Is Krosclub Legit [June] |Is This Authentic or a Scam?

Is Krosclub Legit [June] |Is This Authentic or a Scam?

Is Krosclub Legit [June] |Is This Authentic or a Scam? -> Read this review if you are looking to purchase summer dresses online.  Dresses are a summer must-have, and if you have been searching for them, you must visit the Krosclub online store. 

Dresses go from light and breezy to more form fitted to ensure you look your professional best. They are versatile, and cotton or rayon dresses are perfect for summer days. Online clothing sites offer them in prints, solid colors, or just plain embroidered styles. 

It is often difficult to decipher if the sites are legit or not, and that is the case with Krosclub as well. So, Is Krosclub Legit? The site claims to have its manufacturing set up in the United States.

Reading further into this Krosclub Reviews will help you understand if the site will scam you or if you will be able to find something you like it. 

Is Krosclub Legit?

We are all susceptible to scams, and websites can pull it off beautifully without a glitch. This is possible because the fronts put seem to be legitimate and hence ensure unsuspecting customers end up making purchases. You must always be on alert and read up about the site before making a purchase from it. 

Krosclub  seem to provide transparency by giving a detailed background, contact details along with precise shipping details. These details are essential as they ensure the customer can reach out to the brand if needed. But read this blog to find out the truth.

What is Krosclub? 

Krosclub is an online women’s clothing website and offers Dresses, tops, skirts, bottoms, and even jacket options. There are limited options available, but all the outfits are trendy and made up of cotton fabric. Cotton fabrics is the best fabric for the summer months as it absorbs sweat quicker and even dries faster. 

The designs are trendy and are perfect for work and even for a casual day out. If you are a linen lover, then you will love the black linen pants they offer. All the clothing items are available at affordable prices, and that will please you. 

The contact details are complete, and the about us section will give you the clarity you need. 

What makes the Krosclub unique?

Their about us section mentions that they wish to limit their impact on the environment. Therefore, the site promotes growing organic cotton and also use natural textile dyes. They also suggest that they have adopted environment-friendly processing standards. 

The brand also mentions that their products use a FAIRTRADE certified cotton, which means the farmer shall receive a FAIRTRADE premium. Although it is a limited variety, the site with its unique approach to being environment friendly makes it unique. 

Specifications of Krosclub

  • Products- women’s clothing 
  • Website-
  • Email-
  • Phone number– (239) 273-0624
  • Shipping/processing time- not mentioned 
  • Delivery time- 5-8 days- USA, 10-15 days- other countries 
  • Shipping fee- $4.99 for all countries 
  • Return- should be made within 15 days 
  • Exchange- is not provided
  • Refunds- processed in 1-7 days, if applicable 
  • Payment- can be only made online via PayPal 

Pros of purchasing from Krosclub

  • The site follows fair trade practices 
  • Uses organic cotton in the making of their clothing 
  • You can make secure online purchases from the site 
  • The contact information provided by the site is complete 
  • Refunds if applicable are provided quickly  

Cons of purchasing from Krosclub

  • There is only a limited variety of clothing available 
  • Returns must be made within 15 days
  • They do not provide tracking links for purchases 
  • The site was created less than six months ago 
  • The website generates low traffic, that is not a good sign 

Customer reviews of the Krosclub

The site is almost a month old, and hence there are no customer reviews available. Scamvoid, an online review site, mentions that Krosclub is currently not very popular. It is not a good sign.

You will also see that the site provides transparency by giving a clear description of the makers in the about us section. There are also proper contact details like the phone number and email id provided. These are the necessary details that a customer searches for when purchasing from a new site. But no order-tracking number is provided.

Final Verdict- 

The site provides the clarity and transparency a customer would require. It also possesses an SSL certificate, which will ensure all your financial information is protected from third-party attacks. 

However, the site was set up a month ago and generates less traffic, so we do not advice purchases from the site at the moment. 

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  1. Total scam website. The phone number is not legit. I bought an item – they provided a USPS tracking number. The tracking number showed the item was delivered the day before I ordered it.

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