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Is Gofybr Legit [July] Is It a Possible Scam or Not?

Is Gofybr Legit 2020

Is Gofybr Legit [July] Is It a Possible Scam or Not? -> In the given article, you will read about the authenticity of an online shopping store selling different decorative items. 

Today online websites have become the most prominent sources to buy almost everything. Everyone today is browsing to shop for themselves as these platforms conveniently deliver credible products. 

However, not all websites are promising, and there is a high risk to lose one’s money on scam websites.

Are you browsing online to buy different decorative items for parties? If yes, then in Gofybr Review we will review a website known as Gofybr website offering similar items on it. This website has its servers in the United States

So to help you make the right decision, we will disclose the reality of this website and will notify you ‘Is Gofybr Legit or not. 

Is Gofybr Legit? 

In Gofybr Review, we came to know that this website is poorly designed and most of the information found on it was irrelevant to the products displayed on it. 

Further, this website not only shows limited information but also displays a limited quantity of items on it. Much of the sites seem to be spoofed from various other scam websites. Accordingly, this website doesn’t seem to be a legit one at all. 

What is the Gofybr website? 

Gofybr website is an online shooting store delivering various decorative items for weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries and for more similar party occasions. 

This website uses a valid SSL certificate that guarantees the safety to the privacy of its users. 

Variety of decorative items displayed on this website includes pink, blue star number balloon figures, foil float air inflatable Balls, mix rose gold confetti balloons, metallic balloon helium ball, baby shower foil balloons, rainbow number foil balloons, glossy metal pearl latex balloons etc.

The specifications of the Gofybr website : 

  • The link to access the site is
  • This website is based in the United States.
  • Email address for the site is
  • Owners name mentioned on the website is Mason Rick.
  • Phone number: 910-218-5058
  • Office Address: 2499 River Rd, Manchester, GA 31816 United States
  • This website has a new domain name (Registered on 2020-06-17)
  • This website has a 30-day return policy. 
  • The shipping time mentioned on the website is 7 to 10 days. 
  • PayPal is the only payment option provided on this website. 

Is the Gofybr website worth your money? 

The Gofybr website doesn’t have its own unique name, and it uses a well-known brand name in its domain name that mystifies people. 

Further, the About Us page provided on the website shows irrelevant information with grammatical errors on it. 

Moreover, this website also doesn’t provide separate categories for its items and shows sloppy work on it. Therefore this website doesn’t seem to be a valid source to shop and spend your valuable money. 

The positive remarks of the Gofybr website: 

  • This website shows a secure https connection. 
  • Items displayed on the site are beautifully designed.
  • The Gofybr website has a good return policy.
  • The website is working finely. 
  • All the products shown on the website are priced reasonably. 
  • All the items displayed on the site seem to be of good quality. 

The negative remarks of the Gofybr website: 

  • The Gofybr website is poorly designed.
  • The site displays irrelevant information on it.
  • The Gofybr website shows copy-paste work.
  • The website shows a limited payment option.
  • This website exhibits a new domain name.
  • The Gofybr website doesn’t have any mail server.
  • The site is not a popular source to buy from.
  • The site doesn’t allow purchase for more than $100 worth of items.
  • The site displays many scam signs on it. 

What are people saying about the Gofybr website?

Since the Gofybr website was registered recently, therefore, we could not find any customer reviews on it. Further, due to irrelevant details and scam signs found on the site, people assumed this website to be suspicious.

People couldn’t easily search or browse items on this website. Also, this website is not a popular source to buy from and therefore, it is the evidence that people don’t prefer to purchase anything from this website. 


The Gofybr Review asserts that this website restricts buying to $100 only on it which doesn’t make any sense. Also, this trick is used by many other scams websites to deceive people. The answer to Is Gofybr Legit’, this website exhibits many scam signs and irrelevant details on it depicts this website to be a suspicious source. 

Accordingly, we won’t suggest you buy anything from this website as this website is too new to be trusted and seems to be a possible source of scam.

Thus, to save your valuable money, we suggest you shop cautiously after confirming the authenticity of a website.

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