Is Rubcell Legit {July} – Get a Fair Review Here

Is Rubcell Legit {July} – Get a Fair Review Here

Is Rubcell Legit {July} – Get a Fair Review Here -> In this article, you get to know about the legitimacy of websites selling shoe and bathroom accessories.

How many times have you bought accessories for shoes and the bathroom? Now it is your time to have a look at Rubcell. 

Is Rubcell Legit? Well, as it is a new website, many people do not know about it. Sanitary and lifestyle accessories have good market demand and also one of the basic needs.

These days it has become a popular trend of scammers to list the most bought items on a scam website and gulp down your money. People often get easily distracted by fancy offers. So far, we found no traces of any offline store of Rubcell. 

In the present day, this website is more prevalent in the United States. We received a beautiful figure of reviews from there.

If you are thinking about buying new accessories of shoes and bathroom online and willing to take the experience of a new website, out Rubcell Reviews will assist you.

Is Rubcell Legit?

Is Rubcell Legit? Many reasons and signs can tell us about the legitimacy of this website. This website’s domain name was registered on 22 June 2020, and as of 24 July 2020, this website is almost 31 days old. The SSL certificate of this website is valid until 23 June 2021. 

We did thorough research to know more about this website on a social media platform, and it was disappointing to find nothing worthy about this website. It indicates that the site is not in high demand.

Let us know more about this website further in our Rubcell Reviews.

What is Rubcell?

Rubcell is a website that sells accessories for shoes and bathrooms. There is an extensive range of products offered by this website. The items listed on the website are beautiful, and it urges a user to try it once. 

In bathroom accessories, they have listed laundry brush and wall-mounted mop holder hook. In the listing of shoe accessories, they have listed shoe brush, boot brush, handle shoe shine brush, shoe eraser for leather shoes, shoe eraser for suede leather shoes, and 3 side shoe brush.

Specifications of Rubcell

  • Website by its type- shoes and bathroom accessories 
  • The delivery time stated by the company- 7 to 10 business days.
  • Exchange facility- buyer can exchange the orders
  • Return policy of company- up to 30 days
  • Shipping fee on orders- no fee for shipping
  • Company contact number on site- 304 444 1298
  • Company address on-site- Blossom Street 15, Savannah, Tennessee 38372 US
  • The email address of the company-
  • Given the mode of payment-Paypal

Pros of Rubcell

  • There is a beautiful collection of shoes and bathroom accessories listed on this website.
  • Different colors are available in many listed items, giving colors to many potential buyers.
  • There is no shipping fee at all on placed orders, which is a pleasant relief.
  • Orders can be returned within 30 days of receiving the orders.
  • The delivery time taken is fair; you will receive the order within ten days.
  • Return and refund is available if you return the item in good condition.

Cons of Rubcell

  • The prices of many listed products are higher than those on many online stores.
  • The detailed description and specification is missing on many listed items.
  • There is no brand name on any of the listed products.
  • The mode of payment is Paypal only. So the ones who are not using Paypal will not be able to buy from this website.

What are customers saying about Rubcell?

There are no customer reviews available on the website itself, and the strange thing is that items are 5-star-rated without any customer reviews. Which shows how poor forgery is done by this website to lure innocent people. 

Apart from the website, we found many customer reviews that state the following; the contact number provided is busy. It says voicemail is full when called, the listed items do not show up once you make the payments, and not receiving confirmation after placing the orders on this website.

Final Verdict

The customer reviews no order confirmation, only Paypal as a payment mode, and forged ratings of the listed items make your suspicious durable. We conclude that Rubcell is not Legit. We recommend our readers to buy from some other genuine online stores and stay safe from the scam site.

If readers have some experience with this website, they can feel free to share with us to help other readers.

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