Google Plus Class Action Lawsuit Scam {August} A Review!

Google Plus Class Action Lawsuit Scam 2020

Google Plus Class Action Lawsuit Scam {August} A Review! >> In this article, you get to know what the Google Plus Class Action Lawsuit is about.

Google launched its Google Plus in the year 2011, a social networking platform like its contemporary Facebook. You should know that it was directly connected to Google Drive, YouTube, and other google products. This platform became defunct by 2019 and landed itself in hot soup!

The downward spiral of events dated August 4 when old users received an e-mail from Google titled ‘Notice of Class Action Settlement re Google Plus.’ They immediately took to social media and networking websites to question Google Plus Class Action Lawsuit Scam?

The mail came sans a greeting to people in the United States and informed that they could be eligible for a cash payment from the lawsuit settlement.

Is Google Plus Class Action Lawsuit Scam?

It has become a hot topic of discussion and makes it essential to establish if the mail and the lawsuit are legit or not. According to an online article by the business magazine Fast Company, the email received by various people is entirely legitimate and authentic. Google provides a link to the settlement website.

There were issues and brief outages the website faced, which further added fuel to the Google Plus Class Action Lawsuit Scam fire. Google clarifies that they do not manage the site but a settlement company by the name Angeion group does.

What is the Google Plus Class Action Lawsuit all about?

According to the lawsuit website, there arose software bugs on the Google+ social media platform between 2015 and 2018. The software bug enabled the developers to gain access to Google+ profile field information that was completely unintended. The various plaintiffs made allegations of the software bug harmed them, but Google refutes these claims.

If you are one of those who have received these mails in the United States, you will be eligible to claim up to $12 out of the $7.5 million settlement amount. Keep in mind that each Class Member can submit only one claim.

What are the people’s thoughts on the Google Plus Class Action Lawsuit?

Given the nature of the mail, most people resorted to social media asking is Google Plus Class Action Lawsuit Scam? They talked of the security breach being a big shock and about the meagre $12 settlement cash amount.

A twitter user hilariously comments that it is time for Google to pay and not the other way around for a change! The person finishes the comment by stating that he would be applying for this settle because why not!

The people have been providing hilarious insights regarding this security breach.


The settlement mails talk of by Google are completely legitimate claims made by the company. It is essential to add here to the fact that personal information of not all users was at risk.

We suggest checking out their settlement website to gain clarity and understand if you are eligible for the $12 settlement cash amount.

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