Is Theknlive Legit [June] – Is Online Shopping a Scam?

Is Theknlive Legit [June] – Is Online Shopping a Scam?

Is Theknlive Legit [June] – Is Online Shopping a Scam? -> In this article, you get to know about the pool sets available online.

Are you looking to give your kids the most delightful gift this summer? You must checkout Theknlive now.

This website has a fantastic range of pool sets, metal frames, prism frames & ultra frames. There are different sizes available from which you can choose as per your requirement.

However, we understand that it’s not easy to pay your hard-earned money on any of the websites available. So, we will share the complete information about Is Theknlive Legit. 

Nowadays, people of the United States appreciate this website as it offers the best prices, fantastic discounts, and adorable products.

In our Theknlive Reviews, we will share all the necessary information regarding the pool set with our readers. We always share honest customer reviews with you all. 

If you are interested in shopping from this site, keep on reading this article, and the information will help you decide if you should buy from this site.

Is Theknlive Legit?

The domain name and the website name is different, which may create doubt in someone’s mind. The name of the website is Intex authorized reseller, which is not in sync with the pool sets and other products available on the site.

As per given articles on various platforms, the IP address of the site is from Turkey and ends with “.xyz,” which again creates a doubt in mind for the website being genuine.

The site is new, and we can’t consider it a scam as of now, but at the same time, the flaws don’t show it as a legit website. So continue reading to find out the truth about this site.

What is Theknlive?

It deals in various sizes of pool sets. The pool sets are available in different frames like prism frames, metal frames, and ultra frames. In ultra frames, the grip for the pool set is looking good as per pictures.

You can get the sizes for a complete family of six, even or more than that. In smaller sizes, there are pool sets for three. However, they have bifurcated it with inches.

Why is Theknlive Unique?

As the website has a very selective variety of products, you can easily choose for yourself. The prices are reasonable. They are also offering a discount of 30%, and that is a plus point. 

They also said that they have a free shipping facility. Return, refund, the privacy policy is mentioned, which makes it unique.

Specifications of Theknlive:

  • Website type- Pool Sets
  • Website link-
  • Shipping time- not mentioned
  • Delivery time: not provided
  • Return Policy: 90 days from the receipt
  • Shipping charge- Free in the USA
  • Company address- not disclosed
  • Contact Number- not given
  • Email address-
  • Mode of payments- online

Pros of Buying from Theknlive:

  • The return policy is defined thoroughly.
  • More than 30% discount on products
  • Prices are reasonable for most items.
  • Time for return and exchange is enough.

Cons of Buying from Theknlive:

  • No address and contact number is available.
  • No shipping and delivery time is accessible.
  • The discount is mentioned at the top, but no products have discounts.
  • Almost all items irrespective of size have the same price.

Customer Reviews about Theknlive:

There are no reviews mentioned on the site, and no such reviews have been posted by the customers on other platforms too. But, some people reviewed this site. They said the IP address is of Turkey. You can review the products, but it is hidden from the website.

They said the site is very new, and it is tough to tell if it is legit or a scam. The flaws of the website like delivery, shipping, discount (even when declared), address, payment details, order tracking & many more are not accessible.

Final Verdict:

We shared many necessary details about the Theknlive. We noticed that most products have a fixed price of $119.99, while there is a lot of difference in frame, quality, and size. Some of them have a cost of $106.00, and very few have other prices.

On the top of the page, they have written a discount of 30%, but you cannot find a discount while buying the product. The domain name and website name are not in sync with the product category.

Apart from this, there are many flaws, as we discussed above. Hence we do not recommend you to take a risk for your money and buy from this site. However, you still want to buy from it then share your feedback in the comments below.

0 thoughts on “Is Theknlive Legit [June] – Is Online Shopping a Scam?

  1. I purchased a pool from there on 6/18/20 and have not received a response from any of the email addresses provided. I should have known this was a deal that is to good to be true and I fell for it. I do not recommend anyone purchasing from this site.

  2. absolute scam. company does not follow through and does not provide information, only charges your credit card money.
    do not trust
    shop elsewhere. this company is in violation of mail fraud

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