Is Qerawy Legit {July} Find Out The True Reviews

Is Qerawy Legit {July} Find Out The True Reviews

Is Qerawy Legit {July} Find Out The True Reviews -> In this article, you get to know about the Legitimacy of a website that sells water sports equipment online.

Is Qerawy Legit? As this website is new in the market, there are a large number of people who are still not aware of this website. You can find many websites on the internet, which are selling sports equipment.

Indeed, online shopping is the way it is more comfortable where you buy goods at your fingertips, but there are plenty of websites all around the internet that are scamming people with the fake listed product description and low price traps.

Currently, this website more popular in the UnitedStates. We read many reviews from there.

If you wish to buy some water sports equipment online, and willing to try a new website, then our Qerawy Reviews will guide you.

Is Qerawy Legit?

Is Qerawy Legit? There are ample of reasons that can answer this question for us. This website’s domain is registered on June 6, 2020, and the website age of the website as of July 25, 2020, is 49 days. The SSL certificate of this website is valid up to October 16, 2020.

Even after our thorough research work, we did not find any social media page on this website. Let us go further in our Qerawy Reviews.

What is Qerawy?

Qerawy is a website that sells water sports equipment. There is a wide variety of products listed on the website. The website states that because of Pandemic, their offline store is affected, and they are selling the products directly from their inventory until the stock lasts. There are products of many types and colors to choose from the listings.

Many enterprises all over the globe participate in sales of these goods, especially in the holiday and summer season. Lifestyle and sports goods are always good business as people make many purchases for domestic and commercial uses.

The products listed on this website are kayaks, inflatable kayaks, jet surfboards, remote-controlled, and remote-controlled toy aircraft

Specifications of Qerawy

  • Website type as per product- water sports equipment
  • Processing period- 5 to 9 days
  • Shipping period- 3 to 10 days
  • Exchange facility- only as per return policy
  • Return policy- up to 14 days after receiving your order
  • Shipping fees- as per orders
  • Cancellation- only before the order is shipped
  • Company contact number for calls- not given
  • Physical Company address- not given
  • The email address of the company-
  • Mode of payment- only via Paypal

Pros of Qerawy

  • A wide variety of water sports equipment are available.
  • A remarkable collection of Kayaks are available.
  • Orders can be returned up to 14 days.
  • Order arrives at doorsteps within ten days, which is good as the product dimension and weight are kept in mind.
  • The prices of the listed products are low as compared to other local stores and online eCommerce websites.
  • The website sells inflatable kayaks, which are quite helpful to save space and volume of luggage when you carry it on vacations.

Cons of Qerawy

  • The payment mode of this website is limited to Paypal only. The ones who are not using Paypal, or do not want to use Paypal, they cannot purchase from this website.
  • Return is limited only up to 14 days of receiving your orders, no solution when product malfunctions after 14 days.
  • No warranty or guarantee is stated on any listed products.
  • Shipping fees vary as per products.
  • No physical address or contact number of the company is stated on the website, which makes one unable to reach through these ways of communication.

What are customers saying about Qerawy?

We made many efforts to look out for customer reviews about Qeraway, but we were disheartened, as we did not find a single review on the website and apart from the website. 

Moreover, there are no star ratings on the website’s listed items, which is a very pessimistic impression.

Final Verdict

The prices of the listed products are meager, too reasonable to be real. The payment is made only by Paypal, physical address, and contact number of the company is not present on the website. The email does nt match with the domain name.

Gathering all this information, we conclude that Qerawy is not Legit. We recommend readers to buy from some other site, and if you have any information about this website, please share with us to help out more readers know this site better.

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  1. I ordered two kayaks from this website three days ago (Thursday). I received an email confirming my order with an oddly generic receipt. I was given one method only to track my order which was to download an app. I would have to grant that app permission to access my phone. The paypal payment was processed almost immediately, which was just about $200. I am waiting with a positive attitude to see if Qerawy will come through. I heard two others inquiring about this site as well. Hopefully they pull through! I will be doing another review when we find out if we were scammed or if we were blessed with a great find.

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