Facebook Class Action Illinois Scam (Sep) Get Upto $400!

Facebook Class Action Illinois Scam 2020
Facebook Class Action Illinois Scam (Sep) Get Upto $400! >> This article tells you about the lawsuit against Facebook and how Illinois residents can benefit from it.

If you’re a Facebook user and you reside in Illinois, you’re most likely eligible to claim some money from a settlement by Facebook. If you lived in Illinois during a specific time, you can claim upto $400 as part of a lawsuit for the Facebook Class Action Illinois Scam. If you qualify the eligibility criteria, you can assert this amount within minutes. It’s unclear when you’ll receive this amount.This event has generated a significant amount of media attention, as it’s the most prominent consumer privacy settlement in the United States. If you wish to gain more knowledge about it, please keep reading. We’ll let you know all the required information about this lawsuit and all the other relevant details.

What is the Facebook Class Action Illinois Scam?

According to the Facebook Class Action Illinois Scam, Facebook has agreed to pay a handsome amount of $650 million. The amount is to settle a lawsuit the company was facing concerning violation of its users’ privacy. The case stated that the social media website had violated the state of Illinois’ biometric privacy protocols.

The lawsuit allegedly states that Facebook collected users’ personal information like facial and fingerprint data without their permission. This settlement quickly gained popularity as it’s the largest privacy settlement in United States history.

How can Illinois residents get $400?

As part of the Facebook Class Action Illinois Scam settlement, residents of Illinois who fall under a specific category can get upto $400. Read the information given below to know more.

  • Several users who have lived in Illinois anytime from 2011 to 2020 received a notification telling them that they might be eligible for a Facebook settlement.
  • Users were suspicious of it at first, but it was soon made clear that the notification was authentic.
  • Users of Facebook who lived in Illinois for a minimum of six months between June 7, 2011, and August 19, 2020, and have been tagged in or uploaded a picture in that time are eligible for the settlement.
  • The face must appear clearly in the tagged or the uploaded picture.
  • Eligible users can get anywhere between $200 to $400.
  • The last date for applying for the settlement is said to be November 23.
  • It’s not clear when the users will receive their settlements.
  • As part of the settlement, the facial recognition feature of Facebook has been turned off for members of the lawsuit.

Final Verdict

The facial recognition feature of Facebook was praised and considered harmless. However, with some developments that have taken place in technology, this feature isn’t as innocent.

The facial recognition feature can be used for surveillance. AI experts and politicians called for a ban on its use, which led to a lawsuit and the Facebook Class Action Illinois Scam. Illinois has strict biometric privacy laws. Users in Illinois can claim an amount from the settlement, as we mentioned above.

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