Healy Device Price [Nov 2020] Legit or a Fake Scam?

Healy Device Price [Nov 2020] Legit or a Fake Scam?

Healy Device Price [Nov 2020] Legit or a Fake Scam? -> This article provides detailed information about a portal that offers lifestyle and health wearable devices to help you in staying healthy.

Are you looking to buy any medical device? Staying healthy is not just a trend these days but is a need as well. So checking for Healy Device Price and details might be in your mind.

No worries, read the entire content until the end, and you will undoubtedly get your concerns resolved here. 

The website appears to be gaining popularity recently in the United States and many other countries as well.

The portal provides several medical devices with a base of technology application using a different range of frequencies.

Before planning to invest in it knowing more about the same is very important.

What is Healy Device? 

The portal provides medical devices equipped with the latest science and technology to manage and control muscle pain and soreness related to arthritis.

Its devices are approved by the US FDA and is not like any other ordinary devices available in the market. It is designed and manufactured after content research and trials to provide efficient results.

Further, the Healy Device Price might appear high, but it is at par as per the quality it delivers and results in its claims to provide.

Specifications about Healy Device:

  • Type of Website: It deals with medical devices and applications.
  • URL: https://www2.healy.shop/en-us/
  • Address: Not available
  • Phone line: Not available
  • Email ID: Not available 
  • Shipping cost: Not shared
  • Payment mode: It accepts all sorts of online payments.
  • Refund and return: It offers a 14-day money-back guarantee with a two-year warranty on all devices.

Pros of shopping from Healy Device:

  • The website promotes the concept of wellbeing and balance achievement.
  • It provides medical devices with a basic principle of safety first.
  • The product is being approved by the US FDA for acute, chronic muscle pain and soreness related to arthritis.
  • The device was designed in alliance with doctors and practitioners, keeping in mind all parameters.
  • It adheres with all security parameters and keeps the data safe and secure of its all customers.
  • The website portal is well structured and designed and safe for any payment gateways.

Cons of shopping from Healy Device:

  • The portal does not share its contact details in any form.
  • Theirs appears hell lot of informative content about its devices and the science behind it but no clear details about shipping or returns.

Is Healy Device a legit or just framed to scam consumers? 

It is clear from the website, and its several reviews online that it is not any scam. Further, it helps in multiple ways through its wearable range of products to help people stay fit and healthy.

It offers different subscriptions that a person might opt for, and all of them appear to be helpful and customized as per the consumer needs.

There might be endless apps and technology-based devices available, but Healy Device Price appears to be best amongst the available options.

What are the customer opinions about Healy Device? 

As per the consumers using Healy Device, it is not only helpful but is also easy to access and use.

It is available for IOS and Android devices in the form of applications as well. They have two years of warranty on their devices with 14 days money-back guarantee as well. 

Every product of theirs from Healy watch, digital nutrition subscriptions, and many others all are helping the consumers in several beneficial ways and not just one. Its applications help in promoting wellbeing and balance.

Final verdict

There are many portals and devices available nowadays the claim to help consumers with several benefits. But not all of them are like Delay, which are approved by regulatory bodies after constant research and evaluation.

Further, This portal’s devices have endless positive reviews, and people have specified that it does help and works by helping with pain.

But before planning on buying any such medical devices with such a price range, which might be worth but is still a big one to spend. It becomes mandatory to do complete research on the products and its effects, and even going through its reviews is essential.

So we tried to provide possible detailed information. Though the devices are useful and the portal is authentic, it lacks contact details for now, but it is still a safe one to go with a little more research.

0 thoughts on “Healy Device Price [Nov 2020] Legit or a Fake Scam?

  1. Placed an order early June. Credit card was charged so they have my $. No information about shipping in more than a month. No response to numerous emails sent requesting an update on my order. All responses say “We need more time.”
    Times up. I’m requesting a reversal of charges from credit card company for lack of delivery of product.
    Since there is no info on the website about how to do a 14-day return if not satisfied and this is the level of response, I’m not sure how that would work even if I did receive it.
    So yes, I do believe this is a scam

  2. I have never heard so much much cock and bull stories in my life how do you get so many many people sucked into this scam I know a couple of people here in Australia that swear by it OMG. They gave me a trial for my pains in my back and to try and help me get better sleep patterns but in the 5 weeks of using the Healy device l have seen no changes at all so l wouldn’t be wasting my hard earned money on this useless device. I think that you are all getting brain washed better watch out soon they will be saying that it will prevent you from getting Covid Virus LOL.

  3. I am posting this Aug 2020 because I don’t want others to go through what I and a friend went through nightmares with Healy refund/return process! Yes I believe this is a multi level marketing scam. Before I ordered the device I googled it and found a Chiropractor site who gave details on the product and the uses that Dr. had found for the device in her practice. She stated it was good as a muscle stimulant relaxer. I was told I was ordering a new better unit. I ordered the top of the line Healy Resonance device and was told there was a 30 day return window. As it took almost 30 days to receive the unit I researched more on line. The chiropractor’s article I had originally seen three weeks prior was no where to be found on line! Now there was a flood of articles on the Healy device that had not been in any search 3 weeks prior!
    I assumed they flooded google with new articles links etc after all the device was on sale and a new model. After this and no item yet I decided to return the product unopened once it finally arrived. I contact the person who sold the device she would not give any how to return info. She just kept pushing to keep. I told her I did the research and it was only approved by the FDA as a muscle relaxant and that I could get a muscle stimulant device at the mall for 50$.. I kept pushing her asking if I needed to get approval prior to returning….20 minuets on the phone she finally said I need to get a RMA# .

