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Hersgardern Com Reviews (Sept 2020) Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Hersgardern Com Reviews

Hersgardern Com Reviews (Sept 2020) Is It A Scam Or Legit? >> In the given article, you will read about an online shopping store delivering unique toys and stationery items.

Eye-catching toys boost kids’ mood as they can enjoy playing with them for a long time. Also, kids learn and work enthusiastically for their studies with lovely stationery items like erasers, pencils etc.

Do you want some amazing and beautifully designed toys for your little kids? Are you searching for some attractive and innovative stationery items for your child? If yes, then you have come to the right page. In this article, you will read about a website delivering related products.

The Hersgardern com Reviews tells the Hersgardern Com website based in the United KingdomThis website exhibits the latest designed stunning toys and unusual stationery items. You will also get to know Is Hersgardern com Legit’ or not.

What is Hersgardern com website? 

The Hersgardern com website is an online platform providing items like toys and stationery stuff. All the items displayed on this website are priced considerably and are affordable

Products displayed on the website are elegantly modelled. Some of the hot sales toys displayed on the site are Color tablet box, premium pink tower, Colour Resemblance Sorting Task, cutting veg set, small red rod sets, berry breakfast set etc. 

Some of the stationery items are Shaped Fluffy Pencil Case, pencil and eraser, Set of 6 Chasing Rainbows Pencils, Happy Cactus Carved Wood Pencil Set etc. 

To know Is Hersgardern com Legit’ or not, let’s check its specifications, positive and negative remarks.

The Specifications of the Hersgardern com website:

  • To access the Hersgardern com website click on
  • Contact number: +44 20 7836 4343
  • This website was created two months ago.
  • Email address to access customer service is
  • Multiple payment modes are available on the website. 
  • The products given on the website are priced reasonably. 

Is Hersgardern com Legit?

While digging through information in our Hersgardern com Reviews, we came to know that this website has a new domain name due to which this site wasn’t seen to be a popular source to shop from. 

This website presence on Facebook is not as remarkable as it does not show the excellent followership there. Also, we could find only a limited number of items displayed on the website.

Moreover, the website doesn’t display important information regarding its origin, shipping policy, return policy, terms and conditions etc.

Since this site shows some suspicious signs on it, consequently, the site doesn’t seem to be a legit one. 

The positive remarks of the Hersgardern com:

  • The Hersgardern website doesn’t contain any suspicious words in its domain name.
  • This website uses a valid HTTPS connection.
  • All the products available on the website are affordable.
  • Toys and stationery displayed on the website have an attractive design. 
  • This website is present on a social media platform.

The negative remarks of the Hersgardern com:

  • The Hersgardern website exhibits a new domain name.
  • This website displays a limited quantity of items in it. 
  • The website has poor customer service.
  • The website shows a poor trust index, i.e., only 1%.
  • The customer reviews for this website’s product are harmful.
  • This website provides limited product details.
  • Important information regarding the website is not available.

What are people’s views about the Hersgardern com website? 

In Hersgardern com Reviewswe came to know that this website exhibits few customer’s reviews as it was created recently. Moreover, all the reviews detected for this website’s products are negative. It shows that people weren’t happy with their purchase. 

Mostly, people were dissatisfied with the quality of the product delivered. Moreover, due to the lack of customer service, most people lost money by shopping on this website.

Also, the Hersgardern com website’s account on Facebook. is not followed largely. Therefore, based on the poor customer rating, i.e., 1 out of 5 stars, it can be said that this website is not worth your time and money.

If you have any reviews over this website’s product or service, then share it with us in the comment box given below. 

Final Verdict:

Concluding our Hersgardern com Reviewswe can say that the Hersgardern website is suspicious due to its new domain name, limited website information provided on it, few and poor customer reviews for it etc. 

Accordingly, based on many scams’ signs discovered over the Hersgardern Com websites, we finalize our verdict to declare this website to be a scam one. 

So, to have a safe and satisfying shopping experience, we recommend you to check the website or product’s legitimacy before you make any purchase. 


  1. I wonder why PayPal allow them to continue and clearly won’t refund people for shoddy goods or goods that were not delivered

  2. My wife has bought a pair of shoes from Hersgarden and has heard nothing from them since receiving an order acknowledgment. If you are thinking of buying anything from them I would reconsider.

  3. I purchased shoes from hersgardern. They are poor quality and incorrectly sized. They are far too small for me. The Facebook advert states full refund if not 100% satisfied. They are refusing to refund me.

    1. I’m sorry about your experience. They are currently running an ad on Facebook for ladies tops/tunics at the moment claiming they are made and sent from the UK. I’ve reported the ad to Facebook but they say its not breaching any rules. It is and there are some unhappy customers out there with bad experiences. There is no point you phoning the Hersgardern company because the phone number they give is for the Savoy hotel in London! I tried ringing it.

  4. I saw them advertising some tops which I’d previously purchased from Amazon. They came from China.
    This company claims to be based in the UK and says the clothes are made in the UK.
    I believe it’s a Chinese website not British at all

  5. I have not received the shoes that I ordered and paid for , have repeatedly requested refund but have not received one. I can only conclude that Taylor Chen is dishonest.

  6. I would like to inform you that the phone number you have above for Hersgardern is actually the phone number for the Savoy hotel in London! I know because I tried phoning it and got through to the hotel switchboard! So no point trying to phone them!

  7. They are scammers. If you try to call the contact number you will get put through to the Savoy Hotel. Emails are from China and then when you complain the emails bounce back and won’t deliver

  8. I bought a pair of shoes on 3rd August and immediately regretted it. I have been charged for a non-sterling Hong Kong transaction, which indicates they are NOT U.K. based, as they claim to be. Apparently the order was dispatched on 8 August but still not received. Doubt I’ll ever see them.

  9. The phone number for hersgardern is actually the Savoy hotel in London. I haven’t bought anything from them but have spoken to quite a few unhappy women who have been scammed by this company who claim to be in the UK but are part of Alibaba.

  10. Lost Money on this Website. Never Received my Goods. It states website is German,yet I receive email responses in Chinese. So I cannot get further with my claim.

  11. I ordered a pair of shoes from Hersgardern, they were supposedly delivered on the19 th August. We have CCTV and a Ring doorbell so we know this is a lie. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM HERSGARDERN

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