Website Reviews Reviews [Sept 2020] Is it a Possible Scam? Reviews Reviews [Sept 2020] Is it a Possible Scam? -> In this article, get to know about an online store selling clothing & accessories, and others at reasonable prices.

Do you want a one-stop store where you can buy everything related to your home, garden, clothing, and accessories? Well, the online site is one site that has a variety of categories.

It has categories related to home, gardens, lights, night baby mat, window cleaner, and many uncountable things that would make you tap on the shop button. Reviews will help us analyze that whether the site is worth shopping or not. The experiences of the previous buyers give us the accurate picture and make a wise decision during online shopping.    

The people get extremely fascinated with online sites, which have all the categories. Therefore the online store has grabbed a lot of attention in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Nowadays, everything has been digital, and therefore people prefer shopping online as it is more feasible and quick. But due to increasing fraud, various online sites are not trustworthy, and the risk of losing money on such a store is exceptionally high. 

Hence through this article, we will go through the specifications, pros, cons, and customer reviews of this shopping store, and we will analyze that Is Gooddealsus.Com Legit or not?

What is

The online store consists of the Car Accessories, Fashion, Health & Personal Care, Home & Garden, Men’s section, Outdoor, Shoes and bags, toys, and many more. All the items are incredibly cost-effective. If you consider a product named Self Watering Plant Glass Bulbs, it is at a hugely discounted price. 

They also provide worldwide shipping over $30. It is an online store that consists of fashion shoes, clothes, and many high-quality products at reasonable prices.

Specifications of

  • Products: Toys, Baby Mats, Garden Pots, Shoe, Bags, Accessories and many more
  • Email id:
  • Contact Number: 1-877-2534927
  • Shipping Duration: 8 to 14 natural days
  • Shipping Fee: Over $30
  • Return Policy: Product received within 30 days
  • Mode of payment: Online means of payment

 Is Gooddealsus.Com Legit?

With the increasing fraudulency of online sites, the customers need to be very smart regarding online websites. The thick and thin of the online store helps us to understand the legitimacy of the website. 

One can be aware of the scam of the online stores by going through the Reviews, its pros, and the cons. The website domain is very young, and its trust score is extremely low; therefore, this site seems a scam. It has negative reviews by the customer, and thus it cannot be trusted at all.

Pros of Gooddealsus.Com

  • The online store has various categories of products at reasonable prices.
  • The shipping is snappy and takes few days in reaching the doorstep.
  • The refund and returns are depicted as hassle-free.

Cons of Gooddealsus.Com

  • It has a 0% trust score as per checked on other research engines.
  • It has no mail server, and thus its a bad sign.
  • It has the least traffic and is not accessible at all, which makes it quite suspicious.

Customer reviews of Gooddealsus.Com

The customer reviews mentioned on the website seem fake as the online store’s domain age is quite young. However, some of the customer reviews are positive, and they are all praises about the online store. Still, looking at the maximum negative characteristics of this online store, the positive reviews cannot be trusted.

Most of the customers have given negative reviews. Many of them have complained about no delivery of the order or wrong product delivery.

Therefore overall, the customer reviews are negative and full of complaints regarding the website. 

Final Verdict

As this online store has 0% trust score according to many search engines and has a lot of complaints from the previous buyers regarding the scam address, product not reaching home, or no product at all, the website is not trustworthy at all. 

This website’s domain age is too young, and the prices are at such discounts, which may raise many eyebrows. Surprisingly, the cost of cheap reborn dolls is low, and its original price is quite high. 

Such nasty discounts can be impossible in today’s ecommerce world. Therefore, all in all, looking at the fake reviews, complaints, false addresses, new domains, and priced at an extreme discount makes this online store sceptical.

 Shopping from here is not recommendable at all. The people should be alert of this website as it is a Scam.

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  1. I ordered a garden water fountain for birds £23.41 money was taken fron my bank in May and have never received goods

    1. Jackie, if you paid with a credit card or pay pal see if you can get a refund from them, this outfit is a SCAM

  2. RIP off , ordered baby doll , for my granddaughters bday , what a piss take nothing like the picture of life like born dolls , £40 on a doll I cud buy in the £1 shop in Wales , really disappointed , especially my granddaughter , won’t be buying from them again fuming !!!😤😤

    1. Julie, I bought the same 17″ doll for my granddaughter. This outfit is clearly a SCAM. The 7″ hunk of plastic I received looked more like a 12 week abortion. It would sell at the dollar store for about $1. I wrote and demanded my money back and they offered me a 10% refund. I told them I wanted a 100% refund and they upped it to 30% and suggested I could keep the doll and resell it (sadly I am not a scammer so cannot do that). I reiterated that I had made it clear that I wanted 100% refund including shipping and they came back with 40%. I paid with Paypal and so have taken it to the dispute resolution center of PayPal. If you paid with a credit card, check with your credit card company, they may issue you a refund. They are relying on people who will just roll over to make their money….don’t give up.

