going around the tree, it played music and it looked like it was made of ceramic.
    My deceased son loved trains all his life and I ordered this for his two adult sibblings as a memory tribute keepsake for them to put out at chrismas time in his memory.
    I never received the 2 tabletop train figurines I ,waited 2 months and then notified my bank they are investigating my shipment.I am hoping they can see this company is a scam and give me my refund… what a disappointment……NEVER AGAIN…!

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