Hemphil Reviews {Oct 2020} Is It Legit or Another Scam?

Hemphil Reviews {Oct 2020} Is It Legit or Another Scam?

Hemphil Reviews {Oct 2020} Is It Legit or Another Scam? -> The report will give a detailed analysis of a website selling women clothes.

Do you prefer shopping for apparel online? Today people usually prefer online shopping and look for new web stores on the internet. It is exciting to shop on a new e-store, but it is better to analyze it first to check for its legitimacy. We, therefore, will provide with Hemphil Reviews for the newly launched store Hemphil.com, which sells women apparel. It is a recent setup webstore that is not so popular on the web.

In this review, we will research and analyze the new store and give you all pros and cons to judge it accurately. That will help in protecting you and your vital details from falling into a scam, that is usually associated with new websites. This website is based in the United Kingdom and claims to be sell clothing in other countries like the United States, India, and Australia as well. Let us know about it in detail to shop on it after a clear judgment.

Know About Hemphil.com

The website is relatively young and sells women clothing like tops, bottoms, jumpsuits, dresses, two-piece sets, etc. The prices are entirely discounted and clothes available for free delivery on orders above $79. The delivery time taken is around 25 working days for all countries, including Australia, and cancellations are accepted within 24 hours of placing the order. They also accept returns with requests raised within 30 days.

The payments are accepted through modes like Visa, Amex, Mastercard, and PayPal. They do not have any contact address available for contacting them. There is no phone number available as well, although they give an email support id.


  • Type of Website – Online Retailer of Fashion clothing
  • Website Country – United States
  • Prices – Starting $25
  • Shipping – Free of cost above $79
  • Cancellations – Within 24 hours
  • Returns – Within 30 days
  • Mailing Address – Not available
  • Phone number – Not available
  • Email Id – hemphil@tohelpmail.com
  • Payment modes – Mastercard, Amex, Visa, PayPal
  • Social media – Facebook, Instagram

Worthy Points of Hemphil.com

  • The webstore has a variety of clothing available or women.
  • The returns and cancellations are available.
  • Presence on social media like Facebook is seen.

Worthless Points of Hemphil.com

  • The website is newly set up and only 60 days old.
  • There are few doubtful reviews available on a review site.
  • The owner is hiding his identity by not providing a contact address.
  • No positive feedback on social media sites.

Is Hemphil.com Legit?

To judge the legitimacy of the fashion store that got launched only 60 days back, we checked for Hemphil Reviews online. The webstore is known to the online users and has few reviews available, but all are five-star rated, which creates suspicion. The owner has his identity hidden and has no address provided for the customers to contact. The website has a presence available on leading social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, but no posts are present to judge them.

The information available on the website is similar to another website that got launched a few days back. That creates a doubt about the genuineness of the new store. People can doubt, Is Hemphil com Legit? and the answer would be, we doubt it too.

What Customers talk about Hemphil.com?

Hemphil.com is a store that sells women fashion clothing online but is relatively young on the internet. We researched for its reviews and found few reviews available on the web for the new webstore. The website has reviews dated since the time it was not even created. Presence of such suspicious Hemphil Reviews on the web makes it a doubtful e-store that cannot be trusted entirely to shop online.

The website is new and is on the web from the last 60 days. Still, it has meagre presence on social media sites like Facebook and nil presence on Instagram. Thus, if people ask, Is Hemphil com Legit? We can say it is not entirely legit, as can be judged from the above analysis.

The Ultimate Conclusion

The website we discussed above has been for a while and has some customer strength available that can be judged by the reviews available. But all the ratings for a new site are five-star and presence of fake reviews doubts its legitimacy. The owner has hidden his crucial details and buyers do not trust such websites easily.

We suggest the buyers be careful while shopping on such unreliable sites and try to shop on more legit sites that are available on the web.

0 thoughts on “Hemphil Reviews {Oct 2020} Is It Legit or Another Scam?

    1. Warning rubbish quality clothes will not honour return policy regardless of quality issues as mentioned
      Do not get sucked in by images online
      Clothes are cheap and nothing like advertised

  1. Received items from this seller and items were ghastly! Not as picture, sizing was way off and fabric was cheap and nasty. Hoping to get my money back!

    Reviews are clearly fake!

    1. I received mine and it is clearly not the same as the dress on the website. Ordered 2 dresses and only received one. Did you get a refund?

      1. Good luck. I highly doubt you will get a refund. Companies need to be stopped…shame on FB and Instagram for allowing their ads. They won’t refund for three items that were the wrong size. Their sizes are two sizes smaller than normal.

