Ipad Air 4 Keyboard Case {Oct} Ipad Smooth Case- Legit!

Ipad Air 4 Keyboard Case {Oct} Ipad Smooth Case- Legit!

Ipad Air 4 Keyboard Case {Oct} Ipad Smooth Case- Legit! >> It is an article to alert customers of the online scams and frauds on techno-based products.

Are you finding it cumbersome to work on your iPad screen while typing a long content? Isn’t it the best option to buy a separate keyboard for your latest iPad as a writer? For all the apple products lovers, the company has launched Ipad Air 4 Keyboard Casewhich operates like butter. 

With its advanced features, it would be a smooth experience working on iPads without the worry of writing speedily. Released recently, it has already gained the people’s attention from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia like nations. 

A 4th generation iPad keyboard case is compatible with Apple pencil, trackpad, and embellished with smart back-lit keys. It can be used anyway with its 360° hinge, which lets you move your iPad in any mode and direction. 

What is the Ipad Air 4 Keyboard Case?

It is not only a simple keyboard case but, its premium hard-shell design protects your iPad from every angle, keeping the sleeping or wake mode when opened or closed to save battery life. 

There is a holder attached to it to keep the Apple pencil intact as well as safe. The exciting fact about Ipad Air 4 Keyboard Case is one doesn’t need a separate mouse. It has a large 2.4-inch touchpad with left and right buttons to navigate the content rhythmically. 

Its 10-color back-light and iPad OS shortcut keys have made techno-geeks from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia crazy over it. 

Specifications of Ipad Air 4 Keyboard Case

  • It is a 10.9 inch and 2.18 pounds keyboard case that works just fine with newly launched iPads in the market. 
  • It has a hard-shell case that protects the iPad from any external exertion and scratch.
  • The 2.4-inch touchpad with navigation buttons is engineered for the latest iPad OS on the iPad. 
  • Flex book in this product helps in pivoting to any desired angle. When the case shuts down, it puts the device to sleep mode.
  • It supports Apple pencil in a holder attached to it. 
  • The keyboard case has laser-etched keys that permit adjustable 10-color RGB LED back-light for illuminated typing.   
  • Ipad Air 4 Keyboard Case with multi-gesture controls can edit documents, browse the web, and create presentations with its fantastic speed. It goes longer with 90 days of non-backlit typing and is rechargeable.

Pros of Ipad Air 4 Keyboard Case

  • It can be moved in any direction as per the convenience without the worry of breaking it. 
  • The illumination of keys helps in working in the dark.
  • The battery life is commendable and sustains for two days without charging. 
  • It is operatable with the latest iPads and supports Apple’s pencil too. 
  • The keyboard case is a 7-in-1 product that seamlessly transitions from a laptop to a hidden keyboard tablet mode. 
  • With Ipad Air 4 Keyboard Case touchpad and navigations buttons available, one doesn’t need to purchase a separate mouse. 

Cons of Ipad Air 4 Keyboard Case

  • It is a bit flimsy and needs to be handle with care while working or flexing. 
  • If using in tablet mode, it might not be an ergonomic product.

Is Ipad Air 4 Keyboard Case a Legit or a Scam product?

Everybody is well aware of the Apple company and its products, which has a different technology business spot. If talking about the keyboard case, it seems a pretty good product to invest money in it. 

The functions and features of the Ipad Air 4 Keyboard Case with the amalgamation of its sleek look and variety of colours available, it is hard to resist not buying it. It is cost-efficient, which makes customers a happy buyer in the end. 

Customers’ Reviews of Ipad Air 4 Keyboard Case 

Apple products have grabbed a lot of popularity in recent years; this keyboard case is not an exception. It has received positive responses from the users. 

The customers are glad when using it with their iPads and are praising the back-lit keys features all the more. The battery life is also one of the plus points.

The only complaint regarding Ipad Air 4 Keyboard Case is it should be a bit sturdier and have to be gentle while folding or flexing. 


After considering all the company’s owner’s specifications and reviews, the product sounds reliable and quite an appealing one to buy. The rose-gold colour gives the keyboard case a magnificent look. 

Its advanced features and buttery smoothness while working is perfect for a tech-savvy personality. It is not too pricey to buy and affordable for students. 

It has earned positive reviews from customers who recommend it if using with an iPad. But it would be more helpful to research in advance before buying the Ipad Air 4 Keyboard Case

If you have any experience with the product, share it with us by writing down the comments. 

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