Ebestever Reviews [Feb 2021] Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Ebestever Reviews [Feb 2021] Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Ebestever Reviews [Feb 2021] Is It A Scam Or Legit? >> Looking for some E-commerce store of shoe and clothes for men & women.

Good news for the fashionista! The one-stop online shop has come along with a wide range of classic, trendy, latest fashion shoes, and clothes for both men & women.

We are writing Ebestever Reviews to give authentic information regarding this site to the viewers. It is gaining popularity in the United States for its unique product.

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What is Ebestever?

Its an e-commerce shop that offers various trendy products to people worldwide. This e-shop is mainly providing designer shoes and clothes for both men & women. There are lots of different kind of shoes, like Boots, Flats, Canvas loafer, Homemade shoes, Hiking shoes, etc. 

They have a Weekly New section where you will get fresh weekly arrival. They claim product quality is excellent, and the price is affordable.

On the website page, we found a general FAQ section to help visitors solve their general queries. Shipping policy is given. People can get a chance to prioritize their shipping by choosing express shipping; it generally takes time to deliver the product within 3-5 business days. 

They provide free shipping on orders over 89.99$; otherwise, they take charges 8$-20$ depends on the shipping method. Let’s check more on Ebestever Reviews.


  • Website type: E-commerce store of shoes and clothes for men & women.
  • Website Link: https://ebestever.com/ 
  • Company Address: Unit A135, 90 Qingchuang Community Office, Room 601, No.16 Kehuiyi Street, Huangpu District, Guangzhou
  • Company Email Id: Facebook@ebestever, cservice@ebestever.com.
  • Company Contact number: Not given
  • Delivery Time: 3-20 business days.
  • Delivery Charges: It costs 8$-20$.
  • Return: Yes
  • Exchange: Yes
  • Refund: Yes
  • Cancellation of Order: Yes. 
  • Mode of payment: PayPal, Credit card, Debit card & Coupon code.

Pros of Ebestever:

  • Online one-stop shop for classic and trendy shoes and clothes.
  • Products are made with premium quality material.
  • Product price is relatively cheap.
  • Contactable email id is given.
  • Shipping time is 3-20 business days approximately.
  • Shipping charges are free, but there is some exception.
  • This site prompts details of the return/refund policy.
  • Exchange can also be done.
  • Customer cancels or makes changes their order within 24hrs of placing order.
  • Different payment method is available.

Cons of Ebestever:

  • Company’s contact number is not given.

Is Ebestever legit?

EBestever operates this web-store. We can see its mission on the “About Us” page. This site has provided information regarding online store terms, accuracy, modification of the service and prices, etc. under the “Terms of Service” option. Customers can find proper information regarding the shipping policy, return/refund policy. The exchange of the product is also provided.

This site uses an HTTPS secure connection that is a good sign. However, we found that this domain name is relatively new as it has been created 2 months ago. Hence, after conducting our research program regarding this Ebestever Reviews, we want to suggest a reader that provide some time to this site to build its legitimacy.   

What are the customer’s suggestions about Ebestever?

We have researched this site to provide unbiased Ebestever Reviews so that visitors can judge this site and make a wise decision.

People of the United States are talking about this site as it claims to give a fashionable, excellent designing product.

Buyers can go through the entire details regarding their policies, which is given on their site. We were looking for customer remarks, but we could not find any feedback on this site. So we did research externally; however, we didn’t see single reviews of the buyers.

Final verdict:

EBestever is the operator of this web-store, offers a wide range of high class, fashionable, market trendy shoes, and clothes for both men & women. This web-store has the main four sections, ie. Men’s Shoes, Women’s Shoes, Clothes & Weekly New. In the Weekly New section, viewers can get newly picked classy products.

People can find proper information in the return/refund policy & exchange policy. Buyers can cancel their product or do changes after placing the order, but it should be done within 24hrs after the order is placed. We have searched internally and externally for customer feedback; however, we didn’t see any customer remarks & ratings about this site and their policy. 

We found that this site has a stable social network connection only on one social network platform. No connection is available on other social networking platforms. We researched further, and we found that the site is relatively new. So on Ebestever Reviews, we want to recommend that readers go through all the policies and make wise decisions. 

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18 thoughts on “Ebestever Reviews [Feb 2021] Is It A Scam Or Legit?

  1. I placed an order for boots for my husband & received a silk scarf instead. When I contacted them, i was told our shipment went to the wrong address. They refused to refund our money or have us return the scarf for refund. They claimed it could get lost in transit. They offered to refund us 1/3 of what we paid which we never received. It’s been over a year now & still nothing.

    1. Yes, I’m sure the news channels will definitely drop their coverage of the sick and dying, job loss and homelessness during a pandemic for your tragic missing shoes issue. Try giving it more time, it’s December and a lot of deliveries are being delayed.

  2. I ordered one pair of mens shoes from ebestever in October 2020. Wore them once the day they came only sitting for 3 hours. One sole cracked in the mid section right away as the soles are very poorly made. I contacted “customer service” for a refund within hours of getting the shoes and they offered me a coupon towards another pair or 20% refund since I had them so long. Do not order from this company! Poor products and no support. The shoes are unwearable and no, I did not receive a refund.

  3. All fake this site ,I buy one boots ,obe months ago ,he charged me 20 dollars for shipping in 3 days ,so never arrived nothing

    1. Bought them also. They come from China, poorly made and bad fabric. I found reviews, people never got it, got the wrong size, shoe breaks down fast. For there facebook advertisment they use fake profiles to make it look to people that other buyers are happy with it.

  4. Thank you all for your reviews.
    I’m easy prey for these darn sites.
    I am choosing to not order at all.
    The return and lack of customer service sounds like ground hogs day for me.
    Been there done that
    Thanx again y’all

    DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM! I ordered two pairs of boots and they never arrived to me! I emailed them, Sent them a DM on IG and no response. So I commented on there instagram page and they deleted my comments. They delete all the comments I wish I had looked up reviews before spending over $100 with them!

    Order #EB19957

    These people are a joke the boots we ordered were trash and the wrong size. When we asked for a refund they tried to give 20% LMFAOOO! Then they agreed to refund 100% if we mailed back and sent tracking, but they made us sent to China cost 44.00. They made us pay their shipping cost to return the product to China. We have not gotten all of our money back we will never buy from these scam artists again. Refund my money for the boots and shipping.

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