Is Publishers Clearing House a Scam {Jan 2021} An Alert!

Is Publishers Clearing House a Scam {Jan 2021} An Alert!

Is Publishers Clearing House a Scam {Jan 2021} An Alert! >> Are you worried about the recent PCH notification? Check the messages & if they are true or not.

Have you also received this ‘winner alert’ by any phone call or message by PCH? You just bumped into the correct website that is going to share all the information about it. Our data will be beneficial for the United States citizens or anyone who has received a Publisher Clearing House ping. 

This article will also further answer the most asked question: ‘Is Publishers Clearing House a Scam or legit?’ 

What is the Publisher Clearing House?

The publisher clearing house is a United Statesbased organization that is into direct marketing services. This firm is associated with Sweepstakes and renowned games to advertise their merchandise. PCH is a legal organization working as a marketing agency since 1953. It is also involved in selling different merchandise, magazine subscriptions, and it is also known to work with many online gaming portals. 

As this firm has a considerable reputation for managing, it is quite difficult to ask about the legitimacy of the recent winner messages. But it is quite crucial to know ‘Is Publishers Clearing House a Scam or legit?’ so please continue to read. 

What is there in the ‘Win Prize’ message? 

People across the United States have received either the win notification or a message in the form of emails or a phone call that speaks to allure the public for the winner race. The letter starts with an alert of ‘You’ve Won,’ but the confusing thing is that there is no clarity about the winning prize or the old winners. Like no one has ever heard more about such ‘big winner’ statements, so people are quite confused with it. 

Is Publishers Clearing House a Scam or legit? 

As far as this is considered, the answer to this question is a big NO, PCH is not a scam, and all the recent talks about the same are real. PCH is a renowned direct marketing firm working for ages and is not involved in any scandals. But there are certain things that you must know, which are as follows:

  • It never directly contacts its winners via email or messages, and also, if the emails are asking you to pay for winning, please avoid it without any second thought. 
  • If you still have the question- Is Publishers Clearing House a Scam or legit? In mind, then PCH will never ask for any credentials or efforts from your end to win the prize; it will undoubtedly reach out to you directly with the award. 
  • Several other scam sites try to disrupt the image of PCH and try to fool people on their behalf, so please make sure you check directly with PCH officials before trusting the process

What do people think about it?

We found no fraud or legitimacy statements related to it, which means people are still confused with authenticity. There is no particular negative perception of the public related to the Publishers Clearing House and its affairs. 

Final Verdict on ‘Is Publishers Clearing House a Scam or legit’

All said and done, we found zero evidence of its scandalous behavior, and PCH is known to be an opulent firm that is not involved in any past scandals. 

Please share your experience in the comment section. This will help our readers to make more insightful decisions!! 

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