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Drakeni Store (Sep 2020) Is This Website a Safe Stop?

Drakeni Store

Drakeni Store (Sep 2020) Is This Website a Safe Stop? >> This article gave you all the relevant details about a website dealing with men and women’s sports apparel and accessories.

We all are now fond of online shopping and prefer it more rather than visiting the stores. It is because we can easily do it from anywhere, merely with the help of a smartphone.

And this is the reason behind so many websites that are launched daily. We have so many options online for a product and the feasibility to select from any of them.

In this article, we will be introducing you to one such website launched a few days ago.

If you surf the internet frequently and an online shopper, you must have heard of Drakeni Store. It is an online webstore dealing with Men’s and women’s apparel, GPS watches, accessories, and many other varieties.

The website delivers its products in the United State and claims to have the best quality. The site also offers free shipping on all its orders and has mentioned its policies on its web page.

Scroll down to reveal the same and get to know more about Drakeni Store-operated form the United State.

What is Drakeni Store?

If you are looking for an online store dealing with sportswear for both men and women, shoes, GPS watches, and other sports accessories, you have landed on the correct page.

Drakeni Store offers the same, and also claims to have the best prices.

It is a hub for renowned brands, where you can find the products from Adidas, Vans, Fila, Nike, HUF, and many other reputed ones.

Also, they have mentioned that they deliver the orders free of cost without any additional shipping charges. As noticed on the webpage, the site also provides chairs, furniture, food products, and supplements.

They have also mentioned their 30-day money return policy and also ensures secure payments.

But all these points do not justify the legitimacy of the website. We have mentioned some pros and cons of the Drakeni Store below, which would help you clarify the same.

Specifications of Drakeni Store:

  • Website: Deals with Men’s and women’s apparel, GPS watches & accessories.
  • Email:
  • Address: Not specified on the webpage.
  • Contact Number: (415) 900-2118
  • Shipping Time: 4-5 Business Days.
  • Shipping Cost: Free Delivery.
  • Delivery: 5-8 Business Days.
  • Returns/Exchange: Within 30 days from the date of delivery.
  • Refund: Initiated after the company receives the product.
  • Cancellation: Can be requested only before the order is shipped.
  • Mode of Payment: PayPal, Debit card, and Credit Card.

What are the benefits of purchasing from the Drakeni Store?

  • The website claims to have the best quality products.
  • The website offers free delivery on all their orders.
  • The website has also mentioned that they deal with renowned brands as well.

What are the drawbacks of the Drakeni Store?

  • The links mentioned on the webpage are inaccessible.
  • The website has not mentioned their address on their webpage.
  • Drakeni Store was launched a few days ago.

Is Drakeni Store Legit?

It is one of the main aspects that need to be cleared before placing any website orders. It not only assures the safety of transactions but also ensures that it delivers the original products at reasonable prices.

Drakeni Store has many drawbacks, which do not allow it to fit in a legit website’s criteria.

Firstly, the website’s domain was registered a few days ago, making it suspicious to trust. A very new website lacks customer reviews and has a very low or zero traffic on them. Also, not many people are aware of such websites.

Secondly, although mentioned, the website has all the links for its policies; clicking them leads to nowhere. Thus, they have not said any details about their returns and refund policies.

Thus, these facts are enough to state that Drakeni Store is a scam, and it might not be safe to place transactions from the same.

What are customers saying about Drakeni Store?

We have already mentioned that Drakeni Store was launched a few days ago, and not many people are aware of the same.

The website to date has recorded 2-3 purchases. Thus, it is hard to find customer reviews about the same, as not many people are aware of it.

Final Verdict:

After thoroughly reviewing Drakeni Store, we can conclude that the website is a scam.

They have not mentioned any details about their policies, and also lacks in customer reviews. It was launched a few days ago and cannot be trusted.

There are many better alternates available for the same which one can go for. Please comment on your views about the same below.

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