    With no help from sales person, I googled how to return the device found older info with 3 different email addresses for returning. The page info stated in order to get a refund there was a limited time frame to return after ship arrival date or nor else no refund….the page also said the device had to be ship to Germany! All of this was at the height of Covid so I waited to ship to Germany. I emailed all three different email addresses including Germany. All issued a ticket # with follow up contact promised. ONLY one returned the email with the ticket #. That agent told me to ship the item to Cheyenne Wyoming. I repeatedly asked the agent in reply emails to issue me a Return Merchandise Approval # in order to track the device and my purchase. This went on for 2 WEEKS. Every reply was a new agent with different return instructions. I never got a RMA#! Finally the slick woman who sold it to me bought it back from me as it was on sale and she could turn around an sell it. She told my friend she got $500.00 out of each sale. Quite an incentive to sell the device. She also bought back my friend’s device. The friend never got a RMA# nor consistant instructions to return back to Healy either, she also believes it was a slimy slick scam experience. I am sorry to say YES I believe it is a scam. People who want it to work will be willing to assume it has created possitive results. Just know the company could post scientific studies on the device results if it really worked, yet there are none, at least non I could find on their website etc!
    Had the originally sales person not purchased the item back from me I would have filed a complaint with my credit card. I may contact them and give a heads up because at a minimum the company makes it near impossible to return the device…secondly I do not believe it can do what it was advertised to do. But there are plenty of additional apps you can buy and try to get results out of it for additional $$$$$$!
    Purchasing from Healy was not a good experience!

  4. I hadn’t heard about this machine before but a therapy colleague was looking at it and asked my opinion because she knows I have investigated many Bioresonance machines in the past. I am very concerned that some have had difficulties with this company. I did go on Trustpilot and found a company with the same name but it was a consultancy and people on their site also left bad reviews about this device thinking it was the correct company. I don’t know how much it costs but it isn’t good to hear these negative reviews about the company not contacting customers and not dealing with returns. it is essentially a Bioresonance machine and many of these machines can be good and from what I can see this one connects to a computer or phone.

    I would suggest that there are other things out on the market that I have seen in action at therapy and nutritional shows in London. I can’t swear they are all good but they are being sold to professionals so more likely are genuine companies.

    I found the webpage for Healy which is full of so many options I’m not sure how anyone can find their way through this. Also, it looks like you might need to upgrade and so be hooked into this. This is a concern as it keeps people tied to the device as they have already paid out money and so keep updating it. There are some great devices on the market that do link to iPhones and other phones so I think if anyone is going for this device they need to have a long list of questions to ask the company and try and make sure you make it a qualifying list so you don’t get caught out with any extra financial outlay.
    I have used a ‘Sound Machine’ in my practice, it is not a Bioresonance machine but it has helped clients and myself. I did go looking for a Bioresonance machine in 2007 and went around the country looking at what different companies were selling. they were genuine companies and some people got good results. But and its a big but they are not all healing and all-powerful. they have drawbacks and can’t do everything. I never bought one as it was not able to test to see if the frequencies it was processing would be able to be tolerated by a particular client. This is vital – even if it is a natural resonating machine you need to know if that frequency will resonate with you. That means will it lead you in the correct law of cure. None of the machines I looked at could do this so I didn’t invest in one, as they cost several thousand pounds. They hadn’t moved to that level of detection at that time and so I am unsure if this device can do this now. I doubt it but do check.

    What I would also like to qualify is that when I began as a therapist in the early 1980s there weren’t many people working in natural. It has now become big business as people search for an alternative to many layers of drugs that they are offered. this is very understandable but it doesn’t always mean that the therapy market is a safe place to put your pound or dollar or even your life. It is important to be discerning and ask lots of questions and received good answers. there are some amazing Bioresonacne practitioners in our world working for the good of others, it’s often better to go looking for one of them as they offer greater insight into how to work with disharmony and illness rather than just buying a machine to kill or quieten pain. Pain is there for a reason…find out what it is and then you begin to move closer to health.

  5. I’m pretty disgusted with the whole Healy business. I had no info re when the device would arrive. Amazon and Zappos manage to deliver within 24-48 hours. I was hoping for a similar level of service. The fact that Healy was out of stock is not my problem, nor was I notified.
    When it did finally arrive, 3 weeks after ordering and Healing availing themselves of payment, I was away. For 2 weeks. A few days after my return, when I was able to turn my attention to it, I did not experience success in operating the device.
    So 7 days past the official deadline for returns, I requested a return. While my request may not abide by Healy refund guidelines of 14 days, it is not unreasonable. Very poor customer service.

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