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How many times have you purchased or collected free Fortnite consumables? Now check out all-new

In our Reviews, we will give you detailed information about this website. As this website is new, there is a majority of people who are still unaware of it.

Currently, this website is more famous in the United State. We came across some reviews from there.

There are lots of websites which offer you character skins, gaming mods and lots of customization programs which can change your whole gaming experience. And also there are many websites which provide cheating softwares to give you a perk of no death, aimbot, one-shot kill, invisibility and many more features.

The websites which offer such programs or online customizations are often fake or scam sites. Often such scam sites do not deliver the program after delivery, or they send a dummy or bait program laced with malware and activity trackers, that will harm your computer or steal your information for scammers.

Let us find out more in our Reviews.

What is

Fortnite, an online video game released by Epic Games in 2017, changed the very view of online video games. Fortnite has three versions Fortnite: Save the world, Fortnite: Battle Royale, and Fortnite: Creative. Fortnite Battle Royale is one of the most popular online video games nowadays.

Just like other game customization sites, this site offers you the game character customization services. You can avail them for free as per the site’s statements. There are many eye-catching characters such as Deadpool, John Wick, and Aquaman. These characters are admired all around the globe for their impressive storyline and looks.

In our Reviews, we have accessed this website to find out more. On accessing the site, there are different fancy characters of different genres listed like a serving table waiting for you to feast. You can scroll across to have a look at various listed characters skins, and they also provide you with icons. Everything for free!

How does it work? After clicking on the listed item, it asks for your registered gaming ID and the platform whether it be PS, PC, Xbox, Android, and Apple. You have to feed your gaming ID and select the platform to proceed further by clicking on the claim now. After clicking on the claim now, it will continue towards the verification process. 

But the mystery has just begun, after clicking on verification, it will display automatic verification failed. And urges you to do human verification with a stopwatch ticking time on your screen to leap further in this process. There it redirects you to another page in your browser where it states complete three of the tasks to unlock the content.

And when you click on “complete to continue”, it will redirect again to a different website on a new browser page showing various third party advertisements, listings and links on which you have to finish the tasks. It is a practical joke, and third parties collect your sensitive data or may make you download malware anonymously.

Specifications of Fortgag

  • Website type- Fortnite character skins for free
  • Domain Registration date- June 8 2020
  • Website’s SSL Certificate validity- up to September 6 2020
  • Fees for using it- Free

What are people saying about

As on July 31 2020, this site is almost 52 days old. We didn’t find any significant user review about this website; no reviews are either present on the website as well. Moreover, using third-party services or game cheat programs can make your ID banned in Fortnite as it is against their user policies and ethical gaming standards.

Final verdict

In our Reviews, we did our best research to provide you with in-depth information about this website. The use of third-party services and applications may ban your ID in fortnite as well as Fortnite emphasis using their genius services only for best experiences. And it is always better to keep precautions, then to cure it later.

There are instances where data miners had leaked many fortnite character skins as well as cases of people getting banned as well. And this site, rather than offering you the character skins, they show fake Automatic Verification messages; insisting you for human verification and redirecting to other third party pages and do as indicated.

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