Goinfine Com Reviews [May] A Scam or Legit Site

Goinfine Com Reviews [May] A Scam or Legit Site

Goinfine Com Reviews [May] A Scam or Legit Site -> This is an online company that offers you the opportunity to buy cheap jewellery pieces that too at an affordable cost.

Beautiful jewelry are the amalgamation of love and passion. They are something that will entirely change your look and aura. They consist of stylish metals and precious gemstones that give these pieces a mesmerizing look. They have become an integral part of our lifestyle. Indeed said jewelry and women go hand in hand. It makes the women more happy and blissful whenever they ought to acquire its new piece. So if you are planning to buy these trendy pieces then, go, you can go with goinfine.com. 

A fashionable piece of jewelry can immediately transform any drab and boring outfit into an eye-catching and chic one. The trendy and stylish jewelry has the potential to make you look sleek and sophisticated. So before paying your money on this website, you need to read Goinfine Com Reviews, as it will help you to make your final call. The company has its offices in the United State, so it is easy to cover all its locations. 

What is Goinfine Com?

Goinfine Website is an online shopping portal that helps to buy various jewelry pieces like cuffs, earrings, chains, bracelets, rings, midi rings, and lots more products. 

Here, we are trying to cover all the essential points about the company. So, you can read it and see if the products are worth your investment or not. 

List down the specifications of Goinfine Com.

The specifications of Goinfine Com are:

  • Website Name: Goinfine.com
  • Mailing Address: contact@goinfine.com
  • Address: 7619 Pekoe Way, Sacramento, CA 95828 United States
  • Contact Details: (862) 579-1461
  • Refund Policy: It is only applicable if you do not receive your parcel within 45 days of payment
  • Payment Mode: Paypal 
  • Shipping Policy: You will receive your parcel within 5-9 days after receiving your order confirmation
  • Order Confirmation Letter: Within three days of your order confirmation you will receive your second mail that your order is confirmed 

Please discuss a few of the pros of Goinfine.com.

The pros of Goinfine.com are:

  • The best quality of raw material is used while making every jewelry piece. 
  • The type of jewelry you will get to see is hard to find at any other platform.
  • It is a simple and user-friendly platform where even a first-time buyer can also place his order without any hiccups. 

Please discuss the cons of Goinfine.com.

The cons of Goinfine.com are:

  • You will not be able to see the owner’s name on the website. 
  • The company did not initiate the refund if you do not receive the product in perfect condition.
  • The company did not have its delivery services outside the United State. 
  • It does not have cash on delivery facility. 

Can you share the customer experience with this company?

Customers have different experiences with this company, and they have posted their reviews on social media platforms. They said that the delivery of the product took more than the expected time. Also, the quality of the jewelry was not that good, which it should be. 

According to them, they bought the products after the recommendation of their friends and family members. And they were very much satisfied with the product quality. The delivery of the jewelry was done on time. Also, they were saved from paying extra shipping charges. 

Is Goinfine.com Legit?

It is doubtful whether goinfine.com was legit because the website does not have proper documentation. Also, it lacks SSL certification, so you need to search for the company before doing anything. Read all the reviews on leading websites to take the better idea of this company. Beware of all the scams and make sure to opt for such companies that have COD facilities. You might face difficulty while contacting their customer panel. As they sometimes do not resolve your query. So think before taking any step. Try to take its reviews from the people who already bought the stuff from here. 


After the strict analysis of the Goinfine.com, we found that the company is a fake one. A scam has happened with lots of customers because they received counterfeit products. According to them, they will never trust search companies. They try to search for this company on many social media platforms but did not receive any information.

We would like to know about your viewpoint of this company. So, you can share your reviews here, whenever you feel like spreads of this company. 

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  1. It a scam website, I lost 100 dollars purchase a cheap bike and never heard from the seller, I alteady report the website and I hooe the authorities take it down

  2. I bought something from this website. No confirmation email. Money was taken by a person with a Japanese Yahoo address. Never received anything. USPS was able to find out for us that shipping was from Los Angeles while co. contact was in Sacramento, and the delivery address was not mine but in the same town. Phone calls, email, Paypal dispute were all not returned. BUYERS BE AWARE AND STAY AWAY!

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