Flinycloth Com Reviews {April 2020} Is It Safe To Buy?

Flinycloth Com Reviews {April 2020} Is It Safe To Buy?

Flinycloth Com Reviews {April 2020} Is It Safe To Buy? -> This post will tell you all that you need to know regarding a new online women’s clothing store.

If you are reading this post, then you have been searching for bohemian or female cowboy style clothing. 

Flinycloth Com Reviews will give you all that you need to know regarding this site before you make a purchase. 

What is Flinycloth Com?

It is an online clothing store that is currently selling in the United States. The site only sells women’s clothing along with footwear and other accessories

It’s about us section talks about the brand selling fashionable clothing that is also comfortable. They also mention that the garments are sourced from 230 countries worldwide. The layout, for the most part, is simple, and the white background makes the colourful clothes pop out.

Unlike other sites, the clothing on this site is more colourful, casual and more wearable. Sadly, the site provides only an email id in the contact information.

Reading further into this review, you will find out Is Flinycloth. Com Legit Website. So, ensure you read it till the very end. 

What type of clothes is Flinycloth Com selling? 

The site sells women’s wear, and the clothing is mostly colourful with embroideries! Read the pointers below to see what all they offer. 

  • Tops- the section consists of mostly embroidered or printed tops. They are a little loose, as is most bohemian style clothing. 
  • Dresses- in this section you will see breezy maxi dresses with various prints, textures and embroideries. 
  • Shoes- the site stocks up on some cool cowboy style boots, flat boots and some warm season-specific shoes. 
  • Accessories- Flinycloth. Com offers you some turquoise silver earrings and hand bracelets. Apart from this, you will spot regular wrist bands and necklaces. These range from $2.80 to $5 and could make for great gifts. 

To find the best on the site, you can check out their bestsellers’ sections. Summers are here, and a top like their short-sleeved v neck floral embroidered t-shirt could be high for a day out.

Is Flinycloth. Com Website Legit? 

It is a common question most customers ask when purchasing from a new site like Flinycloth. You must read the pointers carefully to understand that.


  • Where Is Flinycloth Located? The brand is based out of Middlesex, England. It gives you clarity regarding its address. 
  • The layout of the site is clean and minimal. The white background making the colourful outfits pop out. 
  • The site provides a clear description along with images of each outfit available on it. Check out their size chart before making a purchase. 
  • It provides worldwide delivery. So, you must ensure that you enter the right address. 
  • The return details are descriptive and give you a step by step knowledge of what is acceptable and what is not. 
  • The contact us section of Flinycloth online store provides you with an email id- service@flinycloth.com to reach them out on.  
  • They accept all visa cards, master cards, maestro, American Express, Discover, Diners Clubs as well as PayPal to make online payments.


  • The contact us section misses out on the phone number, making the information incomplete. 
  • The images of each product are blurred. It will make it difficult to understand the garment before making a purchase. 

In short, the brand could provide a little more transparency and more explicit images. The brand also has an SSL certificate, so it cannot dupe it. It legitimizes the brand! 

Customer Reviews of the site

The reviews mentioned below are available on Flinycloth. ComYou will spot them under several products. 

Joan Brewer commented that her shirt ordered reached before time as compared to other parcels. She talks about liking the fabric quality. 

Katherine Jackson remarks that the outfit ordered had a smell and that it is thin and synthetic. However, she talks about it being perfectly stitched with no idle threads protruding out. She finishes her comment by saying that it was delivered quicker than expected. Also mentions that the product is excellent for the price. 

Nicole Lopez commented that for the price, the product is pretty good, and the other part of her top resembles silk. 

Final Verdict- 

You may like the reviews being available on the Flinycloth. Com. You get to read experiences of all the other customers. Giving people more transparency that it lacks in different spaces on the site. 

Read the information provided on the website as well as in our post clearly before making a purchase! Also, share your reviews of the site in the comments below. 

