Is Dona Hair Straightener Scam (July) Safe To Buy?

Is Dona Hair Straightener Scam (July) Safe To Buy?

Is Dona Hair Straightener Scam (July) Safe To Buy? >> The article emphasized on a product that can straighten the hair of the user without causing damages to them.

Are you looking for the easiest and the most effective solutions to give your hair a healthy look? You need to know some exciting fact like Is Dona Hair Straightener Scam before you rush to buy a device that can straighten your hair without damaging them.

Hair is the most crucial part of the body that can give an individual a complete different look. People generally spend a significant proportion of their earning on keeping their hair healthy. So, we have to tell the readers that anything you buy, kindly go through the reviews of the product so that you make the right choice and do not regret after buying.

Dona Hair Straightener Reviews states the product is new to the market and is trying to reach a large number of people. The product is said to give excellent performance when brought into use.

People from the native regions of the United States are going crazy for this product. Scroll down the complete set of information imbibed in the article and uncover interesting facts. 

Is Dona Hair Straightener Legit?

It is essential to answer the questions of the people like Is Dona Hair Straightener Scamor it is an official website. The product can be the best seller in the market shortly or might be useless. 

When talking of the product, Dona Hair, precisely, the product is new to the market and yet has made quite a good customer base as per the reviews displayed on the website.

But we go on the practical side, we could not find any details of the product on the internet, which means that the information provided on the website might be false.

Thus, we cannot claim the brand as legit or scam. We might rather say that the product is potentially legit.

What is Dona Hair Straightener?

Dona Hair Straightener allows you to straighten and curl your hair without damaging the hair by taking care of the fibers. It is suitable for all hair types.

The straightener smoothens and curl your hair ten times faster than the normal straightener. It gives the quality and professional finishing results at home.

It treats the hair thoroughly and repairs it. It makes the hair smooth, shiny, and silky by preventing the hair from the significant damage caused by standard straighteners.

Specifications of Dona Hair Straightener:

  •  Product: Dona Hair Straightener
  • suitable for hair types: the hair straightener works well on all kinds of har like short, long, thick, elegant, coarse, wavy, curly and frizzy
  • What levels of quality and simplicity does the product have: simple to use with professional results
  • What is the hair wellness that the hair straightener promotes: smoothens and nourishes the hair making them secure and look silky and sleek?
  • The technology on which the Dona hair straightener works: the hair straightener uses the latest clinically tested technology

Pros of Dona Hair Straightener:

  • Dona Hair Straightener can be used for all hair types without damaging it.
  • It is portable and can be taken anywhere for adjustments anytime.

Cons of Dona Hair Straightener:

  • Dona hair straighteners are not available in stores. It can be bought only online.
  • Kids cannot use this product.

What are the people saying about the Dona Hair Straightener?

It is the customer’s reaction that decides the performance of the product introduced in the market by any company. As far as the Dona Hair is concerned, it is doing pretty well in the market and the people like the product very much. The website has displayed many reviews that reflect the happy response of the customers.

But we move to the other side of the product; there are no reviews available on the internet that can clarify the performance of the Dona Hair Straightener. Thus, no definite statement can be made about the product.

Hence, Is Dona Hair Straightener Scam or not, cannot take away a clear judgement and cannot be declared as a scam or legit.

Final Words:

To answer the question Is Dona Hair Straightener Scam, we would say that the product is potentially legit. Thus, no definite statement can be made for the Dona hair straightener. 

The product is working well in the market as per the reviews that the website shows. But, no other reports and surveys can be traced from the internet, which is a bad sign.

The only drawback of the product is that people cannot get the straightener from the physical stores.

Thus, it is the choice of the customers to give the Dona hair straighteners a try or not. 

