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E.file-tax. Reviews (July 2020) Is This A Legitimate Website? >> In this article, you will come across an online site that helps you file tax extensions.

We are all aware that Coronavirus has caused so much damage to our health, wealth, and economy. The government gave some relaxation to the ordinary people and people in the business. 

The United States government announced many packages for the farmers, migrants, and even the businessman to uplift the economy. The government also took some significant decisions related to finance, like decisions related to tax. 

I hope you all are aware that the date for filing your tax returns is till 15th October. So, don’t you think you should take advantage of this? Don’t worry, Reviews will help you in that.

In this article, we will share details about a website that will help you file your returns.

What is Reviews?

We all are aware that we need to pay some revenue on the income we earned as taxes to the government. These tax returns need to be file within a particular period allotted by the government. This year due to the pandemic, you can file it till October 2020. is an IRS authorized website that can help people to file extensions online. IRS (Internal Revenue Service) is the United States’ federal service that keeps track of the revenues and taxes. The tax you file must be as per the guidelines and with 100% accuracy. 

There is no chance of a mistake when you file a tax return as you can go into custody or may need to pay the penalty. So, here comes This website will help you file your tax extension speedily. Also, there is no chance of error. And this gives you a chance to file an extension that is to get some extra time for your paperwork and filing returns.

Thus this website will help you save your precious time, and you file the extensions for your tax return with much ease sitting at your home. 

Specifications of

  • Type of website:- Online tax filing site
  • Website link:-
  • Refunds:- There will be no refunds after filing the tax extension.
  • Contact us:-
  • Mode of Payment:- Pay through Credit or debit cards.

Is genuine?

The answer to this question is there on the website itself. This website is an authorized e-file provider. It has authority by the IRS, a federal agency of the United States that takes care of the revenues and taxes. This authorization gives the website the right to file extensions and submit the data to the IRS electronically. The website has to give a test to the IRS every year for the services it provides and have to pass that test. Also, IRS checks whether the website’s software is safe, and data privacy is maintained.

How do you file tax extensions?

The website provides you with a complete process wherein you have to follow the steps one by one. There are various details you will require to file an extension.

You require:-

  • You need to mention Personal information like the name of the taxpayer, address of the taxpayer, and the social security number.
  • You also need to tell the event why you need an extension to file tax returns.
  • You also need to mention the information on the income that is taxable.
  • The previous year’s tax return is also required to file an extension.
  • If you submit any wrong data, your extension will not go ahead. And in case you submit the wrong information, you can submit the new form within five business days to continue with the tax extension.

What do users want to say about Reviews did a study on the website and its content and tried to find out the reviews and came to know that the website provides the customer with quality software to file tax extension that are too affordable.  

Also, reviews say that filing an online tax return or extension is very safe, and there are very fewer chances of the income data getting a leak. The data is transfer to the IRS ( Internal Revenue Service) directly. Thus, as per the reviews, the site seems okay to use. Though customers should be careful while filing and sharing essential details.

The bottom line:-

After keeping all the points in mind, Reviews summarize about the website. This website is for those who don’t have enough time or are not transparent with finances and need more time to file the returns.  

Yes, the website helps them get extra time to file returns and pay taxes by filing a tax extension that is too speedily and with negligible errors. You can do all this sitting at your home, and the site is safe to use as it is authorized by the IRS, which is the federal body of the United States that takes care of the taxes and revenue.  

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