Is Pophomestyle com Legit (July 2020) Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Is Pophomestyle com Legit (July 2020) Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Is Pophomestyle com Legit (July) Is It A Scam Or Legit? >>Read this for buying storage shelves from an online site, read it to find out if it is legit.

Your beauty products always cluttered in one corner of your washbasin? Then the corner storage holders on Pophomestyle will free up some much-needed space for you. 

The market is swarmed with products that have successfully managed to help people in having a clutter-free space. They help you become more organized while doubling the area of use for you. Space management ensures you can spot the product you need instead of wasting your time in its search. 

Such products can be obtained online from numerous sites, and one such site is the Pophomestyle. But how to find out Is Pophomestyle com Legit? You will be able to find that about this that has its offices in the United States

The Pophomestyle com Reviews will also be uncovering some information that a person must be aware of before they procure any items from the website. 

Is Pophomestyle com Legit? 

The first look of Pophomestyle com tells you that it is incredibly cluttered and has no division of categories. Looking up its creation date will tell you that it was created on the 7th of July of 2020. This information informs us that it was recently created. 

The email id provided is one that is generic, meaning that it does not belong to the company brand. There is an HTTPS connection and a padlock on the website, which are necessary for keeping customer information encrypted. 

So, Is Pophomestyle com Legit? Well, it may or may not be legit as mandatory information is absent. This absence of necessary details may be because the website was created recently.

What is Pophomestyle com?

The Pophomestyle com is a web store that presents customers with a limited selection of furniture covers, laundry tubs, portable sewing machines, rechargeable air conditioners, chair covers, massage guns, and more. 

The website is currently offering special discounts that will help you save up a lot of money. Pophomestyle com has provided clear product information that will also help customers decide which size of the furniture will work best for their space. 

This includes information regarding full refunds only after proper inspection of the returns. But the layout may confuse the customers and make it difficult to understand the full potential of the site. 

Specifications of Pophomestyle com

  • Products- furniture covers, massagers, corner shelves, mosquito killers and more 
  • Website- 
  • Email-
  • Phone number- not provided 
  • Shipping/processing time- 3-5 business days 
  • Delivery time- 15-20 working days to USA and others, 30 working days for Brazil/Russia 
  • Shipping fee-$6.99
  • Return- 14 working days from date of product receiving 
  • Exchange- not mentioned 
  • Refunds- provided after return evaluation 
  • Online Payment- PayPal, Master Card, Visa card, E-check or American Express 

Pros of Pophomestyle com

  • The website provides worldwide shipping 
  • All the products are obtainable at low prices 
  • They ensure secure online payments can be made 
  • The website shows the presence of an HTTPS connection 
  • The product information is fulfilling 

Cons of Pophomestyle com

  • The website has a very low trust score index 
  • It was created less than 6 months ago 
  • The contact details on the website lack phone number 
  • The layout of the website looks shoddy 
  • The site provides prices and discounts that are unconvincing 

What are the customer’s views of the Pophomestyle com? 

The Pophomestyle com Reviews you would have read that the website possesses a very recent creation date. This is why there is an absence of customer’s views or product ratings.

In such a case, it becomes hard for the customer to put their faith on the website, even more, when the contact information is showing a generic email id. This denotes that the website fails at providing transparency to its customers and may be built with ill intentions. 

But you will notice the existence of an HTTPS connection on this United States website, which means the site may be safe as it is known to encrypt the customer’s information to avoid third party attacks.

Final Verdict- 

The Pophomestyle com website was created in July 2020, which makes its creation very recent. We cannot be sure if that is the reason why the layout is so haphazard! An online search tells us that the website possesses a very low trust score index. 

It brings us to the conclusion that you must wait for any reviews regarding the website to pop up. Until then, we do not recommend the website. 

6 thoughts on “Is Pophomestyle com Legit (July 2020) Is It A Scam Or Legit?

  1. is definitely a scam! I should have done my research properly first! Spent $187 with them to buy 9 Large privacy screens (6+3 free) and after 2 months received 4 screens that were 1 tenth the size they should have been.

    The email address used on the account is the same email address used on about 100 other scam websites.

    They take PayPal but unless you want to send it back to China and wait 2 months to maybe get your money back, you will not get anything back.

    Total scam artists. Beware! Stay away from pop home style!

  2. Don’t purchase from Pop Home Style – we ordered the faux ivy privacy screens and after waiting over 2 months and after sending numerous emails to, we finally received a little package in the mail. It did have 8 faux ivy screens inside, but they are tiny and no where near the size or quality of what is shown on the website. False advertising. We just emailed to get a refund and return the package and are disputing with our payment method. Don’t purchase from them.

  3. I ordered over a month ago a facemask plastic Shea ll. Have not received it can’t get in touch with them no phone number please get in touch with me through email

  4. Have purchased plastic seal mask never received them it’s been over a month paid 1699 with tax 2498 please get in touch with me with your email or my email. miriamferraro 1941 @

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