Is Battleface Travel Insurance Legit {July} Do Read

Is Battleface Travel Insurance Legit {July} Do Read

Is Battleface Travel Insurance Legit {July} Do Read -> In this review, we will learn about a travel insurance company serving people across the globe for over 10 years.

Are you one of those who do not believe in travel insurance? Nothing is worse than sending going on a holiday, and you lost your luggage and struck the airport. It is an unfortunate mishap which you can’t control and may happen to anyone. You can always take precautions. Battle face travel insurance gives you assurance for any disaster that may occur during the travel. But we need to find out Is Battleface Travel Insurance Legit.

People across United-States travel and face similar situations, when they choose not to take travel insurance. By making travel insurance, you cover yourself against various risks involving loss of luggage, cancelation cover, and unexpected medical costs.

Several other companies are doing the same, but not every company delivers what it promises. So the company is receiving a positive response from people due to its flexibility. You can find many Battleface Travel Insurance Reviews on various channels to decide whether you should take an insurance policy from them.

Is Battleface Travel Insurance Legit?

The company has been offering travel insurance services to individuals who love to unconventional or challenging destinations. Their core customer includes humanitarians, freelancers, adventure travelers, and digital nomads. The company was registered over 10 years ago and had been serving people across the globe. He BBB accredited company is also a member of several other international groups, aiming to make people travel happily without any worries. The company is legit and has been doing a fair amount of business. The Battleface is a trademarked business, a product of Tangiers Insurance Service, cover holder of Lloyds.

However, social media channels on the website are not connected to pages.

What is Battleface travel insurance?

It is a 10-years old travel insurance company, using technology to bring insurance and services to travelers going destinations across the globe. It offers customized plans, which means if you do not need the insurance, then do not pay for it. The company claims to provide need-based programs in minutes. For groups, they have specific plans based on destination, demographics, and activities.

The company has designed the platform for digital customers, their API based platform includes mobile and web-based applications. Its flexibility allows people to search for products not just on websites, but also through travel agencies, aggregators, insurance networks, and bloggers. However, how much safety does it actually offer? Is Battleface Travel Insurance Legit? There are several things we can discuss in the company to find out the same.

Specifications of Battleface travel insurance:

  • Company Name: Tangiers Insurance Services
  • Product Name: Battleface travel insurance
  • Website link:
  • Medical Assistance: It provides emergency medical assistance service to customers globally
  • Security Assistance: It works with security professionals to deliver solutions to challenges and risk coming with global travel
  • Travel Assistance: Offers complete travel assistance such as Flight re-bookings, hotel re-booking, roadside assistance, lost baggage, and much more.
  • Claims services: Depending on the product, their team will help you to register claims.
  • Administration services: Their API enabled CRM allows an individual to plan administration services.
  • Contact Number: +44-20-80895338
  • Email Address:
  • Address: Suite 24, 80 Churchill Square, Kings Hill West Malling, Kent, ME194YU
  • Payment Modes: Accepts all cards

Pros of Battleface insurance:

  • Designed as per individual needs
  • 24×7 customer assistance
  • Easy to use platform
  • Covers COVID-19
  • Provide cover for unconventional designations as well.

Cons of buying Battleface insurance

  • No social media links attached
  • Sometimes it becomes difficult to reach customer services

What are customers saying about Battleface insurance?

The website is well known in the market, and people across the United States or anywhere else can easily find Battleface Travel Insurance Reviews online. On the biggest customer review website, trust pilot, the company has received 4.7-stars out of 5, which is a pretty good sign. Reportedly, 78 percent of people are happy with its services, and only 1 percent have given it poor reviews.

People are happy that the company is providing cover against COVID-19, which most travel insurance companies are not doing. People are also with the claim processing time and said positive words for its easy to use interface.

Final words

The Battleface is not new in the market; you can quickly locate reviews on various channels online. Considering everything we have read, Battleface travel insurance seems genuine and delivers what it promises. The easy to use interface and added API technologies allow people to ask for quotes anywhere, anytime. Moreover, it offers customized plans as per individual needs. Do let us know in the comment section if you come across any critical information about the company.

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