Everydayseminary com Biblical Intelligence (Nov) Facts!

Everydayseminary com Biblical Intelligence (Nov) Facts!

Everydayseminary com Biblical Intelligence (Nov) Facts! >> The write-up informs the readers about the new live training series on Biblical and why to participate in the live training session.   

If you believe in excelling in understanding, interpreting, and applying the lessons of the Bible for the betterment of your life, Everydayseminary com Biblical Intelligence is for you. It is the master class offered by the renowned Dr. Dharius Daniels, and it is a 3-part live training session called Biblical Intelligence.

The master class will train you to efficiently analyze the belief systems in your life that improve or prevent your life. It also guides you on strategically learning the scriptures to make a wise and better decision in life. The training session even allows you to understand the scripture and implement it in life for your purposes. 

All the United States people are personally invited to participate in his free three-day master class. Users can register from the official website to participate and take the free three-day master class with Dr. Dharius Daniels.

What is Everydayseminary com Biblical Intelligence?

Everydayseminary com Biblical Intelligence is a 3-part live training session by Dr. Dharius Daniels. He believes that the Bible is life’s blueprint and more than a book of rules or historical manuscripts. For him, the Bible is the life manual that comprises the keys to living a better, biblically-centred life. 

So, anyone from the United States who wants to learn the approaches for a better life and implement the scripture to fulfil their dreams in life must participate in his master class. The 3-part live training series is for all who want to learn the different approaches to a better life. 

How does The Master Class Work?

The master class is scheduled for the 26th of October 2020, and everyone is personally requested to participate in the Everydayseminary com Biblical Intelligence

  • Day One – The first is about detoxification from the bad doctrine. In the first master class, participants will learn why a healthy heart is important to interpret the scripture correctly. They will learn to weigh messages and teachings against the word’s truth and learn to distinguish between GOD versus GOOD.
  • Day Two – The 2nd part is about Developing Strategic Bible Study Plan. Participants will learn the significance of learning strategically for holistic growth and gain insights into scripture to make real-life decisions.       
  • Day Three – The final day is about demonstrating the purpose. Participants will learn how to discover the personal God-gifted calling via the scriptures and gain practical application tools to start working for a purpose, regardless of the season of life.  

Who’s This Master Class For?

The 3-part live training series is for everyone who believes any of the following points are true. 

  • If they know God has given a life to live better, but they don’t know what does it means
  • If you want to make good decisions based on the principles of the Bible
  • If you know studying the Bible is important but often become overwhelmed when you start reading it
  • If you are ready to discover the purpose of life


Everydayseminary com Biblical Intelligence is the best live training series for those who want to give a new start for a more fulfilling relationship with GOD. If you are interested in participating in the live training session, please join today. 

If there is something to add, please write it down in the comment section below.

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  1. I was attempting to enroll in the 3 day seminar and was HIGHLY disappointed! Tell me why I’m unable to gain access unless I have a Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account ?

  2. OMG!! I just watched the relay and I feel delivered from some of my thinking. I haven’t been able to register and I’m praying that I can because I need this masterclass! ??????????????

  3. I was charge $175 US on my card today (Nov 12th) after the website had declined my card over a month ago. I checked my status online at the time of the decline and found that monies were there to cover the cost. However, I realized that there was a glitch in their website and nothing was said. I had completely forgotten about this course after a month, only to see 350 US REMOVED from my account. I tried calling and emailing their support team and have been unsuccessful. Can someone supply me with a contact number for everydayseminary if they have one?

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