among Us {Feb} A Task Based Multiplayer Game among Us {Feb} A Task Based Multiplayer Game among Us {Feb} A Task Based Multiplayer Game -> This article describes an acronym that is used commonly in multiplayer gaming platforms.

Every one of us loves playing games on our smartphones. Have you also been a fan of playing games where you forget about the time? In this article, we will analyze a smartphone game that has become famous in a short span.

Soon after the launch of smartphones, we have seen some fantastic single as well as multiplayer games. Let us discuss a smartphone game and how players use codes in it.

Among Us, is an online multiplayer game officially launched in the United Kingdom, United States, India and many more countries in 2018. among Us is a famous code, similar to other code in the game, frequently used by players in the chatbox. 

What is Among Us?

Among Us is an online multiplayer game developed by Innersolth game studios. The game launched in the year 2018, is a space-based game in which player can choose between being a Crewmate or Imposter. 

To win, the crewmate needs to find the imposters, kill them, and complete the tasks assigned. Whereas, the imposter aims to eradicate the crewmates before they complete the tasks assigned to them. The winner has then decided accordingly.

What does among Us mean?

The Among Us game players don’t have inbuilt voice recognization, which means the players can’t talk verbally. But the game allows the players to chat with other players during the game using a chatbox. Players have developed certain code words known as acronyms.

There are various acronym used by them that has a specific meaning. So is GG. The full form of GG is ‘Good game’. It is an acronym used by players to boost or encourage other players’ that the game was good. It also indicates that the session is complete now and may leave the game. 

Features of among Us

  • The acronym symbolizes sportsmanship which helps in boosting the confidence of the opponent player.
  • Indicates that the player had fun during the match.
  • Also symbolizes that the session has come to an end.
  • The player may use it after every match.
  • Helpful in establishing a healthy relationship with the opponent player. 

What are the shortcomings of GG?

  • Just by sending GG, one can’t assure whether the player had a good time or not.
  • Sometimes not using the GG acronym may lead the opponent player to think that you didn’t enjoy the game.

Is among Us new to the gaming world?

GG or Good game is not an acronym limited to only the Among Us

game. The word or the abbreviation has been heard and used since after the launch of multiplayer games. The first multiplayer games are recorded back in 1973. Some of the famous examples can be 1973’s Empire, 1974’s Spasim, etc. 

Final Verdict:

The GG is considered a symbol of healthy sportsmanship and is used to tell the opponent that you had fun battling with him/her. It can help the players create a healthy environment during and after the game.

Have you ever tried this game? If you know anything about among Us or something related to GG, then do share your views in the comment section below.

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