  2. Scam central. It took four weeks to get an item that was not at all like what I ordered. I ordered a flowing woven garment, what I got was stuff cheap polyester with the woven pattern printed onto the surface. Ugly, ill fitting, Poorly made. They disappear when you need help or have a complaint. It’s a total scam. I was brought in by targeted ads on Instagram. With the shipping I wasted $50 on utter garbage. How is this legal?

  3. I received my order 3 tops nothing like the photos on the website they were polyester with no labels sizing way out so far had 4 emails still they will not give me an address for return, they also came from China had to pay in US dollars and my last email said they should be returned to Dubai but no address – l guess lm not getting a refund and will never by from an overseas site again – stick to aussie sites.

  4. Disgusting fabric. Clearly extremely little if any cotton in it. Item doesn’t match descriptions. Don’t throw away your money!!

  5. I bought 3 blouses & they look nothing like the picture, fabric is awful & sizing it crazy. In the 6 weeks they took to arrive I lost 6kg now size 12 & XL still don’t fit me. Not even going to bother trying to return them, lesson learnt.

  6. As per the above responses, I too ordered some tops off this website that looked lovely in pics but were horrible (quality and actual design) once received. No return address was provided when my items arrived and I am still awaiting responses to my emails requesting a full refund. DONT buy off this site, horrible clothing and definitely not a legit store.

  7. I have not received my order and when I filed a claim through PayPal, the company (after 30 days of non-communication) begged me to wait for ‘one more item’ they did not yet have ready. Net, net, I have not received my order and told them I wanted to cancel. They told me I would have to pay 10% of my purchase price to cancel. DO NOT buy from this company or any other FaceBook page – yes, there are more under other names with the same clothing items.

  8. I’m still waiting for my order 6 weeks after paying online. I’ve just done the research and realised it’s a scam. How do Instagram and Facebook allow these scammers to advertise on social media?? I’ve just reported both sites but whether anything is done, remains to be seen. I’m out of over $200 and can’t find anyway of getting hold of the people behind this site.

    1. I ordered the mini yellow boho dress and I was so mad at the quality. The material is like soft plastic and I was sweating in it for the 2 Min I had it on. Do Not Purchase from this site as what you pay for is Not what is advertised.

  9. Like everyone else in this thread, I received a horrible top that looks nothing like the advert.The material is revolting. I’m so disappointed. If only I had of seen this site beforehand. Probably not worth trying to send back.

  10. Buyer beware. This is a fraudulent company. I ordered items from them two months ago. I have not received the items, even though they claim to have sent them. I have requested a refund from them three times, and I have received no response from the company.

  11. Definitely a scam! Echo previous comments, Sizing way off and material is basically plastic! They will not exchange or refund! Be warned, I lost $230.00

  12. Three dresses – all unwearable. Material cheap shiny polyester – you would not even wear it as nightwear. No hems on any of the dresses. Patterns look nothing like pictures. Five emails back and forwards with customer service where they increased the offered refund by $2 each time – total refund offered was less than 1/6 of purchase price. Cost to post back – as I continued ro demand to return for full refund – when they eventually provided address was exorbitant (almost half purchase price) as they are located in UAE and I had no faith I would be refunded. Do not buy from this company.


    Fabric is polyester, I’m a fabric technician and have been arguing with them to change all their ‘cotton-blend, rayon’ fabric content listings to the disgusting parachute polyester that you will receive – if you receive your item by the sounds of others reviews.

    Their ‘customer service’ is a joke, offering me $15 to keep my $77 item, and then upping it to $23 saying it is ‘compensation.’

    I have reported their page on facebook and urge you all to do the same as they do Facebook paid advertising. They need to be stopped. I also urge you to report to your bank and ask for a chargeback. If a merchant gets sufficient chargebacks their accounts generally get frozen.

    Also Hemphil won’t post my 1-star review of my product on their page either.


  14. False advertising, abysmal customer service… Do not buy from this company unless you’re in the market for poor quality garments whipped up in a sweatshop. What you see is not what you get! Highly probable that they use other company’s images to attract you, then try to replicate the garment with cheap, synthetic items. They give robotic answers to your complaints and resist refunding, despite their claim of ‘100% satisfaction’ on their returns policy. The goods come from China but the return address is Dubai. Postage to Dubai from Australia is roughly $55AUD!

  15. I began to wonder if it was a scam when my items arrived 2 months later. Couldn’t contact anyone at all. Now I have 3 disgusting dresses, all polyester and ugly – I thought I read they were cotton, Hahaha… Off to the Op Shop now.

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