Governor Wolf Thanksgiving Rules (Nov) Some Facts!

Governor Wolf Thanksgiving Rules (Nov) Some Facts!

Governor Wolf Thanksgiving Rules (Nov) Some Facts! >> The article includes the guidelines and rules issued by the Governor Wolf of PA.

Due to the pandemic outbreak, it is essential to follow the strict guidelines issued by the officials of Pennsylvania Thanksgiving Rules. This is because of making the people aware of, which they are neglecting. It will also help to stop the second wave of the COVID.

The Governor of Pennsylvania, United Statestook a step to handle the increasing COVID patient number. It is a severe issue that needs to be stopped. It is seen that the gatherings and the avoidance of social distancing are welcoming the pandemic impact again.

Let us find out what the Governor Wolf Thanksgiving Rules are and why the officials mandatorily make it.

What are the guidelines issued by the governor of Pennsylvania?

According to the governor, as per the present condition of the outbreak of the virus it is necessary to follow the safety norms, according to him they will fight back and win this fight against COVID.

Pennsylvania government is making some strict rule that needs to be followed, and are related to the public gatheringGovernor Wolf Thanksgiving Rules are:

Occupancy and Allowable  

  • Up to 2,000 people occupancy – 20% of full Occupancy will be allowed
  • Between 2,001 – 10,000 crowd – Only 15% of the total crowd
  • More than 10,000 of crowd – 10% is allowed at one time

Other than this, people also have to ensure that they will wear masks and avoid touch and maintain a 6-feet distance. The rule will be the same for all and have to follow under the strict guidelines and regulations. The organizers have to make sure that hand sanitizers, social distancing, and all the rules which are under the Pennsylvania Thanksgiving Rules.

Reason for Forcing the Rules

As during the past few months, as the COVID test has increased, an increase in the number of COVID patients is noted. It is also seen that most people avoid wearing masks, maintaining the social distance, and neglecting the cause to follow it. Somehow, the officials pointed out it and result in Governor Wolf Thanksgiving Ruleswhich is now implemented all over Pennsylvania. 

The record number of death rates and an increase in the virus impact is making the environment severe and is not in the favour. As the election is also going on, several rallies and campaigns are also conducted by the political parties where avoidance of social distancing has been seen.

Recently, the President of the United States, Mr. Donald Trump, also found COVID positive, after which he was under medical supervision. The incident again shook the people of the US. The negligence and the avoidance of wearing a mask by the people may harm their health and is not in favour of the US.


As per the recently increased number of Pennsylvania cases, the governor took the stand and decided to implement the Governor Wolf Thanksgiving Rules

Please tell us how you are following the rules in the comments section below.

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