Is Legit (Oct 2020) Read the Reviews Below.

Is Legit (Oct 2020) Read the Reviews Below.

Is Legit (Oct 2020) Read the Reviews Below. >> This article will discuss a famous online shopping store that deals with different types of shoes.

Are you also one who wants to buy branded and good quality shoes at a very low cost? This article is then meant for you because Jordan shoes is one of those websites dealing with shoes for a long time. Here we will provide you details about the legitimacy of Jordan Shoes Company and whether Is Legit?

Jordan shoes are the United Statewhich deals with the best quality of shoes at the best price available. This website is quite famous, and you also may have heard the name of Jordan shoes earlier, or maybe some of you have used it.

So, in this article, we will be reviewing this website and giving you all the necessary details regarding Is LegitWhat are the recommendations of its customers? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using this website?

Is Legit?

If you have also not heard Jordan’s name brand, you might even be thinking Is Legit?

As all of you know, Jordan is a very old company that is trusted by many people worldwide. They are always at the top section of the list when we talk about trusted websites. 

But we are here to answer whether Is Legit or not. This website is a copy of the original one, and they are established with the only motive to con people. They have the same homepage as the original website. They are trying to con the customers. 

They have mentioned the links for their social media platforms at the bottom of their webpage. But those links are inaccessible, and also are redirecting to the website’s homepage only.

Thus, we can say that the website is a scam, and visitors must check the site thoroughly before placing any orders from the same.

What is Jordan

Jordan is an online shopping store in United State dealing with good looking and best quality shoes. Jordan shoes is one of those websites which are providing maximum discounts they can give to their customers.

This website is a fast leading and successful company because they prioritize their customers and do their best to provide you with reasonable satisfaction with their support and their products.

If you have any issue with the order delivered, you can talk to the customer care support, and then you can return the product to them within 30 days of the delivery. The refund will be given as soon as possible after the product reaches the company.

Also, you can easily relax wherever you are in the world because they have now started delivering their products to more than 100 countries. There are two types of delivery methods available, standard shipping and express shipping. You can select the shipping method of your choice.

Jordan specifications are given below:

Specifications of Jordan

  • Type of website: e-commerce online shopping site.
  • Products available: this website is dealing with different types of shoes.
  • Customer care number: not given.
  • Customer care support email: Shipping time: you can select the shipping speed from the two methods available on the website.
  • Shipping cost: Free delivery all over the United State.
  • Delivery time: the delivery time will depend upon where you are placing the order.
  • Return period: you can return the order in 30 days from the delivery day.
  • Refund time: the refund will be provided to you as soon as possible.
  • Payment methods supported: Pay pal, Visa, American Express, Debit card

Pros of Jordan

  • This website is a very famous online shopping site.
  • They are delivering orders in more than 100 countries.
  • They are taking responsibility for the delivery and taking care of the item

Cons of Jordan

  • There is a smaller number of website reviews available.
  • There is only one way to contact customer care.
  • The low number of products available

Customer Reviews of Jordan

There are fewer customer reviews available on the website. The reviews of this website are not in favour of the sale, customers have written that they are trying to con the customers, by taking them to the other website than the original one.

Also, they have mentioned that the shoes of this website are not of the same quality, and also are heavily priced. 

Final Verdict:

Now you can decide Is LegitWe have mentioned all the facts about the same in this article, and all of them says that the website is a scam and cannot be trusted.

Leave a comment below if you too have been trapped by them.

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