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Homesupply com Reviews {2020} Is It Safe To Buy?

Homesupply com Reviews 2020

Homesupply com Reviews {2020} Is It Safe To Buy? -> After this review, you will learn about the company dealing especially in home improvement products.

Online marketplaces have changed the way people used to shop. Shopping products online has made it very easy for the customers to buy their wanted products from the vicinity of their home. In the last twenty years, people in the United State have mostly shifted online instead of purchasing through the traditional way. Going to physical store require and shopping consumes too much of time of choosing the requested item.

Through online shopping, consumers can choose a variety of products from several stores just by a few clicks. Moreover, they can compare the price, product quality, colours and can get better deals as compared to offline stores. As well as users will find out Homesupply com Reviews show that is run various promotional offers making pricing much cheaper. 

Home Supply is one such Website, which fulfils the needs of all the home improvement goods. Everybody wishes to beautify their homes to gather all the attention during weekend parties, small functions at home, or during a birthday party of your kid.

What is HomeSupply?

Founded in the year 2019, Home Supply Inc aims to provide home improvement products at a high price with same-day delivery. It is a tech-driven organization, which delivers on-demand home supplies.

To place an order, you can log-on to the Website and choose the item you wish to buy. Add them to the cart; add the required information such as name, address & postal code and make the payment using debit or credit card.

If you are worried about the credibility of the Website, then let us find out what has got to offer.

Specifications of HomeSupply:

  • Website Type: Home Improvement Products
  • Shipping Time: Same day or the next day
  • Delivery time: Next day delivery if the order placed before 4:00 PM
  • Shipping Charges: Depends on your zip code
  • Payment Security: PCI Compliant Payment Processing
  • Email Address: Support@homesupply.comContact Number: 888-819-6890
  • Address: 9100 S. Dadeland Blvd. #1520, Kendall, FL33156
  • Payment Mode: Credit Card, Debit Card and Internet Banking

 The truth of Legit:

All said & done, now the question comes “is legit?” So, the Website of the company is protected by SSL, which crucial for the safety & security of consumers. This keeps all the communication encrypted and safeguards the website visitors from middlemen.

Customers who have purchased it from the Website have given mixed reviews. Some have had a bad experience, while others had an enjoyable experience. While looking at the interface, it is familiar to the users, and the required products can be found easily in no time.

The Website looks legit as suspicion has been recorded to date. Moreover, the Website has the entire information one requires like phone number, email address along with the physical address. However, no return policy has been mentioned on the Website.  

Pros of buying home enhancement products from home supply

  • One place to buy all the home improvement goods
  • Secure Payment Gateway
  • Fast shipping & Same day delivery
  • Wide range of products
  • Various payment methods

Cons of buying from home supply

  • No mention on shipping charges on the Website
  • No Return policy is mentioned on the Website
  • No cash on delivery option available

What are customers saying about the home supply?

This is a new website and caters to the modern market. The website deals in home improvement goods only, you cannot find other items. It was founded in 2019, so there are few reviews available online. Even the Website does not have customer reviews.

So, we have very little information about the customers, but it fulfills the needs of an entirely new market. The people who are looking for home improvement products are a one-stop shopping destination for them.

Final Words

The Website is relatively new and very little information available about the same. All the information given on the Website looks genuine, but there are a few questions that come to my mind. Why there is no return policy mentioned? What about the refund in case of cancellation? But, we would also consider the fact that the company is new and it takes some time to apply everything.

The best part is it offers same-day delivery, which means consumers do not have to wait much for the delivery. The company follows the right path of providing genuine products at a high price. Moreover, its interface keeps the user engaging for a longer time.

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  1. This company doesn’t answer their phone or return e-mails. Their prices are too good to be true. It says beware of BACKORDERS . I disputed my order with my credit card.

    1. I had to harass them by flooding their e-mails with message, blasting them on all social networks, and warning the people in my area about this company. I changed my account info and got every PENNY of my money back. I actually got them to communicate with me by e-mail, but you have to harass them before they respond. Unreal!