      1. It is definitely a scam!!! Bought a 17 ” girl baby doll and I recieved a 6″ plastic doll that looks like a 1.00 doll from a dollar store.

        1. I have tried getting money back too, they also did the 10%, 30% thing. Went to PayPal and lost my case. Cause I didn’t have enough proof. Had pictures even:( lost a bunch of money.

      2. Exact same thing happened to me! They sent me a receipt for the order with a picture of the doll and what I got was no where near what I ordered. I was not happy with their offers either. 😡 Then I went to PayPal and that’s been a joke. I’m still trying to just talk to someone since they don’t seem too bright!

  3. Julie, I bought the same 17″ doll for my granddaughter. This outfit is clearly a SCAM. The 7″ hunk of plastic I received looked more like a 12 week abortion. It would sell at the dollar store for about $1. I wrote and demanded my money back and they offered me a 10% refund. I told them I wanted a 100% refund and they upped it to 30% and suggested I could keep the doll and resell it (sadly I am not a scammer so cannot do that). I reiterated that I had made it clear that I wanted 100% refund including shipping and they came back with 40%. I paid with Paypal and so have taken it to the dispute resolution center of PayPal. If you paid with a credit card, check with your credit card company, they may issue you a refund. They are relying on people who will just roll over to make their money….don’t give up.

  4. took my money over 3 weeks ago no product or shipping info yet ! Reached out for a refund their response was please be patient we are sending it.


  6. I’m Beyond frustrated with this site ,I ordered what suppose be a 17 inch reborn doll on sale but I got what looks like an aborted fetus .Plain white fake cloths and the doll its self is maybe 5 inches. I Could had literally got a doll cheaper at walmart or even the dollar store. They should be ashamed od themselves. WHAT A JOKE AND LIE .

  7. bought two dolls at 81 dollars ,they charged shipping,never told me product was over seas ,said 15 to 20 days,its been 27 days now ,they don’t keep up tracking information,ive been on them,now they say item must have got lost,they will resend.what to say about that,ive tried to complain,but who will listen

    1. Keep at it don’t stop demand a refund what you will receive is a joke keep telling them it hasn’t arrived you want a refund hopefully you’ll get somewhere.i received it am now demanding my money back through them and PayPal I will not stop because it is such a scam can’t believe how deceitful people can be

  8. I received a doll today. I was shocked…it was supposed to be a 17in doll with clothes and a passifier. i was shocked to see a 7 in freaky looking thing that was very poorly made. they didnt even trim the edges where it came our of the press. no. passifier or clothes. i wont even show it to my granddaughter.
    i didnt know that it was coming from China. NEVER order from this site. it is a scam

  9. I’m a victim too. I’m in U.K. paid with P.P. So I will have to claim through resolution centre everyone should do the same or through your bank if by credit card.

    1. Me pasó lo mismo. Una estafa en toda regla. No confieis en esta pagina pues lo que anuncian no se corresponde con lo que te envian. Articulos que ni en un todo 100 se venderian.

  10. Ok we all got scammed ! Now what can we do ? OMG I can’t believe this heartless company/person. The money just came pouring to them and so many are broke with crap ! I have 3 addresses China,BC,Ontario What the hell ? China dealing with others to do this scam !

  11. I did the same thing. 17 “ shrunk coming from where ever it came from. I’m call my card card co. In the morning. This company sucks the big one. I almost fell down when it got here. What a joke. Don’t waste your money or time. You’ll be sorry. It’s a scam. Magnolia, Texas.

  12. I was so excited to receive the real life baby doll that I had ordered to place in an antique cradle, waited waited and waited finally showed up after 34 days. Wow what a shock and dissatisfaction and disappointment, nothing at all like I had seen online looked like a white sriveled up plastic, flattened out,old neanderthal, what was to be 17 inches might be 5 inches,came with a white piece of clothing that was to big! I would not have given a dollar for what I received, never again, these people have no heart, I would be so ashamed to send out a product that looked like this, I am so disappointed in myself for believing there could be honest people in this world, who ever done this God knows what you have done and you will pay for it one day,just hope it is soon, that no one else gets taken

  13. I too ordered the 17” doll with pacifier. It arrived today. A 5 inch piece of junk plastic !! They probably sell better looking and better quality at the Dollar Store. A COMPLETE SCAM!!!!!!!! DO NOT PURCHASE!!!!! How can people do this???? Very disappointed grandmother!

