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Is Aheadfeel com Legit [June] |Is This Authentic or a Scam?

Is Aheadfeel com Legit 2020

Is Aheadfeel com Legit [June] |Is This Authentic or a Scam? -> In this article, the online shoppers learn about the kinds of items available at this site.

Do you want to wear the latest headdresses and look stylish? Well, Aheadfeel gives you ways to make yourself look delighted and attractive. 

This online site gives an unlimited range in the latest headdresses that are 100% hand-crafted. Even it offers headdresses for the kids as well. 

Before we start talking about this site, let us find Is Aheadfeel com Legit? From the reviews given by the shoppers, it is quite clear that this portal is famous in the United States and is being preferred by many online customers as well.

The headdresses offered at this site are the best ornaments or band for the head. They are mostly worn during ceremonial occasions and festivals.

But before we start talking about the advantages and limitations of buying headdresses and what are Aheadfeel com Reviews, let us find out what this site is?

Is Aheadfeel legit?

With the introduction of headdresses, the way we get ready while attending ceremonies has changed a lot. Now more people prefer to wear headdresses as they enhance the overall beauty and help them in booking more attractive.

Aheadfeel offers an exclusive range in headdresses that are perfect for all ages of women. From small to medium to large headdresses, there are many beautiful and attractive designs available at the portal for your consideration. This site can be trusted, especially in case you are planning to buy something unique and designer. 

Also, the shipping time of these headdresses is just a few days, giving the shoppers many reasons to buy their favorite design online.

So get the best and most affordable pair of headdresses from Aheadfeel that have the power to make you look unique and enjoy the ceremonies more stylishly.

What is Aheadfeel?

Aheadfeel is a renowned site that permits the buyers to buy the latest headdresses that are more durable and adds charm to your personality. No matter whichever design and style you choose from Aheadfeel, all the designs and styles are available at the most economical rates. 

With the evolving technology and introduction of a broader range of accessories, people started to wear more innovative styles in clothes.

The headdresses are quite common accessories worn during the festivals. They are also preferred by many fashion brands and stars while performing live in front of the audience. 

What is unique about Aheadfeel?

One of the fantastic factors to consider about buying from this site is that the designs offered here are made using the most excellent quality material. The users can also choose from a vast range of accessories that can help the customers accumulate different jewelry pieces.

Specifications of Aheadfeel:

  • Product: headdresses, carved skulls, accessories, etc. 
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Address: 177 Meadow Lane, Long Lake, MN 55356 United States
  • Parent Company: Aheadfeel
  • Contact number: + (903) 292-9660
  • Delivery time: Within 6-8 days 
  • Shipping fee: $4.99 
  • Exchange: Available 
  • Returns: Within 30 days 
  • Refunds: within a few days 
  • Mode of payment- PayPal 

Advantages to buying from Aheadfeel:

  • Attractive and unique designs in headdresses 
  • Minimum price guaranteed
  • Fast delivery
  • Professional support 
  • Hot-selling variety in kids headdresses 

Disadvantages of buying from Aheadfeel:

  • Limited range to pay 
  • No free shipping available 
  • Limited range in fashion accessories 
  • No clarity related to refund policy.

Customer feedback and reviews on Aheadfeel:

This online site gives a fantastic shopping experience for all customers. Apart from headdresses, the designs in fashion jewelry are also unique. 

Once the placed orders are dispatched, the customers shopping at Aheadfeel will receive their tracking number. They can use the same to keep track of their item’s journey at USPS SITE. 

This site also has a separate FAQ section so that the future customers can get answers to all the queries regarding the company and its offerings. 

All the available information on the site gives a clear picture that this is legit. There is no doubt regarding Is Aheadfeel com Legit as all the essential information is available on this portal.

Final Verdict:

This company offers the latest and designer headdresses, carved skulls, accessories, bags, etc. that make the occasions look special. Also, the company’s vital information regarding the company’s location, phone number, and much more is provided.

However, there are very few Aheadfeel com Reviews of this site. 

Therefore, we suggest our readers cross-check all the details once again before considering purchasing from Aheadfeel.

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  1. Well, is a complete scam. I got took for a $100.00!!! Even went through PayPal. I’ve been calling for 3 days only to get a busy signal, I’ve emailed them multiple times, to no avail. Been trying to get into my account only to get a message that my password is incorrect. Never received the link to reset it as well. Never received a confirmation email, which has never been recieved. But, the amount taken shows up on my PayPal account n bank account. I’m S-O-L

  2. I have not received my item I purchased 10 days ago from aheadfeel. It’s a swing set for children. Cost 94 dollars plus 4.50 shipping. It showed Chinese writing on the purchase I cannot read. The phone number to call is always a busy signal and address is a home not a business. This looks like a definite scam and warn buyers beware!
    I will be stopping my credit card payment.

  3. Believe the other two responses! Now their website ( is gone and the phone number is still a “permanent busy”! First time I’ve seen this since I worked for the phone company and we had a permanent busy number for testing! Yes, I got scammed. Ordered a saw (which seemed strange from a headdress site) but the price was good, Needless to say, never got it. (The PayPal info shows it delivered by the USPS 2 weeks before I ordered it!) “Nuff said. Run the other way!

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