Jacksonville FL Mask Mandate {Oct} Extended For More Days

Jacksonville FL Mask Mandate {Oct} Extended For More Days

Jacksonville FL Mask Mandate {Oct} Extended For More Days >> This article will tell you about the extension of the mask mandate in Jacksonville by the governor.

Are you aware that there it is mandatory to wear masks in Jacksonville? The pandemic is here to stay till there is a vaccine, and so it is essential that we understand the importance of wearing masks. Jacksonville FL Mask Mandate has been extended and is now a compulsion till 26th November.

Scientists across the world have stressed how masks can reduce the spread of the virus. Many people in the United States have mixed opinions on the mandate, and a lot of them feel like it takes away their right to freedom. 

All about the Mask Mandate

Each state in the United States has its own set of rules when it comes to wearing masks. Doctors, however, advise that whatever the government might say, masks significantly reduce the spread of the virus, and people should continue wearing them. 

The mask mandate was first passed in June and is being extended since. Now that everything is reopening, this guideline comes at a good time. There is no financial penalty of any sort on people and the restriction on restaurants and pubs have also been eased. 

The Mayor of Jacksonville, Lenny Curry, has extended the mask mandate for another 30 days, and it will now go on till the end of November. The Jacksonville FL Mask Mandate states that all people above 6 years of age have to wear a mask in public places, especially where it is not possible to maintain social distancing. Even though this is more like a guideline, people should not take wearing masks lightly.

What do people have to say about it? 

Many people have lauded the efforts of the Mayor as he is still taking measures to combat the spread of the pandemic. They agree that wearing masks in public places is still required, and also, till there is no vaccine, this is the easiest precaution to take. 

Many people in the United States are still against this Jacksonville FL Mask Mandate law. They feel it goes against their basic rights and is tyranny when you force people to wear masks. According to them, there are many other diseases that kill more people than COVID, and feel like the Mayor is spineless to pass such a law.

Final Views

 As responsible citizens, it is important that we think about everyone. Take this mandate positively as it will help curb the spread of the pandemic. Maintain social distancing, and when in public places, cover your face and mouth with the mask. We all know what the condition of the hospitals is, and to reduce the number of admissions and deaths, let’s each take precautions. 

Dear Readers, if you have thoughts and views that you would like to share about the pandemic, wearing masks, and Jacksonville FL Mask Mandate, please feel free to share with us in the comments section below. We appreciate your interaction and feedback. 

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