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Is Airtansili Com Scam (Sep 2020) Explore Its Reviews.

Is Airtansili Com Scam (Sep 2020) Explore Its Reviews.

Is Airtansili Com Scam (Sep 2020) Explore Its Reviews. >> This article has mentioned a website that has a custom collection of various products, mainly headgear.

Many websites in this present era deal with the custom collection of many products that may be of great importance for the customers on different occasions. As things are moving forward in a very systematic way, so are the fraudsters giving rise to the sites that have only harmful stuff for the site’s visitors.

There are several things that we are going to learn from this Is Airtansili com Scam to know what exactly has been happening with the websites around the world. Today we are going to talk about a site from the United States, and this site has its products to offer to the customers. Let us know many other things about the site in the article ahead.

Is Airtansili com Scam?

The given site does not have all those things by which it can be said that the site is a legit one. The site has all those missing things that generally an authentic site carries with itself.

Therefore, it can well be said that the site is not genuine. The reviews of the customers are missing, and the way the site is showing the products is showing that it can in no way be the authentic site.

What is Airtansili com?

The website is a site that has some of the products primarily related to the headgears, which the site is showing in different colors and designs. The site shows a discount on almost every product, and it also has other offers for the customers, such as if an order is placed, which is more than $39, will be eligible for the free express shipping.

There are many different types of headgears, and they are handsome blonde silicone headgear, the headgear of crying baby, older man, and others are also available. One more is Jake full silicone headgear; there is also a Halloween skull glowing mask. Is Airtansili com Scam also found that there is also one more headgear, which is custom haute couture spiked headgear. There are masks in various designs such as a removable mouth mask, rocky the demon silicon mask along so many other masks and headgears.

Specifications Airtansili com:

  • Website products: a custom collection of several products, mainly headgear.
  • Email:
  • Contact Number: cannot be found.
  • Payment: Online mode such as PayPal, Master Card, VISA, discover debit cards, and E-check.
  • Return: the eligible products for the return should be returned within seven days from the purchase date.
  • Refund: this has been made available following the terms and conditions of the site.
  • Standard shipping charge: $5.99 on orders below $39

Pros of Airtansili com:

  • Headgears of several types have been given.
  • The return and refund policy has been clearly explained.

Cons of Airtansili com:

  • The site does not have any kind of reviews except for just one product, which looks very suspicious.
  • The site also does not provide the contact number.
  • The site does not either have any presence on social media.
  • The view on the internet has to say that the given site is not authentic.

Customer reviews on Airtansili com

Is Airtansili com Scam also found that there are reviews available on the site, which seems to be fake because most of the products do not have the thoughts that a customer would typically expect. On the internet as well. The thing that was found is that the reviews of one of the websites showed that the particular site does not seem authentic. The site claims that it has been created to loot the people by getting ordinary people’s confidential data.

Final Verdict

The way we came to know all the things about the given site truly makes it evident that this Is Airtansili com Scam found that it is not a worth-believing site, and the customers in no way are advised to think of even try to place their orders.

As the site does not have all the things that it must consist of. This proves that today’s world is filled with so many irregularities. The ordinary people become easy prey of these fraudsters; that’s why we advise the ordinary people to be very careful while visiting such sites.

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  1. I ordered masks from this company 2 weeks ago, and I still haven’t received my stuff. They sure didn’t take long to take my money!

    1. They are a scam CO. After you place and finally get an order from them you can not contact them back. We also ordered a mask and it is NOTHING like the nice mask you see in their videos/ads. We are stuck with a piece of crap!

  2. I waited a month and only after the claim in PayPal that started to answer me.
    Finally, they sent me something (not my order) and stop answer again!

    Don’t use this service!

  3. Total scam. Mask delivered looks nothing at all like the one advertised. The one advertised is high-quality, almost Hollywood-worthy. What is delivered looks like it came from some dog-fighter’s basement after meth and beer binging. Oh. And a $350 fraudulent charge showed up on my credit card within days of making my order with these people. The only time I’d made a charge on this card in months and months. Coincidence? I think not.

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