16 thoughts on “Flinycloth Com Reviews {April 2020} Is It Safe To Buy?

  1. I ordered yesterday and now I am worried whether I will receive them? I can’t get through via email to see if my order went through. I don’t know how to contact them to track my order. Thinking of cancelling my order?

    1. Flinycloth = Topfinity is a scam company. The clothes showed on their website are not the same slothes they send to you. The design is different and the quality is worse than horrible. I can provide comparison images. They send order months after you pay. They are based in China and send from China. To return your order you must send it to china. Their contact email give an error most of the time. Any claim they are in the UK is a misleading.

      1. They are a SCAM. Do NOT buy from them. They make poor quality items and that’s if you even ever receive them. Garbage!

    2. It is a scam website. They change the name all the time so they are not traceable. The clothes they send, if sent at all, are worse Tha kitchen cloth quality.

  2. There is nothing on my email that my orders are coming. I can’t get ahold of flinycloth and I don’t see what I ordered. Please respond and let me know my order is on it’s way

  3. I am checking on my order #fliny25611303 placed on April 18,2020, when will I be receiving my order. I haven’t received any e-mails concerning shipping. Please respond and thank you for any help you could give.

  4. I ordered two T-shirts on April 13, 2020. On the same date, my credit card was charged for the T-shirts. When my order was not confirmed and T-shirts did not arrive after two weeks which was April 30, I send an email to Flnycloth’s service email to ask if my order was going to ship. The email was returned by Microsoft as undeliverable. So I’m out the money. I don’t know who else to contact them.

  5. I ordered from finycloth too on 4/27/2020. The website said the clothes were made in USA.
    I did receive a confirmation with the tops I ordered. Then like y’all I’m worrying. I sent an email asking about shipping information. Th response was 5-10 days for processing and 10-20 days for shipping. My question is is that work days or total days? So I may receive it by June 2,2020.
    We may have been scammed. I did try to cancel my order the day I ordered it but they didn’t cancel it.

  6. I ordered my irder on the 17th of may n no emails to say it was shipped only they r working on it n the took money out same day still no response I can’t believe Facebook allowing scam artists selling their lies on Facebook they too should be responsible I am going to spread this need all over Internet n Facebook about hiw tgey scam n allow scanners

  7. My order was placed through paypal 4/18. No merchandise yet. Excuses about the coronavirus and sent me a tracking # that hasn’t left china:( After months I put a complaint in with paypal. They said it already shipped so they can’t refund. Almost three months??? Doubt it!!!
    RE: flinnycloth

  8. I ordered in May (2020) and they never sent my order (255776103). They excuses were always a delay due to coronavirus. I am sure it is not safe to buy from them. They stole my money (U$60)

    1. Update to post : To be fair I did finally receive my order today after three months waiting. It originated in Guangzhou China so if it is located in England they must have their distributer in China.

  9. Took me 4 months to get my order And the 3 shirts were so shoddily made – strings hanging off of them everywhere and almost see through material and sizing was way too small – ordered my regular size but the shirts were so slim cut and armholes so small I could not even get them on… after about 10 emails they finally sent me an address to return my shirts back – this process has been so ridiculous that I’m sure I will never receive my refund. See address they sent…

    Please be informed that if you want item price refund you may return the item back to us, as long as you will arrange and shoulder the return cost.

    Kindly see below return address;
    Receiver: IDE
    Address: Room 302 No.1 Building of Yangxiecheng E-business Campus, No.1 of Jiangbei Street, Haizhu District, Guangzhou
    City: Guangzhou
    Province: Guangdong
    Country: China
    Tell:+86 15012969632 / +86 15920042761
    Zip Code: 510220
    Please fill out and sign the customs declaration information when you send the package to the carrier.

    I highly recommend stay away from Flinycloth – they are selling trash…

  10. I ordered from them July 19th and still no merchandise. I have sent 3 emails with no response yet. I will give them a little more time and then will try to get my credit card company to recover the money.

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