  2. Ordered May 18th This is June 26. I have sent email got one back on June 2nd said they would open a case and get in touch with me. Still don’t have the order or any correspondence. I have tried the phone to no avail.
    Sure they will use COVID 19 as a excuse for delay if I do reach someone.
    At this point I just want a refund.
    Beware no communication and not receiving item u order.

  3. This site is a scam. Ordered 2 months ago and no product, tho they charged me the day I ordered. No phone response. Emails say they opened a case # and they will contact me. Successive emails and phone calls go unanswered.

  4. I didn’t have a good experience at all. It has been 90 days, after sending a complaint to BBB I still haven’t received all of my order or credit for items not received. I don’t like the fact they processed the payment before shipping items. Personally I will not order from them again

  5. Hello all! Fellow bamboozled citizen here. I highly recommend you DO NOT order anything from for the following reasons:
    1) They suck because I placed an order on 5/1 and have not received this order.
    2) They suck because they have not responded to my multiple phone calls and emails.
    3) They suck because I filed a complaint with Better Business Bureau and they never responded to BBB either.
    4) They suck because I received a random phone call from someone at on 6/26 to let me know the product was on backorder until the next week.
    5) They suck because when I received this random call on 6/26 I told them to cancel my order and issue a refund. I have not received a refund.
    6) They suck because they are a fraudulent company.
    7) They suck because they stole my money.
    My name is Rachel. Don’t be like me. Don’t order from Thank you and this has been my TED talk.

    A bunch of scammers I orderd multiple of same item they shipped my order a month after I orderd it and shipped me 1/3 of the size I orderd
    u will loose sleep over this it does not pay u might think it’s cheap but remember whatever is cheap is normally not good they are A BUNCH OF SPAMMERS STAY AWAY!!

    1. What is freaking me out is all of these bad reviews are as recent as August 2020. WHY are they still allowed to be in business. I got every single PENNY of my money back by harassing them all day every single day until somebody got sick of me. I got my money BACK!

  7. It is a scam. I ordered and received my first shipment with no problem. The shipping cost was higher than the item, so I contacted them via email to try to add more items to make it worth while, thank goodness they did not respond on that end. I am unable to log onto my account online as they state that their is no account associated with my email. So dead in the water on that front. I have sent emails and called, no one responds. They charged me at the beginning of August and I have not received my order. I was concerned that a new charge will be coming up in the next couple days for September so I called my credit card company to block them but they can’t block them for some reason. I was able to dispute the August charge and I will dispute the September charge once it comes in. VISA will now have to go after them for the money. Don’t get in the loop! It’s not a good idea!!

  8. Not a good company to order from. I am still waiting to recieve my items for about 2 months. Have been calling and emailing with no answer, other that it is after hours with no answer. Keep saying that I can’t cancel until the 3 month mark. This company is a rip off.

  9. This company is a fraud scam. I have tried at least 10 times to cancel a reoccurring order for some cleaning supplies…. conveniently they never ever cancel the order. I had to cancel my credit card to prevent the reoccurring charges.

    1. Start harassing them like I did. I got every single PENNY of my money back. I flooded their e-mail and voicemails to the point they had to raise up. Do it and get your money back.

  10. I had a very bad customer experience with I would not encourage anyone to purchase from them. I ordered 4 items (2 gallons of cleaner and 2 high priced spray bottles) but received only the 2 backordered gallons of cleaner). I have contacted them several times about the missing items but they will not respond. This has been going on since June 2020. I will not shop here again.

  11. Start harassing them like I did. I got every single PENNY of my money back. I flooded their e-mail and voicemails to the point they had to raise up. Do it and get your money back.

  12. I learned my lesson. Reviews are to be read before ordering from any company other than a major retailer like Walmart, Lowes, etc. If large retailers don’t have what you need you need to wait until they do or take chances with scammers like Home Supply. I got my money back after harassing them for 2 weeks. If you want your money back you will have to flood their e-mails and Voicemail with messages and blast them on all social networks. I have a platform in my area and I used it to blast this company.

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