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  1. I have purchased 2 of these straighteners but I didn’t receive the ones advertised nothing like them. It says It has a 15 day guarantee but now they are saying there is no refund because they are discounted so classed as sale item. Definitely a scam I have reported to Facebook and trading standards . The straighteners they send we’re wide flat iron from China really cheap quality and definitely not what was ordered. They said they had to change suppliers as they had so out if the advertised ones. BIGGEST SCAM EVER THE REVIEWS ON FACEBOOK ARE FAKE

    1. I was totally scammed by this fictacous fake site. Not only took my money the first day, never stating it was from China and displayed a video on the straightener that was NOT the one they sent after 5 weeks of e mails. After your initial order, they will not speak to you. When you try to e mail them back.. after you write your whole message about sending the wrong product they block the “submit button “ so you can’t respond! Save all my info and was able to get and sent.. their response was” it states in our terms n privacy” if we don’t have the merchandise we will sent you another iron and no returns or refunds” All lies. Not done with them yet! DO NOT SPEND THE MONEY,ITS A SCAM!!

  2. I orded some straightnerd. I recived them this week they were not as described not good quality. As a hairdresser myself im sure they wouldnt pass uk standard very dissapointed. I have let the company know for some reason they are avoiding me. So i WILL BE AVOIDING THIS COMPANY IN THE FUTURE.. My advise is to stay away…

  3. It seems they have in the small print somewhere where nobody sees it that if they have no stock they will send something else similar. It was NOT similar in any way like the slimline fancy straighteners they were advertising. I was sent some from China and they were the old fashioned ones with wide plates which I already have. It seems a number of people are unhappy about this just like me. Customer service is terrible. I should have realised it could be a scam. When they had run out, it should say so on the website page where you order. You then have a choice whether to continue or not. Two different people have written to me and except for about four words the replies are obviously standard that you send to everyone. NOT customer service whatsoever.

  4. They are a scam I ordered one and they charged me twice. I asked for a refund and they tell you they don’t do refunds and they tell you they are out of stock and send you dodgy ones I can’t use them they are not safe in the UK. They will not refund you either. They won’t let you send them back. All their reviews are also fake.

  5. I have purchased this straightener and it is definately a scam. It arrived in a jiffy bag no box or paperwork and doesn’t even have the right name on the product. Its a cheap chinese bit of plastic. You can’t contact them as every time you try to it says it doesn’t exist.

    1. Just received mine two pairs two different prices, not the thin ones advertised so mad, sent an email and they said can not refund as they were in the sale. I am so angry. Mine are the wide ones and they do not fit any of the plugs I have really angry

  6. I purchased the product & everything “seems” legit with the payment process. After giving payment info. though, a checkbox appears if you want an “additional 30% off”, (to pay $19.99 instead of the original $29.99). However, when you click the box, you’re actually ordering an ADDITIONAL product. So, now you have 2! The “PRO” for $29.99 AND the “ORIGINAL” for $19.99. I have called the ‘contact us’ number provided, only to repeatedly get a recorded message. I have yet to hear back from the ‘contact us’ email. This is ‘DAY 1’, so we’ll see how this plays out. VERY possible a scam, but still unclear….

    1. Yes I did the same thing now I have two coming . I am yet to receive what I brought. It’s been 4 weeks and counting now. By reading these reviews it Doesn’t look promising.
      Ive tried to track but comes up with nothing
      Not happy at all

  7. I’m giving an update….So far, so good! They replied back to my email to cancel the additional order for the $19.99. They DID cancel the order & stated the refund would show back in my account within 5-10 days I believe. Now, I believe VERY possible they’re completely legit! Just waiting on the product now to see if it lives up to it’s hype!

  8. Update: Dona hair straightener has returned the $19.99 to my account for the additional product that I did not want. Awaiting the actual straightener now.
    People, I’m glad to say, Dona hair straightener seems TOTALLY LEGIT!
    When I receive the actual straightener, I’ll inform you & give the product’s review on how it actually straightened my hair.

