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Is Shopmarttine com Legit [August] Read Reviews Now

Is Shopmarttine com Legit 2020

Is Shopmarttine com Legit [August] Read Reviews Now -> The portal offers a chic, trendy collection of attires and shoes for both men and women.

Are you planning of refreshing your wardrobe with new attires or footwear? Still, thinking Is Shopmarttine com Legit or not? We will help you know more about the Website. Please read till the end of all curious minds curbed with answers.

The Website is another e-commerce shopping website for all ladies and guys, mainly offering footwear and clothing range.

 The portal is based in India and provides free shipping within the country only.

There are several suspicious things about this newly created site, from its ownership to fake call warning. Read below more about it.

Is Shopmarttine com Legit for shopping or not? 

With almost no Shopmarttine com Reviews, the portal lacks any chances of being legit though we cannot confirm that.

It already appears to be dealing with some issues as it is mentioned on the site that any calls received by their name might be fake as they do not have support for phone lines.

So, things get more into raising brows rather than settling the curious new consumers with justifying answers, further with no reviews anywhere the credibility of the portal is already in the air.

It might be too early to claim it as a scam, but things indicate that only.

What is Shopmarttine com? 

The portal appears to be designed for both men and women catering to fashionable clothing and shoe needs.

The Website appears to be based in India.

The website do not have any Shopmarttine com Reviews anywhere online for now.

Specifications about Shopmarttine com:

  • Website Type: It is an online e-commerce portal for the entire clothing and shoe range for women and men.
  • URL:
  • Address: Not shared
  • Phone details: Phone lines not supported by website and warned about fake calls
  • Email ID:
  • Shipping: It provides free shipping within the country but does charge for international shipping. 
  • Payment: It allows only online payment via cards.
  • Return: It claims to accept returns only in 30 days and process refunds after receiving them. But does not accepts exchange requests on orders.

Benefits of shopping on Shopmarttine com:

  • The Website offers a variety from boho, chic, fashionable and trendy clothes and shoes.
  • The portal does accept returns within 30 days.
  • The Website has a range of clothing and footwear for both men and women.

Negatives of shopping on Shopmarttine com:

  • The portal does not accept returns for all orders, especially the ones on sale.
  • The portal does not offer any exchange option.
  • The Website does charge a small amount as extra taxes during checkout beside the product cost.
  • The portal does charge for international shipping.
  • It lacks a proper size guideline on the portal.
  • No social media existence about the Website was found on any of the platforms.
  • The Website appears to be a new one with hardly any reviews, and that makes it unreliable.

What are the customer opinions about Shopmarttine com? 

There were no direct reviews from the consumer in any way on any portals online. So the concern remains Is Shopmarttine com Legit or a scam? But besides the reviews, there are so many things that appear suspicious for now.

The portal itself claims we do not support the call center. Any calls by their name might be fake. So they might be trying to clear off their image, but that does not justify a suspicious portal.

Further, the contact email is also not on their domain but instead on Gmail. No valid portal usually does that. Such things do not go well with the new shoppers and do not build any reliability as well.

Final Concluding note

The site looks like a new one created for women and men looking for clothing and shoes. The site does provide a sufficiently good range of products from jeans, thirst, tops, shoes, etc.

The collection undoubtedly looks trendy and chic, but the reliability factor of the Website in itself is a question. Besides, with no contact details being shared, the Website even does not disclose its ownership.

We do not recommend that our readers invest in any such portals that appear risky, even 1%. This one though, seems a lot more unreliable for now.

With time it might provide some reliability with valid reviews or social media presence, though. But for now, stay away from is a warning from us.

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