Economic Impact Payment Card Scam (Jan) Get Informed!

Economic Impact Payment Card Scam (Jan) Get Informed!

Economic Impact Payment Card Scam (Jan) Get Informed! >> Have you filed a tax and received a debit card? Then the write-up here gives information about its legitimacy.

Economic Impact Payment Card Scam: Hello! Readers have you received a debit card and wondering about its legitimacy? Then the article you reached gives you some crucial information. Few United States people got EIP cards, and they want to know what is this for? How to use it? Isn’t it a scam? We have thoroughly researched and brought a handful of details on the Economic Impact Payment Card to help you out all. So please stay tuned here and continue reading.

What is the Economic Impact Payment Card?

US treasury used a prepaid debit card Economic Payment Card (EIP) in order to make a stimulus payment instead of direct deposit under a March CAREs ACT. Some of the eligible US residents’ information was not present with the government; in that case, the Economic Payment Card is being provided. With the help of this card, you can purchase, withdraw cash, or transfer the amount to your personal bank account without any charges. If you received an EIP card, then what question arises: Economic Impact Payment Card Scam? To know how to activate and how to use it, please read the information below.

Why I received the Economic Impact Payment Card?

If you have filed a tax and IRS doesn’t have your bank details, and the IRS service center has processed the return, the IRS has sent the first stimulus payment by EIP card instead of a paper check or direct deposit. Those who have got an EIP card in the first payment may receive a check or deposit for the second payment, or those who have received a deposit or check in the first payment may receive an EIP card this time, said the IRS team. The Economic Impact Payment Card Scam gives rightful information.

How to Activate the EIP card?

Call 800-240-8100 to activate your card. Provide your name, Portal address, and security number to activate the card. Create a four-digit pin for ATM transactions. For safety purposes, we suggest you not to use your personal details as a PIN. You can see your balance transaction history anytime by visiting the official site of EIP. Keep your card handy when you try to log in.

Customer Response

Many people in the United States have received a debit card, and many are curious to know what it is? And is Economic Impact Payment Card Scam? If you are also one of those, then read the article written here, which may surely help you. So, we suggest this is not a fake or scam card; you can use it where ever the visa card is accepted in stores, shops, online transactions, and you can pay the bills.

Final Verdict

The IRS has sent the card because you have filed tax, the return has been processed, and they don’t have your bank details to send the EIP card instead of a check or direct deposit. Dear readers, if questions have arrived about Economic Impact Payment Card Scam, don’t worry; it is legit, and you can activate and use it. We hope the write-up is helpful to you.If you have anything to say about the Economic Impact Card, please add your thoughts in the comment section below.

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