  9. dona-hair straighteners in my opinion is a scam. I placed my order it asked if i wanted to receive a discount of course i said yes and without clarifying it was additional order it added a second pair to my order at a reduced price. The straighteners arrived yesterday they do not have a dona-hair logo as shown they do not have a uk plug or adapter so had to use a travel adapter. 1 pair has a scratch on the plates and i’ve emailed the company asking to return and they replied saying they use other suppliers to fulfil the orders and it is covered in their small print but quality is the same. They do not heat very well you could hold your hand on the plates when turned on, a kids toy would do a better job than these.

  10. I purchased the dona hair straightener (I thought) when it came it is a chinese product no mention of dona on it .it arrived in a bubble wrap no box no return address .it is useless it had a foreign plug on so someone cut it off to put uk plug on the wires are like strands of hair it is useless.i emailed the site I bought it off who said it was low on supply so had sent a replacement instead .I was never asked if I wanted a replacement. TOTTALY UNSATISFIED

  11. I was trying to back out of the order prior to purchasing and the website processed me anyway. I need a refund. Thank you.

  12. Yes it is a scam I brought the flat iron I seen on Facebook but wen my flat iron came it was totally different my chi worked better them that and wen I brought it to there attention they told me wen they get back logged they out source to different companies but they stand by they product. If I wanted a different flat iron I would have gotten a different flat iron. I am so pissed and instead of the trying to fix it they just wants to argue. Scam yes they are.

    1. The product sucks. It does not get hot enough and couldn’t straighten straight hair. They will not refund me even though they advertise a 15 day money back guarantee. Told me because it was a sale item. I advise anyone not to purchase. If you need a straightener that bad, even the ones at your local drug store work better. In my opinion this site is a scam to sell substandard product at a very high profit margin.

  13. Dona hair replaces the straightener I ordered with a terrible one and when I asked to return they completely ignored my efforts and instead wrote this whole paragraph about how they reserve the right to replace their products with anything. Definately a gamble to shop with a store that has no clear way to return anything. Maybe the regular straightener is good, I don’t know- but the replacement one is worse than my garbage 20$ straightener from Walmart.

  14. It is a complete rip off. The straighteners I received were not the ones advertised they were very cheap inferior ones that didnt work at all. When I asked about this they said if they ran out of their ones they sent different ones of the same quality but obviously a lie. When I said I wanted to return them and get a refund they said as they were a sale item I was not entitled to return or get a refund. Awful customer service. Would not recommend them at all.

  15. I just received my hair straightener from Dona Hair. It does not look like the original straightener that I was lead to believe I was buying. The off/on button does not work . When I plug the straightener in it automatically starts heating up without allowing me to turn it on. It did straighten my hair but I am overall not satisfied with my purchase and I would never recommend their products because of this experience and at this point I believe if attempt to send it back I would never get a refund so now I’m looking for another straightener and probably giving the one I bought from Dona hair away.

  16. This place is the worst company ever. I did not think to look for this disclaimer in small print. That if you purchase from us we are going to just send you any old iron we find.bascially!
    They had stolen money and told me so what. I thought I was purchasing an iron that would steam and straighten my 4c hair. What they sent to me was a caller store iron that does not even get hot. And when I sent the email with my complaint. They told me so what! Their normal vendor ran out so I got what I got.. to not purchase from these people. They scam me.a d other.

  17. It’s definitely a scam. I ordered one and what I received was NOTHING like it was advertised. I could have purchased what I received at a local store. Very disappointed in this purchase.

  18. I ordered dona straighteners as they looked great in adverts, however the products I received did not bare the dona logo and are more like a child’s toy- they do not heat. I contacted customers services who said that they use other suppliers when they have high demand and they do not offer refunds as price was reduced so the company refuses to give consumer rights.

  19. As far as I am concerned they are scammers. Am angry and disappointed. Item received is nothing like they advertised. Substandard straightener not packed in a box with instructions but just wrapped in bubble wrap. throw that product right in the bin where it deserves to be.

