Greyboom com Reviews [Nov] Is It A Scam or Legit?

Greyboom com Reviews [Nov] Is It A Scam or Legit?

Greyboom com Reviews [Nov] Is It A Scam or Legit? >> The article includes information related to an online store that sells multiple products.

For online shopping, a few points are essential to know that whenever a buyer purchases a product from an unknown source or a new site, he/she must avoid sharing any vital information related to credit cards and banks. Only a legit store should be accessed, which has customer reviews. In this article, we will discover that Is Greyboom Legit.

Several reports say that the number of fraud cases that happened in the United States is due to the lack of customer awareness or by providing personal bank details to unknown sources. Apart from avoiding personal information sharing, one should also avoid saving their credit details on the server. After purchasing, one should not save their bank card details.

Because one can also breach the server for hacking the customers’ details, so awareness and smartness are both required when you purchase any product online. Several steps and measurements have been taken by the server management companies to avoid hacking, but prevention is better than cure. So, stick to the safety points and help others spread awareness and form falling into the trap of the scammers.

So, let’s discuss the Greyboom com Reviews.

What is is an online store that sells women’s footwear, barbeque, auto cooling fan, table tennis net, hair trimmer, and lots of other decorative items. The website is offering women days discounted price. You can get up to 58% discount on the purchase of particular products.

Discounts are available on all products depending on the product category. You can also return the item if you received any faulty, wrong, or mismatched product from the company side. The company will give you around 14 days of return time to check and verify it. The has varieties of products at one shop. You can also ask for a refund if the product is not reached to you or gets delayed for over a month.

During our research, we found that the website is not available on any social networking page. We also not found any buyer’s reviews or comments. The site is having a poor webpage designing the images of the product overlaps the product details. There is no contact information available on the website. It seems that the site is launched either in a hurry or by any unprofessional.


Email Id:

Pros of

  • It is an online store that sells ladies’ footwear, grill, auto cooling fan, table tennis net, and bunches of embellishing things for the house. 
  • Various discounts available on particular products, you can get up to 58% discount
  • Limits are accessible on all items relies upon the class of the item, you can likewise restore the thing on the off chance that you got any defective, wrong, or bungled item from the organization side. 
  • The website will give you around 14 days to return the product if the buyer is unsatisfied
  • The site has assortments of things at one shop. You can likewise request a discount if the item does not come to you or gets delayed for longer than a month.

Cons of

  • We found that the site isn’t accessible on any long-range interpersonal communication page.
  • We additionally not found any purchaser’s audits or remarks. 
  • The site is having a helpless website page structuring the pictures of the item that covers the item’s subtleties. 
  • There is no contact data accessible of the site, and it appears that the site is propelled either on a rush or by any amateurish
  • Lack of information and poor designing show the site suspicious.

Is Greyboom Legit?

As per our study in this Greyboom com Reviews, we don’t find any contact information related to the site, apart from one email id. There is no presence on the social networking site. We found no external links. The site is suspicious and possibly a scam from our point of view.

What are the customers saying about the website?

The website is not having any customer Greyboom com Reviews, no information available to the contact address. The site is poorly designed, lack of information, and after reviewing the site, it seems suspicious and possibly a scam. A buyer must opt for any other online store, or if they want to buy, they should buy with safety.


We concluded that the site is having a lack of information; it is not having any source where the site owner’s information can be identified; after all, it’s an e-commerce company. From our point of view, the site is suspicious. Meanwhile, you can share your experience in the comment section below.

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