Indyvote Times Org (Nov 2020) Get the Estimated Time.

Indyvote Times Org (Nov 2020) Get the Estimated Time.

Indyvote Times Org (Nov 2020) Get the Estimated Time. >> This article is about a website which will help you get the estimated waiting time during the elections, to avoid long queues.

Are you also wondering what will be the situation while casting a vote, to avoid gathering? In Mail, voting also cannot be accessed by everyone due to less awareness. There is a website which will help you regarding the same. They will give you the exact waiting time, and also will inform you about the current situation there.

This is an initiative by individuals to avoid crowd and gatherings and to keep in mind that every citizen or resident follows the set of rules and regulations. The United States have their election on 3rd November, and they have taken some significant steps for the same, keeping in mind the current situations.

Please scroll down this article about Indyvote Times Org to know more about the same, and also explore the details and benefits of it. Read to know more.

What is Indyvote Times Org?

The website Indyvote Times Org was launched with the help of some individuals, and this will help you get the estimated waiting time at all the voting centres across the country, which will help avoid the crowd, and also will save the time.

This will also help avoid long queues. They have mentioned about different polling stations, and also have attached a tab where you can check the correct waiting time.

They have also mentioned an email address on their webpage where people can share their suggestions, and can also send the report regarding the situations at the polling stations. They are also asking for some volunteers to come up to assist them in giving the correct data.

What is the theme of the website?

Indyvote Times Org is a volunteer-driven, non-partisan website where individuals have to put their efforts for the betterment of the country, and also to ensure that the rules imposed due to Covid are followed.

They have mentioned on their webpage that they are not associated with and government bodies or with any election committee. They are independent and have the sole motive to assist the government in safe elections.

They will update the waiting time on their website in every 30 minutes, which will give clarity to the voters about how much time they will have to be the part of a queue. They are dependent on the volunteers, who are willing to serve the country. They have mentioned the time slots as well within which they will have to assist.

Is Indyvote Times Org a legit platform?

Indyvote Times Org seems to be a safe and legit platform, as firstly many news channels and newspapers have published about the same in their blogs. They have mentioned the benefits and uses of this website, and also appreciated the efforts put by them for the same.

They do not ask for any personal information or any payment methods. They have mentioned on their webpage that this website is dependent on the volunteers who are ready to serve the nation for its betterment.

Final Verdict:

This article explains the website which is launched to avoid long queues on the day of the election. It is an initiative for the residents, and by the residents of the country to reduce the spread of coronavirus, while the voting process, as there will be gathering and crowd for the same.

Indyvote Times Org thus can be trusted, and people can check the waiting time before going for the same. Do share your views if you too have visited the website for more information.

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