    Ordered mine as it looked so professional and stated all the qualities you would look for in a professional hair straightener.
    The iron came in bubble wrap, NOT A UK PLUG, and cheap quality from China!!
    Do not waste your money please!!
    I am very disappointed.

  21. This is what I emailed them the day I received this piece of junk. THEIR REVIEWS ARE FAKE. SCAM SCAM SCAM. Don’t buy anything from this company. I will be reporting them to the BBB. They I never received a reply for my second email

    I received a basic flat iron NOT the Dona-Hair iron that I ordered. You advertised one product and shipped a totally different item. It took about 5 weeks to get this item that is wrong. I would like a return on this item and my money back. I ordered two other items from you and if they are not as advertised as the product you’re selling I will be returning and asking for my refund. I’m very disappointed in your company and false advertisement. Please contact me ASAP to correct this issue.

    Their reply ;

    Hello Donna,
    Thank you for your message.
    We are sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with the product you have received. Due to a large order volume, our main supplier was out of stock. In order to ensure deliveries to our customers, and as mentioned on our website, it may happen that we go through another supplier. This can have the consequence that the product and the packaging are a little different. However, we assure you that the quality of the product remains unchanged.

    All this information is available in our shipping policy available on our website.

    We thank you for your understanding and we take this opportunity to wish you a great day.

    Best regards
    Team Support


  22. My mom bought into this, hoping it would be the actual product as shown. Unfortunately, and after WEEKS of waiting, she recieved a simple, not as advertised, flat iron. It came in simple packaging and placed in bubble wrap. She sent a few emails and got no response. I’ve only seen one review on the website revealing the scam. I hope they get busted.

  23. Please people do not buy they are cheep plastic rubbish from China iv been sending emails to them for to weeks now it is a big scam they don’t refund and they won’t even give me address to send back scam scam scam don’t buy

  24. Update: I received my product on Saturday, August 29th. After receiving the product and seeing these reviews….Dona hair straightener is a COMPLETE SCAM!!! I received a wide-plate straightener in a bubble wrap bag package. No paperwork was included and the straightener didn’t even have the product name. Clearly not the product that was advertised. I sent an email along with a picture attachment and asked how they wanted to “handle this situation”. I’ll let you know what reply I get, if any. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT! IT’S A COMPLETE SCAM!

  25. SCAM

    Firstly beware at checkout being charged twice!!

    After patiently waiting x2 months for this product to arrive, I finally receive x2 asian branded ‘Yateng’ straighteners that let off a burning electrical small when plugged in.

    I contacted the company and was advised by ‘Kathy’ that due to a large order volume they have gone through another supplier and the product and packaging may look a little different…this is obviously a completely different product.

    Additionally they will not refund or replace the product with the correct one.

    I have reported them to the authorities and my bank will be contacting their bank and getting my refund for me.

  26. Totally a SCAM. I can’t believe so many of us have had the same experience and this company/person is getting away with it. I just want my money back and they can have the two curling irons back.

  27. total scammers ordered mine 3 months ago for daughter’s birthday wished I’d read genuine reviews still not arrived can get no info from them unable to track item
    don’t buy from this company
    they should not be aloud to advertise dodgy so called stock

  28. DO NOT BUY

    I ordered something and received something completely different.

    I ordered it in July and I received it today in October…..3 months to find out they are not honest in what I received.

    Their excuse for the 3 mtg delay is Covid….seriously.

    I haven’t used it, however I don’t want to use it because how dishonest they are.

  29. I too have ordered hair straighteners that had fantastic reviews and pictures on their website. My result is exactly the same as everyone else’s. Straighteners that look nothing like the ones advertised on Facebook, no brand name, box or instructions. If I had known they were being shipped from China I wouldn’t have bothered. Not after they have given the world COVID and are now profiting from it. The Website is now forbidden. If something seems to good to be true then it is probably rubbish.

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