  14. I bought my daughter 1 of the dolls and was so annoyed when a dog toy looking 1 turned up after a dog had chewed it and spat it back out was so looking forward to giving my daughter the 1 in the photo then that thing turned up I can’t even look at it. It annoys me so much to know how much I paid for it I paid though pay pal is there any way to get my money back

  15. I bought a baby avatar… looked amazing….. wish I had done my research before I bought….. looks like something i could get in the pound shop. Well done to their advert….. was amazing shame their product was just crap.!!! beware !!! thank goodness I bought with paypal. hopefully I will get my money back. Wish Facebook would take responsibility in removing such adverts.

  16. POS scammers from China. I made a mistake but was taken in by the babydolls. Kicking myself now and hope to prevent anyone else from being a victim. I can’t really say exactly what I feel about this company. Won’t ever happen again I can tell you that. I’m on a campaign now and will report them everywhere I can.

  17. I was so shocked to open my package. A lil 5” doll with a hole under one arm. How could people do this. I would not give this to a dog to play with. I requested a refund.

  18. We had ordered the Journey doll, we ended up getting a burn victim survivor. First I ordered and of course since the ad stated I would get shipping info in 7-10days day 15 I emailed. I get a response saying the item shipped, great! Well day 30 comes I email again they email back saying well we run low on stock please dont open PayPal claim be patient. Um…hmmm….but you told me 15 days ago it shipped, please refund me. 5 days later I get what appears to be a mass email about stock being low items will ship out soon, dont open PayPal claim. Of course I open a claim like a 3 yr old was told not to eat the cookie. I get the item on day 45. It’s a freaking 5 inch doll that appears to have survived a fire in the infant ward at the baby doll factory!! Oh then the company offers me a half refund and I can keep the poor baby doll. Hmm I’m going to need some child support and therapy for whatever kid has to play with this orphan baby doll! I’m still waiting on paypal to make a decision today.


  20. BEWARE!!!!!
    They advertised dolls that look like the realistic NewBorn dolls. The website displayed beautiful realistic looking dolls with detailed descriptions. After a month and a half and numerous emails I received the two dolls I ordered for almost $70.00. Instead of 16″ beautiful baby dolls I received two 7″ doll that looked like squeeky toys for my dog! I am now fighting to get my money refunded. When I tried to access my account and also get pictured of the dolls to send to make my case all product links were broken and my account was gone.

  21. I was shocked when I got my dolls. I ordered 2, and after a month, they finally arrived. I though it was a prank or something. I paid $70 for two dolls, which I can buy for a dollar at the dollar store. Shame on them!! I was too embarrassed to even show them to anyone, so they went straight to the trash.

  22. Same thing happened to us. Ordered 2 dolls – one boy and one girl. Paid $63USD and 2 tiny, ugly plastic dolls arrived yesterday. My daughters were devastated. Can’t believe that they would do this.
    They have offered me $3 and claim the dolls are still beautifully – yeah right!
    Will commence a dispute with PayPal

  23. Dont buy in Goodealsus site.I ordered a baby doll and expecting it’s a lifelike .I was so disappointed that baby doll size like a small banana and cant even look at it as it appears like an aborted fetus.I showed it to my children and they are all scared .I payed 38 US dollar .What a shame.I will never order any item in this site anymore.

  24. I was going to order a Yorkie for $24.99 (on sale). But after reading about the plastic blobs that people were getting that are suppose to be baby dolls, I think I’ll pass. I don’t understand how these people can get away with this. There is another site, Wish. They rip you off at every turn. I ordered 2 tablets and got 2 phone stands. They wouldn’t return my money or give me what I ordered. And Facebook runs both of these peoples ads. That’s b.s.

  25. I ordered a little white puppy and all I got was a stuffed white dog in a sitting pictures. It has no place for batteries. SCAM. Wasted my money!!!

  26. Just received the cat which looked absolutely gorgeous on the website. Was sold stating it could hug you and you could put the cat in various poses and it came dressed in an outfit. To say I was disappointed is an understatement. Kitty is a solid, unbendable cheap and tatty impersonation of what was advertised. You put batteries in and it keep wailing and a voice in the background keeps repeating “I’ve got a pet” absolutely unbelievable. Something you would buy in the market for a couple of pounds. Did not come in an outfit as advertised either.
    The reviews on their website have got to be fake..I immediately put a review on their site which went on but when I came off the site and went straight back on my review had disappeared.
    How can they get away with repeatedly ripping people off? I genuinely couldn’t believe what tat I received today.

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