Reviews [Sep 2020] Is It A Trustworthy Site? Reviews [Sep 2020] Is It A Trustworthy Site? Reviews [Sep 2020] Is It A Trustworthy Site? >> The article is on a website that sells household stuff, a one-stop destination for all products.

Have you shifted to a new home? And looking for kitchen and housewares products. Then you are at the right spot. offers a variety of products regarding housewares, kitchen and tools, and garden.

People in the United States shift to a new home, there are many requirements regarding the necessity of the house. Still, we have to visit different shops to buy essential products, but with, we can purchase products at the same place without visiting various shops.

Gardening is a hobby that is eradicating day by day from the lives of people. At, people can enhance their gardening skills by buying some of the most innovative products available. 

If you are looking to expand your housewares and enhance your gardening skills, you can read our Reviews here.

What is

It is a website based in the United States that sells housewares, gardening tools, and healthcare products. The variety of products it offers allows people as a one-stop destination for all products.

They provide a discount of about 5% for two products and a value of 10% if a person buys three products, which is a great deal.

They have 70-75 products in their portfolio, which is not a significant number. They presently have four categories available in their portfolio.

They have FAQs, contact us, and refund, ‘about us’ section. They have not mentioned the site; they have just mentioned the kind of product they are offering.

For Reviews, we found that the product price was ranging from $3 to $40.


  • URL:
  • Phone no864-360-2070
  • E-mail-
  • Return: within 14 of the product receipt
  • Refund: no exact information available
  • Payment- VISA, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX, and PayPal fees. 
  • Shipping: 3-4 weeks
  • Address: G34; stoke church business park road, (high Wycombe), United States

Pros of 

  • Variety of products
  • Reasonable rates
  • 14day money-back guarantee

Cons of 

  • No Reviews available
  • No information available on search engines
  • No proper social media platform

Is legit?

The website is just around a year old. The website says that all the user information secured by an SSL browser, one of the safest methods to secure all data. In the ‘about us’ section, it has just information about the site offering. No information about the owner and when it started is available.  

It has a presence over social media platforms like Facebook. The page shows that it is a year old, but it has no customer reviews, and the site is pretty inactive.

The site ranks 1,252,746 globally on Alexa, which is not a good number. A good traffic website is considered under 500.

We did not find any Reviews available on any search engines or social media platform after searching on many websites.

Some of the sites claimed that it has around 200-250 visitors. If a decent number of visitors visit any website, the conversion will be low, but some buyers and people who buy the product should give their honest reviews about the product, but we did not find that.

Gathering up all the information available and collected, we say Reviews couldn’t have made and we request our users to research on this.. 

Customer reviews

As they are inactive on Facebook and other social media platforms, we did not find any site reviews, just a review was available that too was negative. In this era of digitization, it becomes essential for every brand to be very active on social media because they can expand their reach and connect to customers in real-time. 

The absence of Reviews on the social media platform gives a red alert to the user because they can be advertised with the least possible price with the maximum reach.

Whenever a new brand emerges, it has many things to improve upon because we have to look at what customers want, not what the brand needs to sell. So for an emerging brand platform like Facebook, integral and YouTube is a boon.  

Final verdict

We did not find any Reviews based on our search, whether it be positive or negative. Customer reviews play an essential role in the value of the brand.

They do have a dedicated Facebook page, but it has no customer reviews, no active post, which makes the site suspicious that it is legit or not?

From the information, we gathered we would advise our users to research for the worthiness of this website prior to buy from this website.

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