Fltreasurehunt Scam (Nov 2020) All You Need To Know!

Fltreasurehunt Scam (Nov 2020) All You Need To Know!

Fltreasurehunt Scam (Nov 2020) All You Need To Know! >>  This article is about a website that proffers to search abandoned property and  we will find out its legitimacy.

Fltreasurehunt Scam: According to the Floridian law, if any bank account or property is inactive for more than five years, then state law turns bank accounts and other unclaimed assets to the state. Further, the state government put the details of these accounts and assets on the website for auction. Usually, an auction is held in spring, but this time it is delayed due to Covid-19.

Further, people of the United States now claim it in the auction. But auction would be held in January and February of 2021. It creates dubious for people, and people are searching for its legitimacy. Let us go through the website to find out it is a scam or not.

During our research, we have found that there are two websites: https://www.fltreasurehunt.org and it is being redirected to the original website, https://www.fltreasurehunt.gov/.

What is Fltreasurehunt gov?

It is a website that helps the citizens in finding the abandoned properties of other owners. Further, on this website, people could see the detailed information of their owners. But few people looking for the answers is Fltreasurehunt Scam or not after receiving the letter.

How Fltreasurehunt gov works?

Before finding this website is a scam or not, let us gets a look at its working process. It will help you in understanding the website. This website handles information about inactive accounts and abandoned properties in the United States. Further, websites use interactive interface so users can easily search on it by their name or business.

This website does not take charges for its services, and this site is working around the clock. Users can search on it anytime from anywhere. The claimants are eligible only for property showed on their searches. Due to this, some think that Fltreasurehunt Scam website.

How do you claim the property or bank account in it?

To search the abandoned property goes to its web portal and start the search. Users can search last name or Business name and by entering the first name. Besides it, for accurate searching, you can use the advance search option. In this option, you can search by filling in the middle name, City, State, Zip code, and Country abbreviation.  After filling and clearing the robot test, click on search.

After that, it will show you the properties or bank accounts that belong to your name and searches. For claims, you have to fill the form. Let us get more details or try to find Fltreasurehunt Scam or not.

How long would it take to claim your money back?

After the successful submission of the form department will take the time of approximately three months. But this time will be extended if any other necessary documentation is required. To save time, make sure all your documents are correct and valid according to the sates law. 

What did we searched about it or concluded after searching?

On a detailed inspection, we found that website put the link of state department links for inquiries. So, after analyzing, we found that Fltreasurehunt Scam does not exist. But please once cross-check or explore more on your own for the positive outcome.

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