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Dramacool com True Beauty (Dec) Scroll Down to Know More. >> Do you want to know about a South Korean drama series emphasizing a human being’s look and appearance? Do read this article in detail to learn more.

Don’t drama show on television signify so many things that the audiences may understand? We have seen different types of dramas on different television sets and movies as well, and those things happen to give different kinds of the lesson to all the audiences. 

Through this article, Dramacool com True Beauty, we will inform you about a particular drama show describing how a girl has been able to come out of her disappointment and sadness due to her appearance and color. 

This drama is a Korean drama of 2020, and it has become famous worldwide, including in the United States. We will understand how this drama has been very renowned and indirectly giving a lesson to the people that appearance should not be the factor of a judgment about a person’s quality.

What is Dramacool com True Beauty?

The director Kim Sang Hyeob directed the series by the name of True Beauty, released in the year 2020, and it is full of comedy, drama, youth, school life, and romance. This drama is about a young girl whose name is Im Joo Kyung who has been studying in high school and very cheerful and optimistic about most things in life. 

But there is one thing that she is not optimistic about, and that is her appearance. She doesn’t like to be in public without makeup because of her appearance and look. She taught herself so many different things by looking at the videos and tutorials on makeup, and she became a beautiful girl in her class. 

But she is always afraid of the fact that lest somebody should see her without makeup. But there comes a time when a high grad student named Lee Su Ho, who has excellent basketball skills and has seen the particular girl without any makeup. 

Dramacool com True Beauty found that this boy is famously handsome in the class and many female classmates have a crush on him. There are some secrets in his past; that’s why he avoids attention in the study. Finally, the boy and the girl come close together and know about each other’s secrets.

What does drama signify?

Whatever the conclusion may be on the drama, the critical thing is about the color and appearance of a particular human being who avoids society because of the look. 

The drama signifies that people use different kinds of cosmetics and other things to change their faces and skins, but that is not what true beauty consists of. A person has to have the true beauty in the ideas and the process, and this is what the character Im Joo Kyung describes through her method of facing the world. 

Through her hard work, she also becomes a well-known makeup expert in her surroundings. Dramacool com True Beauty found a cartoon program on the same drama was the first type of television program, but it got converted into a particular drama released in 2020.

Final Verdict

This particular drama of True Beauty exhibits what many people will notice by watching the theatre. A girl has got the skill sets of makeup just because she did not feel very confident about her appearance. 

She watched so many video tutorials On YouTube, and we got this information from some of the pages on the Internet. We also realized that the girl and the boy fell in love with each other, which gave them a different feeling. 

Dramacool com True Beauty found that drama describes how the negativity about an appearance type by a girl leads her to learn about creative skills and how love doesn’t see the boundary of appearance.Please give your opinions regarding this particular article.

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